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Mokuteki the Panda

Mokuteki the Panda (Mokutekiパンダ) is the son of Shun the Panda in the twenty-years later arc. Like his father, Mokuteki shows great potential, and is trained by his father. He is capable of harnessing electricty, and uses this to perform amazing feats. Mokuteki is somewhat skilled with a katana. His father was killed by Ming-Ming the Panda's son before he could finish his katana training.


Mokuteki the Panda

Biographical Information
  • 10 (20 Years Later)
  • 15 (25 Year Later Story Arc)
  • Shun the Panda (Deceased)
  • Sentaku the Panda (Deceased)
Romantic Interests
  • "Everyone shall face an ending, not even love may change that"
Physical Description
  • Fur: White
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Green
  • Light Blue Jumpsuit, Un-Zipped on chest, Yellow Sleeve Trim
  • Leg Bandage
  • Ninja Sandals
  • Hair Tie
  • Mail Shirt
Political Alignment and Abilities



20 Years Later

  • Martial Arts
  • Electrokinesis
  • Super-Speed

25 Years Later

  • Martial Arts
  • Electrokinesis
  • Katana Use
  • Super-Speed
  • Sakadagami Flame
  • Electric Transportation
  • Ora Transformation
Other Information
American V.A.(Pending)
Japanese V.A.(Pending)
Theme Song(s)
Naruto Shippuden OST - Man Of The World

Naruto Shippuden OST - Man Of The World



Original CreatorFamotill


Mokuteki was born in his home, a small abode in the middle of nowhere. Mokuteki had no friends due to the fact that he didn't live close to any villages. Shun would teach him everything he needed to learn to become a great warrior. In doing so Henko would become strong. Being that Mokuteki had no friends, his whole world revolved around his parents, his father specifically. Mokuteki was breaded to carry on Shun's mission to purify the world.


Mokuteki began his training at just the age of five. He wasn't physically capable of performing many things his experienced father could. Shun treated Mokuteki with a very tough love, only showing he was proud of him after he learned things or became stronger. Still Mokuteki only knew of this type of relationship, and therefore believed it was how everyone acted towards each other. Mokuteki became very close to his father. One day when Shun used his Sakadagami Flame to will Mokuteki's mind to think that Shun had died in an attempt to awaken Mokuteki's own flame, he began to cry. Mokuteki was harshly punished for this "act of weakness", and after the beating he received he never cried again. Day by day, Moku became stronger and stronger. He wasn't very strong, but was amazingly fast. His electric abilities were very impressive for a child his age (10).

Death of Shun

When Shun was killed, Mokuteki was emotionally scared. He would train everyday in order to hide from the fact that his father was gone. His mother often times tried to help him, but their relationship was far too strained. Mokuteki didn't talk, and he would barely eat. He would enjoy thunder storms as he thought it was his father in heaven training, waiting for the day the two would re-unite. The only "positive" of Shun's death was the fact that Moku gained the Sakadagami flame. This along with his matriarchal bloodline, Moku gained the ability to use the flame to access an aura deep within him, an channel an inner rage.

Path to Darkness

Moku began slipping deeper and deeper into despair. His mother had developed a rapidly spreading disease, and needed care by Moku. Moku would spend his nights crying, and wishing for a family again. Moku's father had died, and his mother wasn't to far from it. Moku couldn't understand why everyone around him died. He had only known his parents, and they began to fade. He could barerly remember his father's face. Was it his fault, did he hurt them so badly. He would constantly wish it was him instead. Why couldn't he suffer? Why did everyone have to die? All of the unanswered questions tore at Moku, and broke his heart. He started to become cold, as it was the only way to deal with his pain. Moku conceived an idea. If he could rid the entire world of suffering he wouldn't feel pain anymore, no one would. He realized his father was wrong about rebirth, and that people just needed an ending to this prolonged novel. He decided he would write the final chapter. He started with his mother, as he stood over her sleeping and sick body, he killed her. He ended her pain, and her misery. It felt good, and it was lifting. He was doing the work of the heavens, and he had to continue his "work". He trained harder than ever before, in the rain, in the snow, on hot blistering days. He would become stronger so that the world would no longer have to suffer like his father did.

25 Year Later Story Arc

Five years after Moku came to his realization, he had become much stronger. He had spent ten years of his life training. It had paid off as he showed more potential than his father had. Soon he would be strong enough. First he would find the person who killed his father, and in doing so would end his (Moku's) own suffering as well as the killer's own suffering and guilt. He would soon set out for the Panda Clan...


Mokuteki is very emotionally scared. He desperately seeks attention, especially from older male figures. He constantly trains in order to live up to his deceased father's expectations. As his father taught him, Moku never cries. As said before he enjoys lightning storms as well as rain. Moku is a bright boy who is taught by his mother. Moku has a naivety to him, that still shows his childlike innocence. However, Mokuteki doesn't follow his father's philosophy in rebirth, but instead just believes that the world should suffer for the pain they caused his father. This slowly is leading Moku to a dark path, without any promise of returning.

In recent times Mokuteki has fallen into insanity, and believes that everyone must die in order to end the suffering his own father faced. Mokuteki has become very cold, and quiet. He isn't very book smart because he hasn't been taught since his mother was sick. He is however very street smart, and still seems to be quick on his feet. He isn't noticeably insane, and is very quiet when around others. However, because of his plans he has no contact with anyone, along with no allies. He has however become very strong, and could be an even bigger threat than his father was.


20 Years Later

Moku is a very fast child. He isn't capable of normal transportation, but instead can transform his body into lightning, and transport that way. While this takes longer, it is extremely fast. Moku uses electric blade saws in which he throws at opponents. They return to him in a boomerang like fashion. Moku is very smart, and is pretty quick on his feet. Moku is very strong willed in combat, and has incredible tolerance for pain. While no where near as strong as his father, Moku is a very capable fighter, and knows martial arts. He is easily over powered however, and tends to get nervous in intense situations. Moku can also use his Sakadagami Flame to channel an inner rage, this amplifies his abilities dramatically, and surrounds him in a red aura. He has a hard time accessing this however, as he has a hard time using the Sakadagami Flame.

Base Stats
Spcl. Atk9
Spcl. Def7.5
Total 70/100
Other Stats

25 Years Later

Moku becomes dangerously more powerful compared to his former self. He has gained the Sakadagami Flame after his fathers death. He also feels no sense of mercy in combat, and has become completely ruthless. Moku's electrokinesis has become devastatingly powerful. He gains the abilities to generate shields, shoot condensed lightning, cause thunderstorms and use them to his advantage temporarily, and make clones out of electricity. While Moku still lacks a lot of actual hitting power, his attacks are devastating nonetheless. Moku still uses his buzz-saws in combat. Moku is also capable of keeping energy from specific body parts to allow him to stay atop of otherwise non-solid objects (i.e: water, clouds, etc). All of these powerful abilities come at a toll however, Mokuteki's stamina has reduced because of this.

Base Stats
Spcl. Atk10
Spcl. Def9
Total 83/100
Other Stats


Before a Battle

  • "For you father!"
  • "I shall not let you down."
  • "I won't lose"
  • "You all will pay!"

Battle- Loss

  • "Father! I have shamed you"
  • "I can't continue."
  • "No....not after I've gotten so far."
  • "I can't"

Battle- Win

  • "Looks like lightning does strike twice."
  • "Have I made you proud father?"
  • "I will become as strong as my father"
  • "I will make sure you all suffer!"


Shun the Panda

Mokuteki loved his father deeply. He tried his hardest to always impress his father, though always found it challenging to live up to his standards. He was constantly treated with tough love, and never felt deserving of his father or anyone's care unless he was training. Shun taught Mokuteki everything, Mokuteki knows. Shun would beat Moku when he failed to advance for a prolonged amount of time. Shun also taught Mokuteki to never cry, and to endure physical pain for substantial amounts of time. Moku cared for his father in ways most people couldn't or wouldn't understand. It was an honor for Moku that his father was so strong, and that he would dedicate his life to helping him (Moku) to become stronger. Moku never realized his father wanted him (Moku) to carry on his (Shun) ideals. He knew that his father wanted rebirth, but was far too young to understand what he meant. It is believed by some that Shun died on purpose just to awaken Moku's Sakadagami Flame, which shows just how much Shun cared for his cause.

Sentaku the Panda

Sentaku is Moku's mother. Though she isn't as close with him as Moku's father was, she tries her best to comfort her son. Sentaku has a far more sensitive and caring love for her son, but it was usually seen as weakness, and Shun closed off most ties between Moku and Sentaku. Sentaku would still cook and teach her son, but other than that she spoke nothing to him. She loves her son dearly, and is troubled at her son's current emotional state. She has no idea what dark road Sentaku may be heading towards, and Moku still buries his feelings around Sentaku. Their home is constantly filled with silence, as neither of them know what to say to each other.

Theme Song

Moku's theme song is "Man of the World", the Naruto: Shippuden Soundtrack produced by Takanashi Yasuharu. The song is very sad, which shows Moku's lost soul. The darkness has taken a firm hold of Moku, and he is heavily wounded from past emotional scars. he is a very lonely soul, in "saving" the world from all suffering, maybe he would get the attention he has craved his whole life. The song is a beautiful song, filled with emotion.


  • Originally Mokuteki's name was Henko, meaning change relating to how he changed after his father's death. His name was changed to Mokuteki (Purpose) because he was breaded to carry on his father's wishes.
  • It is possible Shun knew that Moku's Sakadagami Flame could will the aura inherited by Moku's mother in order to make him even stronger.
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