Also called mod arms for short, these are weapons that- as the name implies- can be modified to suit various situations; provided by the Demon Slayer Organization, agents use these weapons to slay the plethora of demons they face. They are powered by chaos drives and solar energy, allowing users to apply these energies in combat through the different modes they employ.


As weapons produced by the D.S.O. for their field agents to use, anyone associated with the military division of the organization should have at least one. These include the likes of:

  • Cabara
  • Sarah
  • Bronx
  • Helen
  • Milly-Na
  • Mystique
  • Serenity
  • Solace
  • Spirit


While not necessarily powers, they do have special functions; functions that wielders have access to in its various forms. Its primary function is called Mode Change, this allows it to change its shape and thereby change its overall function; each one has 3 modes: Blaster Mode, Saber Mode and Cable Mode. In blaster mode, they take on the appearance of firearms and can be used to discharge various energy projectiles with a myriad of effects; users can fire a projectile made of chaos energy to stun an opponent by freezing them in time or incinerating them with a sun the size of a small ball. Saber mode turns the weapon into a handle of some kind, and from it emerges a blade made of energy. Despite the name "Saber", it is not limited to sword-like weapons. A blade made of chaos energy can pierce through space-time itself; essentially rendering most, if not all, forms of defense moot. The cable mode projects an extendable tendril made of energy; a more versatile mode than the others, agents can use it for mobility as well as combat. Grappling, striking, and throwing opponents from afar with a cord of light, users can burn the opponent as they get tossed around. These weapons also have the capacity to harm targets on a conceptual level, removing them from existence entirely.


Knowing that demons were susceptible to sunlight and chaos energy, the R&D department of the D.S.O. was commissioned to design and create weapons capable of exploiting these weaknesses; with some of the most brilliant and experienced mystics and scientists on their payroll, they were indeed capable of creating them. They forged swords that could tear through mountains, firearms that shot out concentrated sunlight, and so much more; as technology progressed through the years, so too did these weapons. Now their soldiers can wield transmogrifying weapons that can shoot out literal suns, rip space itself apart, and subdue higher dimensional entities.

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