Mobiusball's 2017 design is cleary inspired by Planetballs. He cleary has:

Planetball canonicals

  • White eyes
  • Circle (Planetballs are actually drawn circles tho)


  • An mouth
  • An "circle tool" Circle
  • Planos


Mobiusball is a good-minded Soball that enjoys missions. He's never jealous, neither or either. He tries his best to not get off-topic of his mission and never is jealous.


Mobiusball sprite yay

Mobiusball's sprite when found.

Mobiusball is considered "the hiddden precursor to chao's when it's about his 16-bit version". Since the beta of Sonic 1, until "Sonic's Schoolhouse", Mobiusball was hidden as an easter egg to help fight Sonic. He is normally found by pressing "B" in Green Hill Zone. He was later to be an pet of Sonic without the need to find him.

8-bit Mobiusball

8-bit Mobiusball.


Mobiusball is weak to water, and robots. His other, not horrible weakness, is cold things.


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