From the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic universe, I bring you the Mobius Countdown, a new story created by me, CarrietheCat, with my sister, ShelaTheWolf. (Note: I might change the name later.)

The Plot

The story takes place during the late 230s to early 240s range in the comics, after Ixis Naugus has taken over New Mobotropolis (you might want to look at the archiesonic wiki to get a sense a the current and past Mobius timeline if you do not already know what is going on - the events will be refered to in the story). Now, while the Freedom Fighters (or what is left of them) battle Eggman, a new team will join up to defeat a new villain, a mysterious woman who goes by the name of Vengeance. Their names are Crash the Rabbit, Myla the Fox, Kelly the Cat, Roger the Dog, and Thunder the Lynx (I will have profiles for them later). They met during an Eggman invasion two years earlier and have been brought together again to defeat the criminal mastermind who is Vengeance. Can they stop her and save Mobius before it is too late?

The Characters

These are the fanmade characters. The story will also include the Chaotix and the Knothole, Mercian, Downunda, and Arctic Freedom Fighters, plus other known villains and peoples.


Crash (CarrietheCat)

Myla (CarrietheCat)

Kelly (CarrietheCat)

Roger (CarrietheCat)

Thunder (CarrietheCat)

Gem (ShelatheWolf)

Breeze (ShelatheWolf)

Rita (ShelatheWolf)


Elizabeth (CarrietheCat)


Vengeance (CarrietheCat)

The Story

It was evening time at the Gardner residence. Elizabeth Gardner the Rabbit paced back and forth, obviously distressed. She was waiting for her cousin Crash to show up, whom she had called a half hour earlier. She alighted when she heard the door.

"What's wrong Lizzie?" Crash asked as he walked in. "You said it was an emergency or something."

"What took you so long!?" Elizabeth replied with annoyance. "You are thirty minutes late."

"That's kind of when you called."

"Well, you're still late."

"Sorry, I was in the middle of fixing someone's flying car. The hover mechanism got jammed so it couldn't, well, fly."

"And that was more important than coming here?"

"Er....I figured that you were just overacting about something."

"Overreacting? Overreacting! I was robbed! Some of my jewels are missing, and what's worse, they took the hairdryer! My hair looks awful!"

"You look fine. But I'm sorry you got robbed. Are the police on the case?"

"Yeah, they are, and it's not just me. Some of the neighbors were robbed as well, but I don't know who did it."

"Well, maybe there's a clue somewhere. Come on, let's look around!"

"Oh, please. Don't turn my house upside-down just so that you can be Mr. Detective Guy. All I want from you is emotional support."

"Hey, look! I found something! There's some dirt on the floor."

"Were you even listening to what I just said?"

"It looks like it could have been on someone's shoe."


"Hey, I know a scientist next door!"


"He could test it and see where it came from!"

"Are you listening!?"

"Don't worry, Lizzie. I'll be back in a few."

(*sigh*) He was gone again. Elizabeth never did quite understand him, but her cousin has still been a friend of hers since forever. He had been a mechanic ever since Eggman attacked three years ago and nearly destroyed the city (that was during the "Eggman Empire" days- the early 100s of the comics). It was a tough time, especially considering the fact that his and her parents had been robotocized. Of course, they were all back now, but still, their family were wealthy and influential people in the city - why in the world would Crash keep a job as a common mechanic? Why does he even insist on calling himself "Crash"? (HIs real name was Bernard) However, even with his oddness, he was a great friend. two hours later...

  • knock knock*

Elizabeth sleepily answered the door to find a very excited Crash. "What is it?" she asked with a yawn. "I was about to go to bed."

"Elizabeth! You're not going to believe this. The scientist found out that the dirt was from Mercia!"


"We have a lead! If the jewel thief had just been in Mercia, we could ask around and find the guy. He might even had made robberies there too."

"Whoa, we? Back up a minute. Do you tell the police?"

"Yeah, but that's the problem. They have no jurisdiction outside this city, so they couldn't do anything if the thief had left the city. But....if we found out who the thief was...some one like G.U.N. could get 'em."

"Again, we? I am not leaving on some wild goose chase."

"Then I'll go."

"Wait, you're not going either! I mean, you couldn't. You have hardly any evidence and... they were just jewels. I have others. Look, when I asked for you to come over, I just wanted emotional support over the psychological trauma of being robbed. I did not want to try to catch the villain!"

"But I actually want to. Come on, I've been in virtually the same city all my life. Frankly, I'm ready for a little adventure."

"Well, you can't go alone. It could be dangerous."

"I guess you have a point, but who would I bring along? The city doesn't exactly have a "freedom fighter" group or anything. The nearest of them would be the New Mobotropolis guys, and they're a bit busy with Eggman right now. I mean, unless you were to make a whole new team, that kind of option is out. I could just bring someone from the shop....Wait a minute! I know exactly who I'm going to bring!"

"Someone from the shop?"

"No, different people. Four of them. They would be perfect!"


"Their names are Myla, Roger, Kelly, and Thunder. Myla's a fox, Roger's a dog, Kelly's a cat, and Thunder's a lynx."

"I don't think I know them."

"You don't. I only met them once."

"Wait, I'm confused... Do you know these people or not?"

"You that time Eggman attacked the city eight months after the first time? Well, that was when I met them. It may not have been long, but they're still some of the most talented people I know. Here's the story..."


As you know, the attack was during the year after the Xorda attack, the year Sonic the Hedgehog was gone and thought to be dead.  Eggman had taken advantage of the situation to expand his empire, attacking many cities, including our own.  Anticipating the attack, the town went into hiding in the underground shelter. 

--"Yes, I remember that.  I told you to go in with us, but you didn't listen to me, as usual."--

Yeah, I left the city to look for Uncle Weasly (I didn't know he was with you) when I found that Eggman was already attacking the outer perimeter.  I went for a closer look, but an Egg Pawn found me first.

Long story short, I ended up in the "prison" section of Eggman's ship, awaiting roboticization with a bunch of other Mobians.  It looked pretty bleak, but then I realized I still had a srew driver on me.  Avoiding detection by the robot guards, I used the wrench to try to pry open a floorboard.  Then, a lnyx from the cell next to me whispered over.  "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to open a floorboard to expose the electrical wiring underneath; it likes like it got cracked from a previous attack on the ship and Eggman never bothered to fix it.  If I can cut some of the wires, it could damage his system.  Hard to work with all these robots watching, though."

"Hmmm..I can distract them."  He then started yelling at the robots to get their attention.  They tried to take him out to robotocize him, but he took the opportunity to start to fight them, and he was great at it! He fought like a ninja! 

--"Wait, some stranger went along with your plan and started attacking robots so you could do it?"--

Let me finish the story.  At this point, I got to the electrical wiring and started cutting it.  The first one made the lights go out, which caused a whole bunch of confusion.  Twenty of thrirty wires later I got the cell doors to open.  Unfortunately, by this point the robots called for a lot of backup.  Meanwhile a cat girl started fighting with the lynx, picking up robot parts and flinging them at the other robots.  When the doors opened, most of the other Mobians were in a state of panic, but a fox girl came up with the idea of go to the ship's center to land it (it was flying at the time).  I put together a quick flashlight with some robot parts and followed her to get to the center.  The lynx and cat came with us, along with this dog guy.  "Wait up," he said.  "I know where the center is!" 

We didn't have much of a choice, so we followed him, and he went straight there.  I then tried to get into the computer.

"Are you a tech geek or something?" the lynx asked.

"No, I'm actually a mechanic.  My tech knowledge is lacking."

"I've hacked computers before," the fox brought up.  "Let me have it."

"Sure," I relinquished the computer.  "Hey, how did you the way here?"  I addressed the dog.

"I..errr...smelled it.  It's kind this weird thing in my fam...Wait!  The robots are coming! They must know we're not with the rest of the group!"

"Then we'll go out and meet them."  The lynx left the room, with us following. 

"Mobians in unauthorized area!"

"Authorize this, jerk!" the cat swipe-kicked him.

More Coming Soon!

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