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Mobius Corners Metropolitan Airport
April 4, 1939
Airport Type
Commercial, General Aviation, Cargo, Mail
Waxachie County (Airway Heights neighborhood)
4 (A, B, C, D)
4 (R4/79, R5/80, R4/81, R7/98)
Hub For
Emeraldsbourg Airways, MobiAir, Island Airways
Mobius Corners Area Aviation Commission

The Mobius Corners Metropolitan Airport (MAA ID: GMCM - MWAA ID: GMBC) is the primary international airport, located in eastern Waxachie County, that serves the Greater Mobius Corners Area. Commonly called Metro Airport by local residents, this large airport is the busiest in the country. The airport has been a strategic target in bombing runs during the Second Klestov War, but rebuilt and is now a world-renowned airport. Serving a growing population since 1939, the airport has been widened and expanded 3 times to accomodate local passengers and travellers.


Beginnings & War (1939-1946)

The site that is today's Metro Airport was once a large shopping mall and development. However, the mall's business declined in the 1910s, especially during the Panic of 1916, when the economy failed. Because of these conditions, the mall shut down in 1930. Mobius Corners purchased the site in 1931, and began plans for a new airport. The previous airport, Midland Field (now today's Mobius Corners-Midland Airport,) had outgrown its 1928 capacity, so a new airport would be required. Construction on the Mobius Corners Area Airport began in 1932, and the finishing touches on the new terminal were completed in 1938. Minor delays forced the opening to occur on April 4, 1939 to serve a population of about 2 million.

After the start of the Second Klestov War in 1941, the Emeraldsbourg Armed Forces declared Midland Field an army airfield, whihc meant that Klestov decided to attack the new airport during the bombing run of 1943. The terminal was damaged beyond repair, and 4 passengers lost their lives. No other major hostility would occur at the airport for the rest of the war, which ended in 1946 with Klestov's surrender. After the war ended, rebuilding of the airport began immediately.

Rebuilding & Significance (1946-1953)

Following the war's end, the airport was rebuilt, except with an additional terminal, as the first terminal reached its capacity. The rebuilding was completed in mid-1951, reopening with an estimated 39 gates. Yearly passenger traffic estimates reported that the Area Airport reached 3 million passengers in 1953.

A third runway was added in 1952, and new lounges were added to the terminals in 1953.

Imminent Expansion/Today (1954-present)

Unfortunately, both airports in the Mobius Corners area reached capacity by 1962. To accomodate for this situation, Metro Airport was expanded to relieve Midland of some of its passengers. 2 new terminals, C and D, were added, and terminals A and B were expanded. The new expansions added a rental car center, 3 new parking decks, 2 helipads, hotels, shuttles, a subway expansion, shops and a new freeway connection to Route 264. The expansion cost over $10 billion, and was completed in 1972. This incarnation of the airport was (and is) the most successful, successfully drawing in about 59 million passengers yearly, below its capacity of 61 million. There have been some minor tweaks to the airport; in 1978 and 1993 new runways were added, the subway connection was enlarged, and bus service began to the airport in 1992.


The Mobius Corners Metropolitan Airport has 4 large terminals, of which one is international terminal. The airport has 75 gates, 20 hangars and 2 helipads. There are also security offices and fire stations that are used in the event of an emergency.

The airport also features a Rental Car Center, where passengers can rent and/or drop off rental cars. The RCC is located north of the main terminals, and can be accessed via road (which is Exit 1 off of Airport Parkway/Route 364,) via subway (FASTLINK Airport-Rental Car Center station,) or via shuttle (many of the rental car companies and the airport itself operate shuttles which connect passengers from the 4 terminals to the Rental Car Center in elss than 20 minutes.) The following companies operate at the Rental Car Center:

  • MobiCar
  • Car Rac
  • Alligator Rentals
  • MCRent-a-Car
  • Midland Car Rental
  • FastTrip Car Rentals
  • The Car Rental Shop
  • The Limousine Company

In addition, MCMA features a few restaurants near the hotels so passengers can stop by for a break. The Airport's Control Tower is located south of Terminal 3, at the location where all of the incoming and departing flights can be monitored and communicated with. A TravelFast center is located at Exit 1 of Route 364 (Airport Parkway), which provides passengers with travel equipment, kiosks and even showers. Medical facilities are also available in every terminal and in 1 hangar, and there is the Airway Hospital which is located next to the Rental Car Center. For overnight stays, there are many hotels located near Terminals 1 and 4, including the SleepInn Hotel, which is located along Hotel Access Rd. The hotel offers many bedrooms, breakfast-in-bed, a gym, lounge and even a gift shop for passengers wishing to collect souvenirs.



* - These flights are international, but are considered domestic in official papers. Template:Airport-dest-list


All international flights board on gates in Terminal 3. Template:Airport-dest-list


Around the Airport

MCMA has a people mover named AirportRAC, which is operated by MOBRAC. The people mover is the busiest in the country. AirportRAC operates 6 stations in and around the airport area: four stations at Terminals 1-4, the Rental Car Center and the Medical Center/Hotels. The people mover connects to the Metro Airport MOBRAC station northwest of the airport.

In addition, the airport provides shuttles which can be used to access the terminals, hotels, hospitals and RCC. The shuttles operate 7 days a week, but do not operate during the overnight hours (1-6 AM). Route 364, otherwise known as the Airport Parkway, is the limited-access freeway which serves the airport. The freeway begins at Route 264 northwest of the airport and has exits to Lee Donald Road, the Hotels/Medical Center, the RCC and Terminals 1, 2 and 4. The freeway ends at Terminal 3.

To the Airport

  • FASTLINK, which is Mobius Corners's subway service, has 2 stations at the airport, both of which are accessed via the A4 line: Airport-Terminals/RCC (below Terminal 2,) and Airport-Hospital/Hotels (above ground, end of A4 line). There are free transfers from the AirportRAC stations to the FASTLINK subway stations around the airport. FASTLINK also has 1 bus route enter the airport: Route 544.
  • MOBRAC is the commuter rail service. There is one station at Metro Airport.
  • Suburban shuttles also link to the airport at most times.
  • Taxi operators exist around the airport.
  • By car, Route 364 connects to Route 264 outside of the airport security zone. This loop provides access to the rest of the Midlands.

Lounge Operators

  • MobiClub (all terminals)
  • Bookworm Club (Terminals 1 and 3)
  • AirClub (Terminals 1, 2 and 4)
  • AutoStop (Terminal 2)

Notable Accidents

  • In 1965, a BlackAir 496A en route from Plance City crashed in Red Bluff County. 14 passengers died, 39 were injured.
  • In 1972, three planes crashed becuase of the Flak Gun Incident of 1972. 30 people died on all 3 planes.

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