(AirPlay - Our New Roleplay)
(AirPlay - Our New Roleplay)
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'''Ryu;''' Damn...there goes kicking Sonic in the balls...
'''Ryu;''' Damn...there goes kicking Sonic in the balls...
'''Ice : '''THAT'S IT! NO MERCY! Take the guns off low mode, men, we're knocking him up to an inch of his life! [Ice launches multiple frostbolts at Spike. The soldiers adjust something on their weapons, then begin firing.]
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Mobius Corners Metropolitan Airport is the primary international airport serving the Greater Mobius Corners Area.


This airport is located in Collegeville (Waxachie County), a suburb of Mobius Corners. It has 40 gates and it is served by major airlines. The aiport is accessible from Route 224, or the Mobius Corners Loop. MOBRAC serves the airport.


  • Terminals A/B
  • Collegeville Air Transfer Center
  • Central Rental Car Center
  • SleepInn Hotel - Airport

Notable Flights

Terminal A

  • GrindAir Airbus (Parkview, Mobibu)
  • Mobi-Airlines (Parkview, Emeraldsville, Southeast Region)
  • Mystic Air (Mystic Ruins)
  • AirEchidna (Echidnaopolis, Cocoa Island, Albion)

Terminal B - International

  • ScootAir (Koston, capital of Scootania)
  • Metropolis Airlines (Station Square)
  • Spagon Connection (Spagonia)
  • Grindair AirRide (Spagonia and Holaska)
  • More flights will come in October 2009.

AirPlay - Our New Roleplay

WARNING: There may be some instances of foul language. If you cannot handle it, then go somewhere else. We will not use the "F" or "S" words, though.

Welcome to AirPlay! I call it that because it is a roleplay about an airport. You know the rules. Don't break them. I will let you guys start.

[Shahooter looks at his Dragon Claws and his Magus Robe.] Shahooter's thoughts: 'Thank GOD I had a Dragon Ancestor...'

Guest: Move!! I'll be late for my flight!

Shahooter: ....

[A cat ran in screaming] Cat:BOMB!!!

[Shahooter looks at the Cat. He later runs around the Airport for a sign of a bomb, finding nothing.]

Shahooter: ....

Guests: Hubba hubba?


Guests: (run screaming)

Cat: Oh crud. I didnt think there was a real bomb here!

[Shahooter runs off. Kicking the Bomb off the Gate and focuses.] Shahooter's thoughts: 'Is it the Red Wire or the Blue Wire..? I gotta be careful-' [FLOOOSH! Shahooter's head is covered with soot and smoke. He blinks and coughs] Shahooter: "Are you damn kidding me!!? It was a Smoke Bomb!"

Cat: Oh well [tries to sneak off]

Grinder: Hey! Cat! Where are you going? GET BACK HERE!

Shahooter: "Don't think I'm done with you just yet Kid..." [Shahooter grabs the cat with Telepathy.] (In this time, Shahooter is Forty-Three years old.)

Grinder: Thanks Shahooter. Now Cat, whats going on?

Shahooter: "Obviously a False-911." ???: "Oh give him a Break Cameron..." [Fire-stripes was standing against the wall.] Fire-stripes: "The kid wanted a Joke..." Shahooter: "False-911s are not a joke..."

Cat: I was just kidding around.

Shahooter: "Making False-911s is nothing to kid around with Kid!"

Grinder: Shahooter is right. You shouldn't be laughing. You should be ashamed. Infact, I'm so disgusted, I'm banning you off all Grindair flights.

Cat: I dont care. I was just doing a dare.

Grinder: And the person who dared you was?

Shahooter: "WAIT, The Cat said he was kidding around earlier...Which proves it was not a Dare."

Grinder: Heh. Whats going on REALLY? Failure to co-operate will result in you being whisked off by Grindair security.

Tails: Hey guys!

Cat: IM A GIRL!!

Grinder: Hey Tails pal. This cat is being very stupid. Planting a smoke bomb, and then lying to us. And I KNOW you're a girl.

Shahooter: ... [Shahooter looks at his robe and Dragon claws, concealing his Identity it was not him.]

Grinder: Shahooter?

Tails: (intercom) GrindAir Flight 6637 is now boarding on Gate 23.

Shahooter: .... Shahooter's thoughts: 'Damn it don't blow my cover!'

Grinder: Yeah, what Tails said... everyone get on!

Everyone boards. Grinder gets in the pilot seat.

Grinder: (Intercom) "Hello, and thank you for choosing Grindair airlines. Todays on-board entertainment will be Sonic The Movie, for our younger passangers we have In The Night Garden. Also, our on-board food is The Kit-Cat candy bar, Lasanga, Snickers, Ice Cream and fish and chips. Also, before flight, please read the saftey slip, as it will help in the HIGHLY unlikely event of a crash. There are 5 minutes to takeoff.

Back in the airport, Brawl The Echidna shows up.

Brawl: Hey guys! Whats goin' on?

Sonic: Let's see, i'm hanging around for Tails, Knuckles is buying a candy bar, Grinder's flying a plane....

Suddenly, there is a massive shout from outside, coming from the airbus.


Brawl: Oh god.

Meanwhile, back on the Airbus...

Ripper: Hello, I'm your co pilot Ripper, slight chance of rain your attendants today are Tim the bat and Sonia the Cat. Whatever the weather, we should be at Parkview in an hour! Enjoy the flight!

Grinder: Y-yeah... what he said. Sorry bout the Whee, I just ate 12 candy bars all in one go.

(Attention, if the plane will land, when the plane lands, switch here. -SB13)

A few minutes later. They land. Go here. to continue the Grindair stuff.

Ripper (lands at the helicopter pad and walks over to Tails.) Mr Prower! They've grounded the Airbus at Parkview for 12 HOURS for something! Can't you get the Air patrol over there to let us off or something?

Grinder appears.

He speaks the damn truth! They also nearly arrested Mishu-speaking of which...SAYAA! Kicks Ripper in

Ripper: OW! That damn hurts now! So, anyways Tails, PLEASE tell Parkview to release our lovely dovely plane!

Grinder: Yeah, please save our plane!

Tails: Sorry guys, but even i'm (gets a phone call) yea, okay bye. Okay guys, your plane is freed, and I didn't even do it.

Ripper: THANK GROODNESS! (Flies to Parkview with Grinder.)

Tails: I will never understand them. Oh well.....

Sonic: Hey....Tails.

Tails: Oh, hello Son...GAAAA! What happened?

Sonic: I almost got run over by a plane on the taxiway.

( Large Cruiser Space Ship lands nearby, it has a Dragons head a the front)

Tails: Hmmm....OK, I have to make a call.

(10 minutes later)

Sonic: Tails, the airport's empty.

Tails: Exactly. I evacuated the airport as a just-in-case.

(a figure in some armor comes out)

Figure: No reason to Evacuate

Sonic: What do you want?

(removes his helmet, its Spike)

Spiike: I was delivering 3 cannons, 4 atomic bombs, and 15 guns, somebody decided she would pay for these.

Sonic: Sylvia. Oh, that was during the FTC incident. I'll pay for them, as a just-in-case. (Hands over the check)

Police man: Freeze Terrorist! (they're talking to Sylvia)

Sylvia: I'm not a terrorist! Shadow's part of this BIG weapons convention next week, so he wanted me to bring over the weapons.

Spike: last I remember, you ordered them to kill Mayor Homer

Sylvia: Yes, that's because I was following boss's (points at Sonic) orders!

[Footsteps can be heard - about 15 pairs of them. A cat suddenly rounds a corner, coming into the sight of everyone. He has about 14 G.U.N soldiers surrounding him] Ice : What is this I hear about terrorists... [He looks coldly at everyone]

Spike: First off Child, you Ordered it yourself, I was there

Ice : [He turns his glare to Spike] Ordered what?

Spike: take a look at the crates Child, I only Supply to the side of Good, and this Good has some strange Ideas

G.A.A.M.: ???

Emia: What the heck are these people talking about

G.A.A.M.: Idk

Ice : [He continues looking at Spike] Who are you calling a child? It'd better not be me! 

Spike: I lead an Organization, we call ourself Dragoonworks, we protect the Galaxy, I got an order from Sylvia here, I'm sure Sonic has told you about this

Sylvia: Listen to this voicemail! (Voicemail) Hey, it's me Shadow. Could you get me some weapons for a weapons expo? I would greatly appreciate it. (hangs up)

Ice : [He looks at Sylvia and laughs] You're telling me you want to take weapons on a plane? No, you are NOT doing that. What you will do is hand them all over to me. Immediatly.

Sylvia: Fine. (Hands them over)

Shadow: Hey Sylvia.

Spike: I already did my job (enters the Draxun as it Takes off)

Ice : Good, good. I didnt' want to get violent. Now, where do you want these taken? I'll warp them instead.

Shadow: Wait, you're with GUN too? Okay. I want them taken to my house in central Hunter County.

Ice : You seem to have forgotten who I am... [He pulls out his badge] I'm an Elite G.U.N agent, the same rank you are if I am not mistaken.

Spike: (teleports back) I forgot to mention, I am Leader Dragoonworks so I have a room of recordings, watch (plays one with Anox the Blade of Darkness's Power, it shows Sylvia ordering the Weapons)

Sylvia: Yes, but...

Shadow: I asked Sylvia to order them.

Ice : [Shrugs] Very well, i'm warping them. I trust you, Shadow. I wouldn't do this for anyone else. [He warps the weapons to the desired location.] 

G.A.A.M.: Why is there gonna be a weapons Expo?

Ice : Who knows. That's none of my business, i'm just keeping the peace... Now, YOU... [He looks at Sylvia] You're going to have some fines for causing all of this racket. You should know better than to bring weapons into an airport! Especially since that incident which seems so long ago now, September eleventh! 

Spike: if I  were you, I'd take two steps to the right

Emia: [laughs] That reminds me of what I did here before. [laughs even more]

Spike: (pushes Ice, a  Beam from the sky hits the spot) next time, move

G.A.A.M.: What was that?

Spike: Laser beam

Ice : [He gets up] You weren't kidding... A LASER BEAM? where did that come from?

Spike: a Missfire from another Planet

G.A.A.M: MissFire? From another planet? Are you joking or something

Sylvia: Fine. (Hands over the fine) Thank goodness Tails gave me a raise.

Ice : Tails? You mean Sonic's sidekick? HE gave you a raise? Surprising.

Sylvia: Yep.

Ice : Right, well, don't go bringing weapons into airports and you won't be fined again. Now, I need to check this airport out with my men and see if all is good, or if there IS something warranting it being closed. [He walks out with his men. 20 minutes later, the airport is reopened]

Spike: (Picks something up) Someones been Tampering with Dragoonworks

G.A.A.M.:  Ok....

Emia: So that guys a cop or something?

Spike: you see this, we call it a Clawbot Skull, its the Upperpart of a Clawbots head, I have no recordings of sending one to here

Emia: ... I never asked what that thing was -_-

Spike: target sector 157 (Clawbots startto come from the sky) Find all Parts to Clawbot 1774 

Emia: ???

G.A.A.M.: Eh just ignore him Emia. Thats what I try to do.

Spike: We have an Unwanted Visitor Boarding the Flight to Mystic Ruins.

(No one notices the Staraptor flying around.)

Emia: Ok...I thik this guy has schitzofrenia or something

G.A.A.M: Is that a Staraptor?

Staraptor: Stahr! (lands)

Tails: I'm going back to Parkview.

Spike: Anox says theres a Criminal on the Plane

Emia: You're the criminal on the plane!

(Then Ryu comes running in.)

Ryu: Staraptor! There you are!

Spike: How am I a Criminal, (pulls out Anox a little) Explain.

Staraptor: Star!

Emia: Because you are!

Ryu: What's all this, then?

Spike: you're Not Making sense Emia

Ryu: What's all this 'bout Spike being a criminal? I mean, sure, he's a bit of a brute, but still...

Staraptor: Star.

Emia: Dang you nikkas dont get nothing!

G.A.A.M.: Emia are you trying to get into trouble again?

Spike: I'll take that as an Insult.

Ryu: Well, it's true. You're not evil, but you're not the most light-hearted guy, either.

Emia: Fine by me. I dont care if you feel insulted or not.

Spike: If you destroyed over a trilion Planets, you would be Cold-Hearted as well.

Ryu: But WHY? What drives you to destruction?

Emia: (mockingly) Oh Look at me, I destroyed a trillion planets! I'm all powerful and mighty! Fear me! [laughs]

Spike: (Draws out Anox)  (Anox Shoots a Beam of Purple Energy at the Moon, the Moon Explodes)

Ryu: That was very uneccessary, Spike!!

Staraptor: Staraptor star!

Emia: Oh wow Im soo scared [laughs again]

Spike: (shoots a ball of Purple Energy that brings the parts of the moon back into one piece) you were saying?

Ryu: Ugh!

Spike: (eyes are looking deadly) that was only a fraction of my power

Emia: So what Nikka! You think just because you can shoot the fricking moon that you're all better then everyone!

Spike: I do not Intend to Show off , nor think I am Better, I was Created as the Ultimate Species in the Galaxy, yet I am all Species.

Ryu: Huh, "ultimate species"! You're not God, Spike!

(Be Back in ten min's-Chembur)

Emia: I was created as the ultimate Species blah blah BLAH! Bull shit!

(Ryu-I wonder where Shahooter is...)

Staraptor: Star! (flies up and rests on Ryu's ahoulder, then turns up his beak at Spike

(He's out hunting.)

(Ryu-Oh. Do you think he'll be back, soon?)

Ice : [He runs in with all of his soldiers, guns drawn] You're under arrest, Spike! G.U.N thinks you're too powerful and crazy to stay in the public, and I agree! 

(Staraptor nods.)

(Ryu-Hey, SS, you stlll gonna play the Troll Wars?)

Spike: Fools, I have saved your lives countless time from threats that you mortals never knew of. besides, I could Easily Destroy this planet, and those weapons, who do think made them, Dragoonworks did, you attack me, I'll destroy this Planet.

Ryu: No way!

(Ryu-Are you guys still gonna play The Troll Wars or do I have to declare it "dead"?)
(I'm still playing, we'll call it dead when all troll armys have been defeated.)
Spike: now if you want to capture a true Villian, foow, Since the Plane to the Mystic Ruins leaves in 30 seconds (teleports)

Ryu: *sigh* We might as well...

(they make it about two seconds before they Closed the Hatch.)

(On the plane...)

Ryu: I've never been on a plane before. Usually I just ride on one of my Pokemon. And if anyone says, "Slave labor", I'll kick you! >:[

Male Pokemon Trainer: Slave Holder!

Ryu: (kicks him in the balls)

Male Pokemon Trainer: GYAAAAAAAGH!!!

Ryu: You're acting like you've never used a Pokemon for flight, and you're a Pokemon trainer, too! Hyppocrite!!

(perfect, just what I wanted Ryu to do to him)

(something breathes on Ryu's neck, when she turns around, on the ground is a small plant in a pot)

Ryu: Huh?

(she turns around, some water drips onto her neck, when she turns around, the plant looks exactly the same)

Ryu: (Rubs her neck)

(this time, it shows the Plant growing huge, it then eats her)

Male Pokemon Trainer: serves you right (:< 

Ryu: (Rips open the plant's stomach with her claws. She is covered in green slime.) Dammit!!

Spike: Takien Fur Eater.

Ryu: Spike, did YOU bring this plant here?!

Spike: no I didn't, these pests always try to eat Mobians, they can digest them in less than 20 seconds.

Ryu; Then where did it come from?

Spike: him (points to the running Mobian, heading for the Cockpit)

Ryu: Hey! HEY!! (runs after the Mobian) Come back here, you bastard!!

(the Plane takes off, sendingthe Mobian and Ryu flying to the back of the Plane, as for Spike, he has Gravitaional Shoes, so he's not affected)

(The mystery Mobian lands on top of Ryu.)

Ryu: Ugh...(grabs the stranger's neck) You...

Mystery Mobian: Don't you dare...

Ryu: I'll puncture your jugular, you terrorist bastard!

Mystery Mobian: If I go down, you're going down as well! (openss the door, they fall out of the plane)

(Ryu-You're not trying to kill off Ryu, are you, Chembur?)
(heck no)

Ryu: (uses her Parachute, It's a Suprise she even had one, but remember, always come prepared)

Mystery mobian: Oh Crud-(hits the ground with a bloody SPLOT)

Ryu: I think someone's placed a bounty on my head...

Spike: (on Comlink) that was the wrong Mobian, that guy was Innocent.

Ryu: Too late, he's pavement pizza now...

(when they arrive at the Airport...)

Spike: here you go Ryu.

Ryu: What's this?

Spike: your wanted poster.

(Ryu-Wait, Ryu's wanted?)
(yes, she killed a male teen who was innocent)

Ryu: WAIT WHAT?! HE set that plant after me, and HE opened up the airplane door! This wasn't my fault!!

Spike: oh Really? (brings recording of the guy she attacked, they guy only got up to go use the Bathroom, the guy who was looking away from the action was the one Spike said)

Ryu: No...oh, NO...(falls to her knees)

Spike: it says here your Bounty is 10,000 Mobiums...

Ryu: (Grabs her head in her paws, her glasses askew) NO!! I DIDN'T WANT TO KILL AN INNOCENT!! I THOUGHT HE WAS A TERRORIST!! (starts to cry silently)

Spike: read the bottom left corner of it.

(Ryu-What does it say?)

Spike: Warning, this poster is not real, but created as a Prank for Ryu since she owes me like 1,000 Mobiums, the person she killed was a disguised Clawbot. Signed Voltrex.

Ryu: Volttrex?! Since when did I own HIM any Mobiums?!

Spike: Wait, thats Sonic's handwriting.

Ryu: Since when do I own SONIC any Mobiums?!


Sonic: (racing up a moutain) I just love to run!

Ryu: Hey slow down! (panting)


Ryu: I finally Made it

Sonic: what took you so long Rya? slowpoke

Ryu: Rya?! ITS RYU! HOW DARE YOU!!!!

Sonic: H-hey, can't we Talk about this?

Ryu: NO!!!! (throws Sonic down the Cliff)

(FlashBack End.)

Ryu: He was being a cheeky bastard and I forgot to take my Effexor pills, and it was that time of the month that every female dreads. Yeah, I was really grouchy that day...

Spike: No wonder he doesn't like you (and Spike knew the Poster was fake)

Ryu: Well, he needs to stop being a stupid, arrogant sod!

(Ryu-Yeah, Ryu watches a LOT of Monty Python.)

Sonic: (runs by back and forth)

Spike: (sticks his leg out, tripping Sonic as he goes flying)

(Ryu-Who's gonna play Sonic?)

Sonic: (Gets up) Ow...what the heck? (sees Spike) AHHHH< ITS YOU

Spike: enough of this nonsense. (sets Sonics head on fire)

Sonic: MY HEAD IS ON FIRE, MY HEAD IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shima: Hey!  Why'd you do that for?! Leave him alone!

Ryu: (Gives Shima the wanted poster) Read the bottom left corner.

Ice : [He rushes down the hall twords the group, with 14 G.U.N troops following him] SPIKE! You're wanted for resisting arrest, and attacking a G.U.N Protected individual without a cause! Now, come with me or else! [The G.U.N troops raise their rifles and point them at Spike]

(Sonic is protected by G.U.N for various reasons, such as him being a hero that has saved the world so much...)
Spike: go ahead (they shoot, but the Bullets bounce right off) was that your attack?, I didn't feel anything yet.

Ryu; Damn...there goes kicking Sonic in the balls...

Ice : THAT'S IT! NO MERCY! Take the guns off low mode, men, we're knocking him up to an inch of his life! [Ice launches multiple frostbolts at Spike. The soldiers adjust something on their weapons, then begin firing.]

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