City of Mobius Corners
Vital Information
Founded June 16, 1802
Country Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg
County Sullivan
Head of government Walter Winnobee
2009 Estimate 901,002
Density 599.6/sq mi.
Metro Population >4,000,000
Denonym Mobicorneran

Mobius Corners is a city on the planet Mobius in the Emerald Hill universe. It is located in the Midlands region. The city is the largest in the Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg and is the national capital of the country. From the city's founding in mid-1802, just after the country's independence, the city would emerge as an important financial center and leader in the country. The city is also the county seat of Sullivan County.

Recent History

Administration Crisis

Many lobbyists and critics have stated that because Mobius Corners is the capital AND a large city, it deserves its own "special zone". A bill has been introduced in Parliament to strip Sullivan County of its status as home to the capital and create a "Capital Zone" around Mobius Corners. This would severely reduce the amount of revenue going into Sullivan County. The bill has yet to be passed in Parliament, however, due to Shahooter's Rebellion, the ongoing tax crisis and border closing, and new leadership.



As of the 2009 Census, the city had a population of 901,002. Out of the population, 98.8% are Mobians, 1.1% are Overlanders/Humans, and 0.1% are of another species/race. An estimated 4.0% of the population lived below the poverty line. There are 356 square miles that make up the city of Mobius Corners. There were 53,012 households.

The average school performance on the Mobian Achievement Test/MAT was 89.2% for elementary schools, 88.5% for middle schools and 89.8% for high schools. The average dropout rate is 4.3%, down from 5.9% in 1999. The percentage of the population (above 17 years of age) with a high school diploma is 90%, with a bachelor's degree is 73%, and with a master's degree is about 59%. The city is made up of about 1.9% water and 99.1% land.


Mobius Corners, being the national capital of the F.R.E., prides itself with many different transportation measures. These measures are mostly effective, and provides a better way around than by car in most cases.

  • FASTLINK is the capital city's public transit system. FASTLINK is funded by the county and the national government in some cases, so fares are lower than other systems around the country. The system provides bus transit to Mobius Corners, as well as Sullivan, Waxachie and Stewburt counties, in addition to one route traveling to Red Bluff County. The subway system has 7 lines, the last one being opened in 2005. The subway system serves Mobius Corners proper, as well as most of Sullivan and Waxachie Counties.
  • MOBRAC (MOBian RAil Connection) is the commuter rail service. The MOBRAC system offers a better alternative to FASTLINK, but the fares are a little more expensive. MOBRAC has most of its stations in outlying areas of Red Bluff County, Waxachie County, Bedford and Stewburt Counties, but service is provided intown as well.
  • For those who wish to get around by car, a few freeways serve the area: Route 72 (Thomas Hardwinkle Expressway), Route 172 (Crosstown Expressway), Route 264 (Waxachie Loop), Route 54 (Beauwill Freeway), and Route 458 (Northside Parkway). These routes are not in need of much replacement, and are the main preferences to get around the area. However, duing rush hour, the freeways are packed and jammed and you can't go anywhere.


This is a list of landmarks in the city.

Sporting Venues

Mobius Corners is home to many professional sports teams and national sporting events, thus, there are a lot of sports venues in and around the city.

  • Sonic Speed Arena
  • Central Midlands Speedway
  • Townsend Center
  • Oakwood Plaza Center
  • Mobius Corners Soccer Center
  • TJB Arena
  • Capital Center Stadium


  • Mobius Corners University
  • North Sullivan Community College
  • Bushwell National University
  • Legislative Building (Parliament)
  • Historic Mobius Corners City Hall
  • Sullivan County Courthouse


The largest medical center in the Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg is the Midlands Area General Hospital, which features over 600 beds and a large operating room. Other hospitals in the area include:

  • Grace Park Medical Center
  • Sullivan Central Hospital-South
  • Oakwood Hospital
  • Townsend Mill Hospital


  • Crestwood Museum of National History
  • Parkton House
  • Uli Rowe Center
  • Central Capital Greenhouse


  • Mobius Corners Area Zoo
  • Midlands Transit Museum
  • ALIM Center
  • Pargoc Center Mall
  • Capital City Mall
  • Townsend Mall


Because Mobius Corners is the national capital, there is a heavy police and military presence in the area. Usually, the Mobius Corners Area Police Department (MCAPD) would be responsible for defense inside the city limits, but in extreme cases, the EPP (Emeraldsbourg Public Patrol) may come in to help defend the city.

Only in wartime would the military come in.

Metropolitan Area

Mobius Corners' metropolitan area composes of the following:

  • Mobius Corners-Stewburt-Midlandsville Combined Area (Pop: 4,011,002)
  • Mobius Corners-Stewburt Metropolitan Area (Pop: 3,990,089)
  • Sullivan County
  • Stewburt County
  • Waxachie County
  • Midlandsville Micropolitan Area (Pop: 20,913)
  • Bedford County



The following stations serve the Greater Mobius Corners Area, and may be available on cable elsewhere around the region.

  • PBCM-DT 9.1 (PBC)
  • PBCM-DT 9.2 (PBC Nonstop)
  • WSMC-TV 17.1 (SCTV)
  • WRRR-TV 18.1 (MobiMedia)
  • WETC-TV 22.1 (ETC)
  • WMMM-TV 25.1 (Mobian Television)
  • WGMC-TV 40.1 (Government/G.U.N) - Not in HD
  • WSNC-TV 18.1 (Independent) - Not in HD

Notable Services

  • Mobius Corners Police Department
  • Mobius Corners Fire & Rescue
  • Mobius Corners Sanitation Department
  • Midland Animal Control
  • Mobius Corners Media
  • Midland Area S.W.A.T


  • Mobius Corners/Midlands TMC
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