This is an article about Mobius (Tales of the Echo Universe), a location created by Neoexlucky.
Mobius Map (TotE)

The map of Mobius

Mobius (otherwise known as Earth or Sonic's world) is the world where most of Tales of the Echo, takes place and is populated by a large diversity of people. Humans and Mobians being the most prominent. The world is currently in a time of peace, but internal struggles throughout many countries are causing a large amount of dilemmas. This version of mobius was created by NeoExlucky, and normally is only canon to Tales of the Echo, and it's spin-offs/ other media wolrds.


Most of the world is inhabiteted by a multitude of wildlife and plants. On top of this, most of the people in this world are human or Mobian, but there have been some other cases where other races exist. Cyborgs, aliens, demons, and some other races have been recorded in history, but with the exception of Cyborgs, none of these have been confirmed to be true. Chao also exist in this world as well.


The most common weather is rather mild. Which is rather normal weather, with all seasons featurable and is what most cities have. Some countires also feature deserts, tundra, artic, jungles, caves, and just about everything else. Deserts and tundra are some of the most populated areas, following mild and cityscapes. Most


It is unknown how the world started, whether it be through a big boom, through creation, or wether someone made it, all that is known is that the world was born into darkness. Monsters and legends all around the world tried to destroy one another and the world they existed on.

Then there was something that came out of the darkness. Humans. Born into a world full of chaos and monsters, legend has it that man was order within the chaos and started to build. Less aggresive creatures watched as man built and wanted to become like them, or so legend says, and it is because of this that mobians came to be.

In recorded history, mobians and humans have not always gotten along, once upon a time the two waged war on one another, until a great peace when a human prince was rescued by a mobian. The country declared peace with the mobians after this, and soon other countries followed. There was war over many other things, but as of this day; all of the countries live in psudo-peace. Many dark groups and shady organizatiosn exist within countries and are waging war there.

Significant Populations


Humans are one of the largest populations of people. Due to most not having much magical power, they normally fight through other means than mobians due. Humans normally are the ones that rule most countries.


Mobians are the other large population. Being born with a multitude of gifts and abilities, these people have large history and a large array of powers. Mobians rarely rule countries, which has caused some strife within the world, but most countries do not limit who can rule except through birth and age.


A race often debated over, chao are a race of small people who are able to adapt to the elements around them. They are easily influnced and some are judged to be quite capable. Some are recorded as being as intelligent as a house hold pet, but others are sometimes more intelligent than the average human. Many people debate over if a chao is a sentient race or not.


United Federation Lands

Where the main story takes place and where most of the main cast of Tales of the Echo are from, the United Federation is a place with a multitude of different climates, uncluding mountains, cities, plains, deserts, and more. The story mainly takes place here. The governemnt here is sort of a mix between a monarchy and a republic. The main ruler is a president who is elected by his/her peers to be ruler of the country, but there is a royal family ruled by a king and queen who often advise or give their stance on situations to the president. Notable characters from this country are: Neo Tranquil, Ages Tranquil, Zero Evol, Leah the Hedgehog and Trinity Moon. Notable cities are: San Franciso, Station Square, Reale City, Westopolis, and Umbra City.


A desert like town, Shamar is home to many shady buisnesses which somehow got mixed in with very kind people. The people of Shamar are known quite well for their kindness to others and their great determination to help. The country of Shamar is ruled by a Sultan, with his eldest son (or eldest son-in-law) taking up the mantle after his death. Notable characters from this country are: Echo the Cat, and Fate the Cat. Notable cities are: Terra Town, New Babylon, Galessie, Sandopolis, and Uldum.


The small tropical islands to the west of Shamar are said to be some of the best vacation spots ever. With laws that are very less restricting than in any country, Adabat could barely even be called one. Once upon a time Shamar and Apotos used to battle for this spot of territory until it claimed it's own independence. The country of adabat is ruled by three elected officals who all work together. It should be noted that this city is not exactly home to normal cretures. Small marshmellow-like people named Kirbys sare said to originate from this country. No notable characters are from Adabat. Notable Cities are: Paradise, Trickster's town, Port City, Alcove city, and Beachhead.


Pokeven is an odd country. This country is most notable for hosting several different types of creatures known as pokemon. The people here, mostly human, normally use these creatures for a variety of different activities. Some people use them as pets, soem use them to defend themselves, and some use them for dark purposes. Pokeven is ruled by a group of leaders who each lead a different region of the country. Notable characters from this country are: Morgan Ventrillo. Notable citites are: Veridian City, New Bark Town, Lilycove City, Saffron City, and Snowpoint City.


Apotos is a country similar to the United Federation Lands except with no royal family. Once upon a time it was part of Spagonia until it claimed it's own independence. History recorded that this was because a freedom fighter gambled against the leader of Spagonia at the time and won. Apotos is home to a multitude of military arsenals. It is a country always waiting for a fight to begin so it can get into it. This country can be noted for the fact thay some of it's citizens discriminate against mobians. This country is ruled by a five star general. There are no notable characters from this country. Notable cities are: Queen's land, Armstrong town, Jackson City, Fort Veridium, and Sanctuary.


Otogi is shrouded in mystery. It isn't because many of it's people are secretive, almost none have ever left the country, or because they don't let anyone in, it's because it doesn't do anything. Otogi has never fought in any war, has never done anything with any world politics and currently has no records availible to anyone outside of the country. No one knows what's in the country, but some people speculate they are hiding something. There are no notable characters from this country. Due to no one being able to go into it; there are no notable citires known.


Once upon a time; Spagonia was a country of war and military tactics, but since the loss of Apotos, it has started to calm down, and now it is a country of art and culture. This country is famous for all of it's assets and influence into the world. Spagonia is mainly populated by Mobians, but a variety of humans also call this place their home. Spagonia is ruled by a prime minister who is voted into office. Notable characters from this country are: Ellie the Bunny. Notable cities are: Amor, Fort Drakon, Leviathan, Grandius, and Gresten.


A kingdom of wonder and ruins, Soleanna is a city that might amaze some. According to legend, Soleanna once had control of the entire world, until many places just broke away from it. Featuring a variety of different terrains; this country has everything. The country has many different types of culture and is mostly human, with some mobians being around. Many jokes amongst the people are how the guards are very incompetent. This country is ruled by a duke and/or duchess and when they die, the heir is normally the oldest prince/princess. There are no notable characters from this country. Notable cities are: Crisis City, Soleanna (named after the country), Celest town, Luneas, and Eclipse town.


Artica, by it's name, is an arctic wasteland. A place that very little people have ever investigated. According to Treaty of Peace, this country is to remain independant and should only be used for exploration. As such, this country is it's own, but has no people. There is no government to rule it, and because it is just recently discovered, there are no notable cities here. No notable characters have ever come from this city.

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