Mobius is the homeworld of the Mobians, Overlanders and Humans (including Vehicles). Recently it was discovered that Mobius is actually a future version of Earth (in an alternate dimension). According to this universe's timeline, Earth's year would be approximately 14,016 CE, with Mobius' calendar year at mid-late 3237. It is still unknown exactly what was the starting point for their calendar, but its was likely calculated using Echidna Tomes called the Days of Fury. Mobius has endured many conflicts, including the Great War, the war against Dr. Ivo Robotnik and subsequent war with Dr. Eggman, and a failed attack by the Xorda. Much of it remains under the control of the Eggman Empire, though some sections of it remain free from its tyrrany.


Mobius after Ricochet's fortress self destructed, taking a quarter of Mobius with it.


In Libertes Mobius

After the Prologue, this was the main setting of the fanstory that took place several months after the Iron Domain saga.


In NAOSTH, Mobius is an entirely separate planet.

Sonic Underground Remake

In SU Remake, it is also a separate planet, though it is placed within the 21st Century in the year 20XX.

In Grinder Turbo

Like in NAOSTH, Mobius is a entirely seperate planet. It is red, and Sonic is King.

In 2030, however, Gremlins invaded the planet, renaming it Gremlinus.

Partial Destruction

Gizmo faced off Ricochet in a final showdown. The latter sacrificed himself to destroy Gizmo, hitting a mysterious red button, and thus blowing up a quarter of Gremlinus/Mobius. Despite the fact Ricochet died, in a miracle, Gizmo hid in a Gremlinide (Indestructible metal) box, saving his life in the process. Two years later, there were no Gremlins on Mobius, Sonic was King again, the captives returned home and Mobius went back to normal.

The Pianoverse

Mobius was actually considered not to be a planet. The place was known to only be a town. Therefore the name of it was "Mobius Town". Sonic and his friends still live there. 
File:Mobius Political.jpg

In the Domestic Radical Adventures Series, Louis Robinson and his friends have toured the town of Mobius and they thought it was rather interesting. However, one day, Vanessa fell into a device that sent her to a place in a different earth. Sonic saved her when she fell from the giant Mamoswine Attack. Also Louis Robinson visits to say hi to Shadow, Amy, Tails and the other Mobians.

In the Downtown Teenage Adventures and Stars on Broadway Street! Series, Alexis and her friends like to visit the people. However, Christina is the most best friend of Amy Rose. Usually Christina ventured there to say Hi and hang out at her place. Also, Danny and Sonic are really great friends as well.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Mobius shares its name with a country, whose official name is the Kingdom of Mobius. Some people refer to the planet as "Aigess". All the action takes place on this planet.



In Cameron's Universe

  • Hyrlue City
  • Redneckinstan

In Cassidy the Hedgehog Universe (RevengeGirl51)

  • Bonzo City

In Metal's Universe

In BearfootTruck's Universe

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