Mobius-2 is an alternate world in Segakid451's Archie Sonic Extended Multiverse taking place in the Post Hyper Genesis Wave comic series. This version of Mobius is also known as the Mobius 4000, taking place in the first decade of the 41st century. Here, the descendants of Silver the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn defend the future planet from Dr. Jules "Eggman" Robotnik II, grandson of Dr Eggman Nega. When the last bloodlines of the Freedom Fighters were wiped out by Nega Metal Overlord, Cindy Acorn-Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog Jr II, great grand children of Sally Acorn, Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog, respectively, destroyed the robot and accidentally killed an aged Eggman Nega in retaliation. The young Jules, who was only 5 years younger than the heroes, witnessed this and decided to create cyborg clones of Sally, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Enerjak and Dr Eggman to serve as his army and help get revenge on them for his grandfather's death. During their battles they also face Metal Shadic, Neo Metallix and the Eggette followers, but no foe has been a greater threat than Apocalypse the Beaver, who, as the second strongest being in the universe, rules a planet known as the Dark Side. He is often seen causing countless acts of global genocide, blowing them up once they are devoid of life. He appears to have an on again, off again friendship with Jules Robotnik, as they both have the same ambitions, but when he attempts to kill Jules along with Mobius-2, he is often met by a resistance of every good and bad guy inhabiting the planet. The rest of the Mobians are descendants of minor and relatively unseen characters from the original Mobius, and some are even told to be future relatives of characters appearing in the old British Fleetway Comic renditions of the Sonic-verse. Alongside this, 60% of the future Mobians have some sort of speed based characters, and one even became a vigilante in the city of Mobius-Town, often appearing as an outside member of the New Freedom Fighters.


Main Characters

  • Cindy Acorn-Hedgehog
  • Silver the Hedgehog Jr II
  • Dr Jules "Eggman Ultra" Robotnik
  • Metal Shadic
  • Neo Metallix
  • Mistress Eggette Cultists
  • Apocalypse the Beaver

Minor Characters

  • Jimmy Lightfoot
  • Hunter the Bat
  • Robo-Snively
  • Julia-Sue the Echidna
  • Nipples the Enchilada
  • Rogue the Bat
  • Uncle Chucky
  • Bat-Mobian


  • This version of Mobius is part of the Universes in the Shining Star section of the Multiverse
  • Mobius-2 is similar to DC's Earth-2, but rather than being set mainly in the past like Earth-2, it's set in the future.
  • Mobius-2 almost engaged a war with Mobius-9412
  • Bat-Mobian is a reference to Batman.
  • Nipples the Enchilada is a reference to Tyson Hesse's Sonic's Adventure parody comic. He appears as a sentient enchilada, rather than a misinterpretation of Knuckles the Echidna.
  • The fates of the original Freedom Fighters are unknown, but it is hinted that they died in battle against an unknown foe. It could possibly be Apocalypse as he mentioned to a scared Uncle Chucky that it wasn't the first time a blue hedgehog had fallen before him, but this cannot be proven as Mobius would've ceased to exist by now.
  • The idea of Apocalypse living on a planet named Dark Side was inspired by DC Comics' Darkseid, who lives on a planet called Apokolips.
  • In one mini-series centered around Apocalypse, he was bitten by a spider which temporarily imbued him with the power to shoot webs from his backside, but lost it after killing said spider.
  • The planet was involved in a one off crossover with Marvel's Spider-Ham. However, it turned out that Spider-Ham traveled to the world after he was infected by a virus from Marvel's Earth-2149 zombies. Dr Julian Robotnik teleported him back to his own world, inadvertently causing the death of the Marvel Animals universe.
  • This world is known for it's constant referencing of other comics, alongside several crossovers.
  • Jimmy Lightfoot is the great grandson of Johnny Lightfoot, who only appeared in the Fleetway Sonic comics.
  • Eggman Nega lived until he was 150 years old. He bared an uncanny resemblance to Mr Burns from the Simpsons, but was still overweight and egg-shaped.
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