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Mobius is the homeworld of the Mobians, Overlanders and Humans (including Vehicles). Recently it was discovered that Mobius is actually a future version of Earth (in an alternate dimension). According to this universe's timeline, Earth's year would be approximately 14,016 CE, with Mobius' calendar year at mid-late 3237. It is still unknown exactly what was the starting point for their calendar, but its was likely calculated using Echidna Tomes called the Days of Fury. Mobius has endured many conflicts, including the Great War, the war against Dr. Ivo Robotnik and subsequent war with Dr. Eggman, and a failed attack by the Xorda. Much of it remains under the control of the Eggman Empire, though some sections of it remain free from its tyranny.

Mobius after Ricochet's fortress self destructed, taking a quarter of Mobius with it.


In Libertes Mobius

After the Prologue, this was the main setting of the fanstory that took place several months after the Iron Domain saga.


In NAOSTH, Mobius is an entirely separate planet.

Sonic Underground Remake

In SU Remake, it is also a separate planet, though it is placed within the 21st Century in the year 20XX.

In Grinder Turbo

Like in NAOSTH, Mobius is a entirely seperate planet. It is red, and Sonic is King.

In 2030, however, Gremlins invaded the planet, renaming it Gremlinus.

Partial Destruction

Gizmo faced off Ricochet in a final showdown. The latter sacrificed himself to destroy Gizmo, hitting a mysterious red button, and thus blowing up a quarter of Gremlinus/Mobius. Despite the fact Ricochet died, in a miracle, Gizmo hid in a Gremlinide (Indestructible metal) box, saving his life in the process. Two years later, there were no Gremlins on Mobius, Sonic was King again, the captives returned home and Mobius went back to normal.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Mobius shares its name with a country, whose official name is the Kingdom of Mobius. Some people refer to the planet as "Aigess". All the action takes place on this planet.

Sargon's Progeny Universe

Mobius is one of the European Planets and is ruled by the Mobian Confederation, a confederation comprised of four kingdoms united under one central government. Originally, Mobius was inhabited by Overlanders who were vanquished by humans called the Alban-Franks. The Alban-Franks were then put under the rule of anthros known as Moblos (they became Mobians later on). The power struggle between humans and Mobians was a constant threat which ended in 1976 after the last humans were vanquished by Myles McCloud who then became King of the Mobians.

Marshalia13's Universe

In Marshalia13's Universe, this is the main setting and is referred to as Gaia. Gaia is an alternate version of Earth which features both Humans, Mobians, the term used for all anthromorphic animals, and Mobinis, Gaia's fauna.


  • United Regions of Gemton
    • Glending
      • Grandview
    • Elsway
      • Blue Coast
      • Sunset Forest
      • Frontier Canyon
        • Mystic Haunt
        • Weston
    • Lanscott
  • Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg
  • Station Square (after sonic adventure DX)
  • Emerald City


  • Downunda
  • Southern Tundra
    • Icecap Zone
  • Mobian Desert
    • Sand Temple Zone
      • Sand Temple

In Cameron's Universe

  • Hyrlue City
  • Redneckinstan

In Cassidy the Hedgehog Universe (RevengeGirl51)

  • Bonzo City

In Metal's Universe

  • Ylisse
    • Silver City
      • Ylisse Castle
    • Mount Flare
  • Plegia
    • Origin Peak
    • Plegia Castle

In BearfootTruck's Universe


Sargon's Progeny Universe

  • Mobian Confederation
    • Albion
      • Cities:
        • Larson
    • Alba
      • Cities:
        • Mergiston (Mobotropolis)
    • Voxia
      • Cities:
        • Hambug
    • Valio
      • Cities:
        • Golon
    • Mobian Confederate District
    • Autonomous Communities:
      • Konigsland (Angel Island)
      • Manilia
      • Hautensland
    • Non - Autonomous Insular Areas:
      • Frankonia
      • Saint Jean
      • Wilhelmsland
      • James-Welxin
      • Weshon
      • Tacomia
      • Merkins
      • Panzero
      • Les Moniques
      • Walford (A city in another planet)
      • Patoburg (A city in another planet)

Marshalia13's Universe

  • Kingdom of Acorn
    • Acorn Archipelago
      • South Island
        • Green Hill
      • Westside Island
        • Royal Hills Zone
          • Mobotropolis
        • Wood Zone
          • Knothole Village
        • Metropolis Zone
      • Cocoa Island
      • Christmas Island
      • Seaside Island
  • United Federation
    • Central City (capital)
    • Emerald Town
    • Station Square
    • Westopolis
    • Apotos
    • Holoska
    • Shamar
    • Mazuri
    • Spagonia
    • Chun-Nan
    • Adabat
  • Eggman Empire
    • Chemical Plant
    • Metropolis Zone
    • Eggmanland (destroyed)
    • Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park (destroyed)
    • Galactic Eggmanland (destroyed)
  • The Lost Islands
    • Echidnaopolis
    • Dragon Island
  • Angel Island
    • Shrine Isle