MobianTropolis (A.K.A SegaCon)
Motto: "Seize Opportunity Too"
Anthem: "MobiansTropolis, We are Heroes Unite's"

900px-Flag of MobiansTropolis (A.K.A SegaCon)


Vital Information

Largest City

City Hill
City Hill

Official Language(s) 8-times Languages.
National Language English is considered the de facto language, and there are ,and more languages 8.
Denonym Mobian
  • Heroes Leader
  • Queen Heroes
Constitutional monarchy
Legislature Parliament
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Population 75,004,776 (2XX6)
Land area 2,321,431.4 sq mi. (est.)
  • Total
  • Per capita
Last estimate
  • MUnknow trillion
  • MUnknow
Currency MobianTropolis (MT)
Drives on the Right
Calling code Unknow


MobianTropolis (A.K.A SegaCon) - often abbreviated to MobianTropolis by Kingdom of Mobius - is a fictional land created by Sebastian Malovec. In many of Sebastian Malovec's stories, he transformed the grass and so only 8 countries Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, the Kingdom of Acorn, Hungary, Austria, Ukraine and Heroes Unite.


In this universe and in the real world, "Mobius" is in the name of the first King of Mobius, and some have been transformed into the new 3-island island of MobianTropolis (A.K.A SegaCon) just in Post.


Months ago we transformed from on to grass and new in town to 8 country Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Kingdom of Acorn, Hungary, Austria, Ukraine and all the country 4 Island Heroes Units, Agent Puppeteroic hid from the lab and had to heal and replace the brain The mobius animals alive are transformed by the inside of the brain and live for good and that's all.


Often island islands in Slovakia, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Austrian and Ukrainian and the other second islands Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Indian and Italian.

Notable Areas

Mobius is home to many levels of past and present sound games too, including City Hill Zone & More Zones. City Hill is located on everyone in the city.



Notable Residents

  • Team Slovakiaman:
  • Alvin the Lemur
  • Bastian the Holo-Lynx
  • Czechandy the cat
  • Dash the Rabbit
  • Heroichao the Chao
  • Jamline the Rabbit (A.K.A Captain Heroicabbit & Dad's Cream)
  • Jenna The Hedgehog
  • Jesse The Fox
  • Marko Pištej the Echidna (Brother -- years old)
  • Reblunic The Hedgehog
  • Rocky Acorn The Hedgehog
  • Sebastian Malovec the Hedgehog (A.K.A Slovakman - 18 & 19 years old)
  • Sestianic The Heroic (sometimes)
  • Slovakiaddy the Fazbear
  • Šani 'Alexander' Pištej the Echidna (Brother -- years old)
  • Vivamy The Heroic
  • Arceemy The Hedgehog
  • BubleSoniBee The Hedgehog
  • Optimusnic Prime The Hedgehog
  • Ultra Magnusdow The Hedgehog
  • Bolek the Fox
  • Lolek the Fox
  • Mat the Hedgehog
  • Muf the Cat
  • Pajko the Hedgehog
  • Pat the Hedgehog
  • Puf the Cat
  • Red Demoman the Echidna
  • Red Engineer the Fox
  • Red Heavy the Cat
  • Red Medic the Rabbit
  • Red Pyro the Cat
  • Red Scout the Hedgehog
  • Red Sniper the Weasel
  • Red Soldier the Hedgehog
  • Red Spy the Bat
  • Georgiany the Wolf
  • Jorge the Wolf
  • Katty
  • CodenameGamma The Rabbit
  • Arek the Hedgehog
  • Martine the Hedgehog
  • SPD64 The Cat
  • Zonic and His Friends
  • Nails the Bat
  • Shadina the Hedgehog
  • Terios the Hedgehog
  • Team Heroiclovakia:
  • AustriaGirl the Hedgehog
  • Czechman the Hedgehog
  • HungaryFire the Fox
  • PolishBorg the Echidna
  • Terrukraien the Hedgehog
  • No War Army's Heavy the Cat
  • No War Army's Medic the Rabbit
  • No War Army's Rabbids
  • No War Army's Soldier the Hedgehog
  • No War Army's Worms
  • Captain WormMalovec - Team Worms Heroic
  • Team Minions Heroic
  • Team Rabbids Heroic
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