"I am Ages Tranquil, leader of the Mobian Mysteries Detective Agency, and we're here to investigate the crime."
—Ages during his first 'official' case.
Mobain Mysteries Detective Agency
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Organizational Information
Establishment Date
  • 1994
  • Independent Police
  • Detective Agency
  • Private Investigator
  • Markus Tranquil

Supreme Administrator

  • Ages Tranquil
Known Administrators
  • Markus Tranquil (Formerly)
  • Ages Tranquil
  • Station Square
  • Solve Crimes
  • Protect the innocent
  • Stop evildoers
Enemy Organizations
  • Order of the Masks 
  • Lawful Good

Mobian Mysteries Detective Agency, normally shortened to MMDA or Mobian Mysteries, is a group of young and capable detectives lead and funded by Ages Tranquil. The MMDA often takes on special requests otherwise deemed to difficult for the normal police, and sometimes even works with the police on certain investigations. They were originally founded in October 1994 by Markus Tranquil, but returned under new management of Markus' son; Ages Tranquil. 

Reason behind Creation

Back in 1994 Markus Tranquil was a young man freshly out of college who was offered a spot on an expedition to find the legendary Staff of Chaos, an item that was said to have originated from the same stone that created the Chaos Emeralds. Markus initially declined due to his need of getting a real job, but that night he meets a young woman named Kakari who was the daughter of the leader and was late to join the expedition, after requesting Markus' help, the two set off to find them, picking up Scipt the Fox and Elliot Fern along the way. The group discovered that the previous expedition team was killed by something trying to protect the staff and formed their own group when captured by the police of a town not to far from there. The MMDA were able to leave once the judge declared that the bodies match up to an urban myth in the area. Afterwards the MMDA discovered that the legend was a hoax for a crime ring and ruined their plans, along with destroying their group. Afterwards, the MMDA went back to Station Square and formed their headquarters, solving many mysteries until the group went their seperate ways, with Script leaving for science purposes, Elliot starting his own company, and Kakari and Markus marrying and having their own child.

About 20 years later, during 2014, after the events of Markus' murder, his two children; Ages and Neo discover a book about his collected adventures. Neo leaves it as a bunch of stories, and Ages partially agress until an old buisness associate tells Ages about how great his father was. Though this man is murdered the next day and Ages teams up with a bat in order to discover who the murderer is. After solving the crime, Ages decides to follow in his father's foot steps and becomes a detective, hiring Eileen as his first partner and assistant.


  1. We do not kill. We do not lower ourselves to that of a common thief unless in dire situations.
  2. We must stay true to the law, but we also must think for outselves. Do not blindly trust the law.
  3. Do not put the blame on someone if we do not have enough evidence to back up our claim.
  4. We do not help those who are currently hunted by the law unless we have proof that they are innocent.
  5. We watch out for each other, plain and simple, but we also must take care of the innocent.


The headquarters for the MMDA happens to be Tranquil Manor; Ages' long time home and the place where his office is located. At this wonderful adobe; each member of the group is supplied with an office of their own as well as a bedroom of their own. The headquarters is located in Station Square, Mobius. Members are expected to be calm here and to also report to the briefing room located on the top floor whenever they are called to a mission while in the house. They are also expected to be mindful to the servents of the home and to be respectful to the other people living in the house, which happens to be Ages' family. 


Ages, the Leader

Ages is the leader of the the current generation of the MMDA. He is intelligent and calculting and is the main detective of the group. He uses a variety of tools and wit to solve crimes and is a good puzzle solver. He also happens to be a little faster than the rest of the group. At the same time though, he is weak and isn't that charismatic. He can barely lift anything that weighs more than 50 pounds and isn't very good at charming other people into doing his bidding. He can hold his own in fight, but not for long. He also isn't very good at getting clues from other people and often relies on his team to help him in these situations. That being said; he is a good and fair leader and no one doubts this in his team.

Eileen, the Finder

Eileen was a former 'thief' in training when she met Ages at a banquet and ended up solving the mystery with him. Unlike Ages; Eileen isn't the most intelligent nor is she the greatest at solving puzzles, but she is excellent at find clues and snatching some from people. She has subtle abilities to trick people into giving information to her and she can sometimes be abit hyper active. She is loyal and isn't afraid to stick up for her friends, and was the first member of the team that Ages hired.

Hawke, the Brawler

Hawke initially was a Brawler from the Brawler's guild until he was framed for murder and his guild was disbanded. Hawke is very strong and is able to push and throw heavy things with ease. His strength is also very helpful in times of persuasion, when instead of tricking people or charming them, he can simply intimidate them to do as he says. He doesn't do this unless needed to however and normally is a very nice guy, if a little arrogant at times. He is very loyal to Ages and his team and is proud ot be a member of the MMDA


The Order of the Masks

Although not a main enemy of the MMDA any longer, the Order of the Masks was a group of like minded individuals who believed in world domination. This group tried several times to take over the world and where thwarted by the original MMDA. Amongst this new generation a new reincarnation of the Order of the Masks exists and is very strong. Amongst them in The Magician, a powerful magic user who often commits crimes and deeds to try and further himself for his own personal gain.

Theme songs

Katsuo Ono(Detective Conan-OST 1)-Detective Conan Main Theme

Katsuo Ono(Detective Conan-OST 1)-Detective Conan Main Theme

MMDA theme song

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