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Mobian Media Network
The MMN logo
Network type Broadcaster (television, radio and online)
Country/Countries United Regions of Gemton
Availability Worldwide
Founded by Morgana LaJean
Motto "May truth be spoken from region to region."
Owner Owned publicly
Key people
  • Bhavana Ghiradelli (chairwoman)
  • MMN Executive Board (governing body)
  • Lonnie Sabre (director)
  • Jewela L'Emeralde (MMN News employee)
Launch date 3163
"May truth be spoken from region to region!"
Morgana LaJean's motto for the network.

The Mobian Media Network, also known as the MMN, is a public service broadcaster that operates under a Royal Charter since 2124. It is the largest broadcasting corporation in Mobius, though has been contested for the title in recent years by the fast-rising PBC and, to a lesser extent, GTV. Its global headquarters are located in Agate City following the collapse of MMN Sugilite, though they were located in Grandview, Glending until very recently. As the MMN is publicly owned, it is funded by additional taxes which are decided by the Executive Board and approved by the Government of the United Regions of Gemton.

The MMN expanded from just the United Regions by creating several affiliate companies, including MMN Sugilite (Confederate Republic and the Kingdom of Sugilite), MMN-UF (the United Federation), MMN Westside (Westside Island), MMN-SI (South Island), MMN Apotos (Apotos), MMN-SH (Sunset Hill) and MMN-WF (Woodlot Falls), among others.



The original MMN logo.

The United Regions of Gemton government, shortly after gaining independance from the United Federation and electing Morgana LaJean as Prime Minister, sought to bring its country back into the spotlight, as the Confederate Republic of Sugilite was growing and the U.F. was becoming somewhat of a capital of Mobius. Firstly, in a bid for even more freedom, the government, with the permission of Her Majesty Queen Oliga III, revoked the Treaty of Protection, leaving Gemton branch of G.U.N that remained to return. The United Regions Army of Her Majesty the Queen was then formed to replace it. Following that, the government blocked all U.F. television broadcasts and created U.R. Television, which was owned directly by them. The company was a success, and Unaffiliated Mobian Television (UM-TV) followed, trying to contest URTV and get some of their profit, which was not entirely successful. Soon, the government wished to expand URTV, and merged it to create the Mobian Media Network; owned publicly to save the government money. The government created the MMN Board of Executives to direct the corporation as it operates under a Royal Charter. Blockley Parks was chosen to be the chairman.


The logos for all MMN channels in the United Regions.

Main article: Mobian Media Network Television.

In the United Regions of Gemton, MMN One and MMN Two are the network's prime and flagship television channels. Several other channels are also broadcast: MMN Three, MMN Four, MMN Parliament, Em Em En and MMN Kids.

The MMN broadcasts many of its programs to the UR Forces Broadcasting, which is a company that serves the United Regions of Gemton Army while abroad.

Network Affiliations

MMN Sugilite

Main article: Mobian Media Network Sugilite.

MMN Sugilite was the largest of the MMN sub-companies, having to broadcast for the Confederate Republic and the Kingdom of Sugilite. Because of this, much of the money given to the company by the network was spent on transmitters and the headquarters, and very little was left for the actual channels and programmes themselves. Because of this, only one channel, named the MMN Sugilite Channel and located on channel 7, was created, and an astonishing total of only three programmes were made; Alvin and Lacey, MMN Sugilite News and Climbing the Family Tree. Sugilite Television easily took the lead with STV 1, STV 2, STV 3, STV 4 and STV Sports. Though many attempts were made to afford to create a second channel, MMN Sugilite II, the plan never came to fruition and, recently, the Mobian Media Network collapsed the Sugilite branch and moved the global headquarters to Agate City in the Confederate Republic. From then on, the MMN has been serving the United Regions, the Confederate Republic, and the New Kingdom.


The MMN is a corporation that is independant from direct governmental intervention as it is owned publicly. Its activities are overseen by the MMN Executive Board and general management is in the hands of the director, currently Lonnie Sabre. The director is chosen by the board and is also the chairman of the executives and effecticively editor-in-chief of the entire organisation.

Royal Charter

The MMN has, since its creation, operated under a Royal Charter as a public corporation. The Charter decreed that the organisation be completely free from political intervention by the government or monarchy of the United Regions of Gemton and is independant of all influence; answering only to viewers and listeners. The Charter is renewed every decade, and the most recent states that the network's aim is to "entertain, educate and enlighten".

Executive Board

The MMN Executive Board is the governing body of the Mobian Media Network. The Board sets the strategy for the network, assesses the performance of the BBC's services, and appoints the director. It is headed by the director, currently Lonnie Sabre.


The network has the largest budget of any Mobian broadcaster, with an average expenditure of 5.6 million Mobi, compared to Stuart Media Corporation's 4.8 Mobi and Gemton Television's 3.9 Mobi.


The Mobian Media Network's prime source of funding is through the television license, which is required to receive broadcasting. The cost of a television licence is set by the government and enforced by the law. A discount is available for households with only black-and-white television sets, and a discount is also offered to the blind and a small discount for the deaf. A small tax is also given to provide additional funding for the MMN. It is decided by the Executive Board and confirmed by the Government of the United Regions of Gemton.

Headquarters and Offices

The official headquarters of the network is the Kingdom Capital Building in Grandview, Glending. It is home to almost every MMN radio station, aside from those that specialise in different regions. A statue of Manawydan, the God of the Sea and rival of the goddess Coventina, is located in the entrance hall, which took almost ten years to completely perfect. There are also many smaller local and regional studios scattered throughout Mobius.

Notable Employees

  • Ruby Didane (news reporter)
  • Jewela L'Emeralde (forecaster)
  • Sunderlae Skye (MMN-SH)