MDL flag

The Mobian Defense League's flag

"Her highness [Queen Blaze] thought both our worlds needed a army capable of sticking up for the little guy, "~Shard to Tamara Kalianey on the reason the MDL was formed.

The Mobian Defense League was born out of the need to defend the common everyday Mobian from Eggman oppression, GUN aggression, and to provide a non-hostile buffer to keep AMA operations near primal Mobian territories in check. The Mobian Defense Force is funded and sanctioned by the Kingdom of Acorns, as well as its ally the Sol Kingdom. The Mobian Defense League is mainly a peacekeeping and defense organization used to support and aid the freedom fighters in terms of military.
MDL Gargant Tank

A Mobian Defense League Gargant Tank


The Mobian Defense League hails from all walks of life on Mobius, to Mobians the average Mobian, to Freedom Fighter loyalists, to soldiers normally in the royal guards of both the Kingdom of Acorns and the SOL Kingdom, to even Mobian friendly humans who wish to stand alongside their furry animal allies in defense of their homes and their planet. Notable Members so far include:

  • Dr.Shard Sherman Blonsky
  • Jared Tarter Kalianey(The MDL diplomat to the AMF and the AMA.)
  • Tamara Kalianey(enforcer/tank division leader)
  • Xavier the Hedghog (A MDL commander.)                                          
    MDL Xavier

    Mobian Defense League member Commander Xavier

  • Deiviz Havoc (Team Madness mercenary )
  • Jellina Cross "Jaze" (Team Madness mercenary.) 
  • Charlotte the Hustky
  • Tye the Hedgehog (Scout)
  • Sam the fox (pilot.)
  • Tyko the galago (ecologist).
  • Xever the bat(Intel team)

(I will be adding more later, plus you are welcome to have your character join the MDL.)

MDL Meeting

Members of the MDL meeting on SOL to talk about strengthening ties with the MDL and the local Solian residents.


The Mobian Defense League is at its very esscence a Defensive military used to protect Mobians and both Mobius and the SOL kingdom.The Mobian Defence League maintains a policy of neutrality with GUN and the AMA.Its goal is peacekeeping and not war, yet the MDL can become aggressive if provoked, especially in opposition to the growing Egg Empire threat.
MDL Freedom Tank

A Mobian Defense League light Panzer-32 "Freedom Tank".

Base of Operations

The Mobian Defense League maintains bases primarily around Freedom Fighter and Kingdom of Acorn territory, however its main base of operations is in the SOL Kingdom, where many elected offcials meet and talk about the operations of the Mobian Defense League.The largest Mobian located base is located west of the Alpine Republic in central Eurish, east of Mercia.


The MDL gets funding from two of the most prominant kingdoms on both SOL and Mobius, therefore the Mobian Defense League is well supplied and has an research and design team of several scientists and engineers. The MDL utilizes  in non-lethal weaponry and anti-robotic weaponry. That is not to say it is not without heavy firepower or vehicles. Known technology and weaponry include, but are not limited to:

  • Al-32 Gargant Tank
  • Zepple S-11 Chrono Copter 
  • MDL Chrono Copter

    "Time flies."~Chrono Copter pilot

    Panzer-32 Freedom Tank


After the AMA/GUN/Egg War, or more commonly known as the Second Great War erupted Mobius was in a helpless position as these three mighty armies clashed with each other with little regard to the devastaion caused in their wake. However, representatives from the SOL Kingdom met with Kingdom of Acorn diplomats and proposed a joint military capable of protecting both Mobius and the SOL realms intrests from the growing threat of war. The MDL was soon sanctioned as a peacekeeping and defense force to give the common Mobian a chance within these dark times.


  • The MDL flag shares some resemblance to the EU flag.
  • The MDL is based off the UN peacekeeping corps.
  • The MDL is also loosely based on the Global Defense Initiative from the Command&Conquer franchise, which is also based on the United Nations as well.
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