The Mobian Confederation
Motto: Parmis beaucoup, un.
Anthem: Hail Mobius!

Fan flag

The National Flag of Mobius

Vital Information

Largest City

Mergiston (Mobotropolis)

Official Language(s) English, French, and German
National Language Mainly languages in Europe.
Denonym Mobian
  • King
  • Crown Prince
Const. Monarchy
Legislature Jesston State Hall (Parliament)
  • Establishment of the Moblo Kingdoms
  • Formation of the Mobian Economic Union
  • Establishment of the Albion Workers' Union
  • Formation of the Mobian Confederation
from Humans
  • 900 AD
  • 1934
  • March 11, 1969
  • May 21, 1976
Population 700,125,000
Land area 3,287,263 km2
  • Total
  • Per capita
Last estimate
  • 1,200,853,331
  • 12,132,099
Currency Ring (MCR)
Drives on the Left
Calling code 49

The Mobian Confederation (メビウス人連合 Mebiusu-jin Rengō) is a fictional country that rules all of Mobius, one of the European Planets. It is a constitutional monarchy that is based on the German Empire, the United Kingdom, and Spain after its transition to democracy in the late 1970s. It is known as "The Land of the People" due to its liberal and socialist policies. It's part of the Sargon's Progeny universe.


The Mobian Confederation's currency is the Ring (MCR), but the Mobians use ring-backed banknotes and gold coins as rings can get cumbersome. The economic structure is a social-market economy where private industry exists but, there's universal healthcare, rigid safety regulations, strict environmental standards (The United States, Myles McCloud's home country, has the same environmental standards in the Sargon's Progeny universe) and worker's rights.


Every citizen of the Mobian Confederation are Mobian anthros (the human race died out in 1976 when the Albion Workers' Union was overthrown). Due to the government's policies towards the people, all Mobians live in decent residential areas (there are no slums in the Mobian Confederation). The religions are Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism, and Islamic.


The planet Mobius was originally inhabited by a type of de-evolved human-like species  known as the "Overlander", barbaric savages who would kill any foreigner even if said foreigner was a human. They used a calender system similar to the Gregorian calendar albeit the epoch starts at 1260 B.C. (This calendar was still in use until it was abolished in 1977). Eventualy, a group of humans were able to establish a civilization and survive the overlander attacks, these humans were the Alban-Franks. The Alban-Franks were able to drive the overlander into extinction by 200 A.D.

In 900 A.D., a group of anthros known as the Moblos conquered the Alban-Frankish kingdoms and created four new Moblo kingdoms; Albion, Alba, Voxia, and Valio. Eventually, the Moblos became the Mobians in the 12th Century. The Mobian kingdoms didn't go through history without some rebellions such as the Alban-Frankish Rebellion which attempted to overthrow the Moblos, the Joneston Affairs of 1344 and 1506, and the Jesston Revolution of 1787 which involved the southern portion of Albion declaring independence, only for the revolutionaries to be crushed by the armies of the four Mobian kingdoms. Throughout the 19th and early 20th Centuries, the human species was declining due to a disease that caused their reproductive organs to stop working, and various conflicts. In 1969, Ivo Robotnik, one of the few humans to still have working reproductive organs, succeeded in overthrowing the Albion monarchy and exiling the royal family in favour of a communist regime with the capital in Ivograd (Jesston).

On May 21, 1976, after seven years of communist rule, Ivo Robotnik and his cronies, who were the last humans alive, were killed by Myles McCloud (who went under the name Myles McLeod and then Myles Prower to prevent Robotnik's cronies from finding him) who then united the four kingdoms under a constitutional monarchy with himself as King of the Mobians.

In 2016, the Confederation celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Notable Areas

  • Jesston - The capital of the Mobian Confederation, it's home to the Jesston State House which houses Parliament.
  • Mobotropolis (Mergiston) - The capital of Alba, one of the four kingdoms in the Mobian Confederation. It's known for the House of Aldermen, the Alban Parliament.
  • Frankonia - One of the many insular areas under Mobian rule, it's where the four royal families of the Mobian Confederation go at certain times of the year.
  • Konigsland (Angel Island) - One of the many insular areas, it's home to the Echidnas who defend the Master Emerald from threats. It is an autonomous community under the protection of the McCloud Swiss Guard (the McCloud family's personal guards. The McClouds are one of the only two entities to have a Swiss Guard, the other being the Papacy which is under McCloud jurisdiction).


  • The national anthem of Mobius sounds eerily similar to the Marcha Real, the nation anthem of Spain.
  • Originally, the Mobian Confederation was going to be an exact replica of the United Kingdom (its name was even known as the "United Kingdoms"). However, this was abandoned early on as to have more cultural diversity.
  • Another early name was "The Confederation of Four Kingdoms" but, this was changed to the "Mobian Confederation" to make it shorter and less cumbersome.
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