Mobia is a city on Mobius, and the capital of the House of Pyria.


Mobia was founded by the head council of the House of Pyria, to become their capital. Quickly, Mobia was both respected and hated by the other houses. The House of Acorn and the House of Granite both respected their decision, and quickly began trade with the new city. Five of the other houses, the House of Aquis, House of Thunda, House of Kineis, House of Blane, and House of Sworn hated the city, and began plotting it's destruction. After amassing armies, the five houses marched down on Mobia, intent on razing it to the ground. It was mostly due to the intervention of two clans who were disturbed by the armies and allied with the House of Pyria who stopped the siege, easily shredding the armies with their tamed dragons and beasts. Since then, Mobia and the other capitals have been protected well and there have been no more sieges.


Lord Dorian Pyria

Lady Alison Pyria

Amanda Pyria

Stanley Pyria

Rosé Amour-Pyria

Maree Amour-Pyria


(Note: these are Australian school kinds, so High School, Secondary School and Secondary Collage are all the same level).

Castle Pyris

Pyria High School

Pyria Select Entry School

Mobia Secondary Collage

Mobia Primary School

Tower of Flames


Public Resources (Libraries, Shopping Centers, Police, Fire Stations, restaurants, fast food joints, swimming pools)

Pyris Hospital

Pyria National Zoo

Royal Pyrian Market

Hands of Flames Prison

Infantry Barracks Alpha


Pyris Memorial Park, Midday, Saturday

Amanda Pyris: Oh, Frost, where are you?

Frost (from 200 metres away): Oh, Amanda, where are you?

[A Black-cloaked figure was sitting down on a Bench.]

Amanda: Frost? (Amanda looks out, but still can't see her Troll boyfriend)

??? [Figure]'s thoughts: 'I think there's a Troll here, am I serious....maybe..but maybe it's a friendly fellow...not all trolls can be THAT bad...'

[A green hedgehog was running around looking lost] Green Hedgehog: Damn why did I have to stray away from every one else.

(Frost looks up at the trees)

Frost (quietly, into a mic): Hey, Bolt, think you could use your Nerve Overload technique on that guy and get him out of here, give Amanda and me some privacy? Toxic, deal with the green hedgehog.

Bolt (through mic): Sure bro.

(Bolt sneaks up behind the figure, hands raised into the position of Nerve Overload while green ooze moves towards the green hedgehog))

[The Figure looks at the Yellow Hedgehog.] ??? [Figure]: "Are you serious!!? I know your behind me...Bolt!" [The Figure takes off his hood, revealing himself to be Dream Shahooter.] Dream Shahooter: "If I'm invading some privacy then goodbye. Make sure you open that Orb Bolt." [Dream Shahooter wind fades he also left an Electric Orb for Bolt.]
[The green hedgehog immediately notices the green ooze. He draws his sword ready for anything]

(Bolt picks up the orb)

Bolt: Wow! Wait, where am I?

(hidden by the trees, Toxic raises his hand, causing the ooze to rise up into four clones of himself)

Toxic clone: Try to bring us all down, and see how far you get! (A clone draws a sword as the others get ready to fight.)

Green Hedgehog: Now I really wish I hadnt had gotten lost. Well anyways bring it! Im way thougher then you think

(The lead clone charges in with his Rapier as the other three started throwing small green balls of toxic ooze. Meanwhile, Frost reached Amanda)

[Shahooter was off on a Run, he hits the breaks seeing the Green Hedgehog.] Shahooter's thoughts: 'Okay...strangely, that Green Hedgehog looks sort of familiar...And what are those five others? He seems to know about Cloning..but strangely I think I should help that Hedgehog' [Shahooter rushes off, standing beside the Green Hedgehog] Shahooter: "Need a Hand?" [Shahooter draws his Chromatic Feathers.]

Green Hedgehog: Sure [The Green Hedgehog dodges the ooze then slashes the rapier out of the clones hand using his sword] Green hedgehog: Did I mention Im a master Swordsman. Your going to have to do better then that

[Shahooter changes the feather's Element style, strangely he repeats a line while deflecting the Ooze Balls] "Are-" [Shahooter deflects one.] "You-" [Shahooter deflects another.] "Serious!!?" [Shahooter deflects the remaining two.]

Toxic clone: Believe me, this is nothing compared to our master and his brothers! (Laughs as more clones come out of the ooze thrown at them while Bolt moved around, wondering what he was doing, where he was and what the orb was)

Frost: Amanda, my love, how are you keeping under your parents?

Amanda: I'm coping, but I'm more worried about you!

Shahooter: "Are you serious!!?" [A large replica of a Japanese Word almost hits him.] Shahooter: "Whoa!" [The Japanese word lays down to the ground... And the Orb that Bolt was holding was glowing.]
Green Hedgehog: Oh great more of them [Prepares to attack them]

Bolt: Oooh, pretty colors!

Toxic clone: Believe me, the more you two dodge, the more of us will come, and the more of us will be throwing. I don't think you know how easy this could be for us.

Shahooter: "Wait...doesn't curiosity concern us all!? Who can translate Japanese here!!?"

Bolt: I can't. What's Japanese?

Green Hedgehog: Not when Im under attack [Atttacks the clones]

Shahooter: "Are you serious!!?" [Another Large replica almost hits Shahooter, it then scoots in front of Toxic and his clones.]

Frost: my brothers are keeping people away for us to have some privacy. However, for additional privacy... (Frost forms an icy dome around them)

Amanda: Now, what did you have in mind?

(Outside the dome)

Toxic: Sweet! Now, while my clones and Bolt fight, I can watch my bro's sexy time!

Shahooter: "Listen, does anyone know what this bloody thing says!?"

Toxic clone: Um, Bolt's Puppeteer mind might, but he doesn't have any puppets.

Shahooter: "Are you serious!!?" [Another Replica comes and slides under Shahooter.] Shahooter: ...

Green Hedgehog: ...

Bolt: Oohh, yes! I could use someone as a puppet, but why? I know not of Japnese thing!

Orb: "Saying 'Are you serious!!?' Can have serious consequences." Shahooter: "Are you serious!!?" Orb: "Yes!" [Another Replica comes and hits Shahooter in the back.] Shahooter: "Ooooh!"

Bolt: Oohh! Talking colorful thing!

Toxic: Man, he's an idiot.

Shahooter: "I finally figured out what it said, it's 'Are you serious!!?' Orb: "Oh Lord he's done it again!" [More replicas pummel down.] Shahooter: "I find this quite random.."

Toxic: I find it hilarious. Now, my clones will finish you while I watch my bro and his girlfriend! (Toxic turns to the Ice Dome, only to see he couldn't see through it!)

[The Green Hedgehog attacks the clones] These really aint that though

Clone: Oh really? (Clone floats up and creates a volcano-like effect of toxic chemicals)

Green Hedgehog: Crap! [Runs out of the way]

Shahooter: "Are you serious!!?" [A Replica comes hits the Toxic clone in the head.] Orb: "Quit saying it!" Shahooter: "Sorry already used to it!"

Clone: Yea, we are serious.

Toxic: Oh man, Frost's fogged up the inside, I can't perv on him and his girl. Darn him! Retreat! (All the clones melted down, flowing straight into Toxic. Bolt ran straight into the frosty dome, bouncing off and being grabbed by Toxic) CHAOS CONTROL! (they disappeared)

Green Hedgehog: Well... That was pretty weird...

(Dome melts down, revealing Amanda fixing her top up. There is no sign of Frost)

Amanda: Well, who are you two, and what are you doing outside this dome? Were you trying to look in?

Green Hedgehog: You wish [he laughs]

Amanda: Well, I never! I could have you killed, or Tonic of the trolls could come and rape you, or my dad could order his soldiers to shoot you, or... or...

Green Hedgehog: Just keep on ramblimg with you empty threats. They dont scare me

Amanda; I hope your house floods! (She storms off in a huff)

Hedgehog: Man, you know how to make enemies. That was nasty!

Green Hedgehog: Shes deserves it anyway and for your info my house was destroyed so I dont think it can flood.

Hedgehog: That's not what she meant. That a top insult for someone you don't know here in the Land of Pyria. You do realize who that girl was, don't you?

Shahooter: ..... "She doesn't know who I am..I ended up saving the World TWICE.. And yet..I am something more of other when I get filled with Rage or Judgement..... Didn't she know that Toxic was watching her?"

Hedgehog: Well, She's the crown princess of the entire house. However, she doesn't act like a crown princess, she acts like a wannabe troll. Rumor has it she's going to run away and become a troll...

(Now, a month after the park insident)

Amanda: I'm leaving. Pack my bags, then hello Frost and the trolls.

Chamberlain: Is that wise, madam?

Amanda: Leave, Daniel. I have bigger things to think about.

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