This is an article about MoKaz the Snail, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 02/1/2015.


MoKaz resembles a tall, stout snail with a green color and puffy lips. His arms are very stubby, and don't even have fingers at all, being effectively useless overall. He has no legs at all, but instead a blobby underside that he slides around on to move. MoKaz always has a worried expression on his face, even when there's nothing to worry about at all.


MoKaz, as opposed to his brother ReKaz, is very slow-witted and quite unintelligent. He is always uncomfortable about something, which he prefers not to talk about as that only makes him more uncomfortable. MoKaz can be described as a "frontline coward," where he himself does not fight, but makes no real effort to hide, instead relying on his passive slime-generation and slippery body to defend.


MoKaz, as well as his brother ReKaz, was a project commisioned to Trip by an unknown source to make an electric weapon capable of causing mass destruction. They were completed in short time, but the commisioner was running low on funds, and was never granted ownership of the two. They were instead put into cryogenic storage for later use, which did not happen for quite a while. When Trip was offered to join EQuartz as a mechanic, he had defrosted the two to show them to the EQuartz representatives, but they had instantly gone rogue upon reactivating, easily causing massive damage to the Cold Storage facility and had escaped into Soulstice to wreak havoc on the people.

The two of them were eventually contained and were reprogrammed by EQuartz to serve as new units in combat. They now operate the EQuartz Combat Café's Colosseum section, where MoKaz constantly maintains the building's structure and acts as the announcer to most fights, staying on the sidelines to power ReKaz and detail the fight to others.


MoKaz has the natural power of slime-generation. This may seem gross at first (and it is,) but it really does have many uses in combat. The slime is charged with about 200 volts of electricity, capable of killing a human from about 15 seconds of continuous exposure. MoKaz uses this to set up a field-hazard around him to discourage attacking him. He can also focus the electrical currents in the slime and condense them into a beam, which he can fire at and power up ReKaz when fighting. Because of his body composition being very soft and constantly slimy, MoKaz can evade any melee attacks that do not involve sharp objects, ranting him immunity to fist-fighters and club-wielders, as they all just slide right off of him and right into his slime.


MoKaz, while being a good defender, has many weaknesses that keep him from being that good. His slippery body has no effect on sharp objects such as swords and axes, and is virtually useless against gunfighters. His slime can be used against him, as pouring water on it overcharges the electricity, dealing heavy damage to him and has a chance of paralyzing him. MoKaz constantly relies on ReKaz to defend, as he himself is more of a supporter with defensive options.

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