Mizuka has light cyan & silver fur, with black hair & black streaks on each of her tails, which she now as 3 of. Her attire consists of a short blue skirt, with a white blouse & sapphire blue tie. She wears black leggings & white gloves with this with red cherry lipstick which goes well with her golden eyes. Mizuka often wears a blue armor vest over her blouse & tie, which protects her from blades & bullets. The armor contains holsters for her hand gun, stun gun, & Nightstick.

When she's off duty Mizuka usually wears either a turquoise blouse with puffy sleeves & a pink tie, or a hot pink blouse without a tie. She will usually wear a yellow pleated skirt with them, although Mizuka may wear a light violet pleated skirt as well. She usually wears a deep blue Kimono on festivals.


She's usually quite serious when working, however she usually relaxes on stakeouts. She is kind & will often volunteer to give lectures in schools. More coming soon!


Mizuka was born to Shizuna & Kenji Yukimora on January 24th, 2003 in the Japanese City of Kitakyushu. At the age of 16 she would enter the Kyushu Police Academy. Mizuka would graduate at the age of 18 then become an officer in her home city. On February 4th, 2024 Mizuka would give birth to her daughter, Mikage.


  • Hydrokinesis: she generally uses this to enhance her Cryokinesis.
  • Cryokinesis: she usually uses this to encase criminals in ice.
  • Electrokinesis: she usually uses this to redirect blasts from her Stun Gun.


Mizuka is an excellent officer, who is fluent at speaking both Japanese & English. She is skilled in certain martial arts styles & has excellent aim with firearms.

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