Early life

Mizore was born with 3 sisters, Lilith, Lucy and Ruth, her Inner self (Moka) was present at that time, she battled her sisters and always won, especially against Lilith. Her father, Issa Shuzen, watched over them, as her mother had passed away.

Life in Mobius

She was very misunderstood, quiet and shy when she came to Mobius and didn't make much friends because of this. She also picked up an ability to turn into a wolf.

Personality & Traits

Physical Traits

Mizore is a light purple hedgehog with long hair and blue-purple eyes. She moves gracefully, continually cited as dancing, with a carriage that would "break any ballerina's heart", as described by Dawn.


When Mizore was first introduced, she was portrayed as a lonely, somewhat depressed, and misunderstood girl, but after meeting her friends, she actually is shown more as a serene, reserved and cute girl with limited emotions. She always shows up in weird or otherwise random places unexpectedly.

Further on in her life, she often ignores other people's advice and does things her own way, which usually results in the outcome being better than predicted. She's very musical, and loves to shop and party, though she is shy.

Moka the Hedgehog

Moka is Mizore's inner form only revealed after someone close to her removes the rosary. Moka is basically Mizore's polar opposite. She's strong, powerful, angry, and very prideful.

Moka is actually the true Mizore(Moka) Shuzen, with Mizore being a 'personality' created by the power of the rosary, which somewhat represses the powerful vampire blood within her. Despite this, Moka shows an incredible amount of concern for Mizore that borders on 'sisterly' at times and is determined to protect that which Mizore holds dear. She respects Mizore as an independent entity most of the time, unless the tribe, her friends or her health is involved.


When the rosario cross around her neck is removed, the seal that keeps her true nature is released, Mizore reverts to her original form a 'silver haired, red-eyed' Vampire. In her transformation, her body changes and so does her voice. Her vampiric nature also emerges when she is unsealed. Cold and reserved, she is aristocratic and very arrogant, looking down upon all manner of creatures for their audacity to challenge her.

When Abel was horribly burnt trying to protect her, it was only one time when she actually threatened the life of a fellow tribe member if her gambit at reviving him should fail. This shows when she forcibly bypasses the rosary's power to get back at Damon who had mercilessly attacked Abel from behind. She even saves him a few times from blows that might have killed him outright at the cost of personal injury to herself.

During the rare moments when she is not fighting, Moka is actually quite a normal girl to be around, despite her high upbringing. She has often been labeled as a 'tsundere' type, being prone to using violent methods to get her point across. She is very smart, having been compared as slightly lower than the genius-level Yukari. She also loves shopping for clothes and adores cute stuffed animals. She is also a bit of a tease, quite willing to show off her legs, but will allow nothing above 'holding of hands' at this point. In showing a rare weakness in her otherwise 'perfect' facade, she apparently knows what to cook, but the act of actually cooking is lost on her. She blames not being out nearly long enough to have any sort of practice in it.

Powers & Abilities


This allows her to hear/see the thoughts of others. The closer or more familiar Mizore/Moka is to a person's mind, the better or clearer she can hear them. A stronger bond also allows her to hear them from a greater distance, though no greater than a few miles.

Visual Projection

She can project a vision into others' minds. The vision can seem so real to the person impacted by them can easily forget that it's not real, extremely quickly. This power is most useful in clouding her target's vision.


Mizore has the instinctive need to keep herself alive. It allowed her to realize when to evade danger as well as if the place she ran to was safe or not.


Her greatest vulnerability, is normal water. Due to its purifying properties, it has an adverse effect, rendering her immobile. Whenever water touches Moka or Mizore, it is shown that the water electrifies them, thus paralyzing her.


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Mark the Fox

Mizore met Mark when he was attacked by his father, Lucius, before Mark was nearly beaten to death, Moka attacked Lucius. After Lucius was defeated, he disappeared, Mark thanked her and became great friends. Mark sees Mizore as a caring, sweet and cute person with a beautiful singing voice, also he has a crush on Mizore, he sees Moka as a great fighter. Most of Mark's moves were taught by her. And Kram has interests to Moka. Mark does his best to keep Mizore safe.

Leraku Erudon the Hydralemur

Mizore was wandering along one day when she heard a terrible crash. She found Leraku battling a fierce creature to try and defend the world. Leraku eventually won though he nearly lost an arm in the process, and Mizore has had a crush on him ever since. He has displayed some feelings for her as well. It is not know whether or not it has gone any further.


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Know your place! - Moka's main catchphrase.


She is based off Moka Akashiya and Mizore Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire.

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