Miz is a very cocky yet skilled racer. Miz is very sure of his extreme gear skills. He is so confident in his abilities that he believes himself to be some sort of hero!!


Miz lived a pretty comfortable life at a younger age. He usually went out racing as a child. Even as a child Miz was a natural. He practiced everyday and night. He could use his own fennec abilities to accelerate. For example he could use his ears to radiat body heat thus creating energy for the board to go faster. He was an expert by time he was fourteen. It was no suprise when he left hom at 16 to become a racer. After competing in over a hundred races, Miz's time shined, and he became an idol to fans of extreme gear. He is looked at as a hero because he may sometimes take credit for what other real heroes have done. Miz has t.v shows, jewelry, boards, and even movies dedicated to him!


Miz is a very cocky young man. He is very sure in his abilities and claims himself to be the best at alot of things. He also seems to think he is a hero though he usually steals credit from real heroes, and can become quite afraid of large creatues(Like Perfect Chaos) that other heroes would fight. Miz believes that he is a gift from heaven. He also thinks he is a ladies man, but is far less successful at it than he thinks.

Mizanin Miracle

The Mizanin Miracle is Miz's extreme gear. It can be powered and accelerated when Miz radiats body heat. It is very fast as well as strong. It's control is average however. It is a board with a red, black and white design. It garners his "I'm Awesome!" logo on the back.


Loco Dingo

Razzle the Tazmanian Devil

Kane the Wolverine

Leo Warthog

Bella the Bandicoot

Frenchy the Bandicoot

Trinity the Hedgehog

Betty Swan

Archie the Rat



I Came To Play

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