Shinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Genshin
Invincible Under the Heavens
Fighting Style
Kenjutsu (Niten-Ichi Ryu)
Ametsuchi (Heaven and Earth), might also fight with two bokken
None, Sonic's Party (temporarily)

Miyamoto Musashi is one of the main characters in Sonic and the Mirror of Light, which is part of the Sonic Storybook series. He's a samurai of the Sengoku Era who is famous for not losing a duel once and for his peculiar style of fighting with two swords at once. He's the Sengoku Era counterpart to Shadow the Hedgehog. His symbol is the kingfisher and his virtue is wisdom.


Musashi was born in the Harima province, son of Shinmen Munisai, a renowed martial artist of the times. At 7-years-old, he would start his official training by his father, at this same age, he was taken in by his uncle, a buddhist monk who would instruct him in buddhism, writing and reading. At the age of 13 he would defeat his first oponent and at the age of 17 he would participate in the battle of Sekigahara. At the age of 20, he would go against the Yoshioka school, a fencing school which was pretty relevant in Kyoto, defeating the brothers Seijuro and Denshichiro. Afterwards he would travel to Nara and try his hand in defeating the Lance-wielding monks and a Kusarigama practicioner called Shishido Baiken.

His most famous duel however, would be against Sasaki Kojiro, a master of the Nodachi and another recognized sword saint. It is said that the duel only lasted a few seconds, with Musashi killing his oponent with a bokken carved from a boat oar.

A year later, he would meet Sonic and would serve as aid through his journey.


Musashi is known as one of the most skilled samurai of his era, even inventing a kenjutsu style called Ichi-Niten Ryu, in which he can use a a kanata and a wakizashi (a smaller sword) at the same time. He has a rather unorthodox and untraditional style of fighting, like pushing his oponents while engaged in combat and even punching or kicking them if necessary. He's also known for hitting targets with inhuman force, due to him prefering to fight with a bokken, which is a wooden sword and thus designed for not cutting.

Much like Shadow, he is also incredibly fast and agile, and can tap into chaos energy. His main ability, the Chaos Blizzard, consists in him teleporting rapidly and repeatidly hitting targets with his swords. He's a pretty balanced character in the fact that he can perform a wide set of attacks, such as aerial and short-distanced.


Mysterious and enigmatic, not much was known about Musashi, as he was kind of a loner, similar to his prime counterpart. However, in contrast to Shadow, Musashi is frendlier and of calmer nature, but on the other hand he's pretty similar to him in not smiling much and having a rather mercenary attitude. He can be seen as an oportunist, being known to unnverve his oponents as a stategic way of winning. As calm as he could be however, he had a beastly side, which he preferred to keep hidden.

Concept Art


Musashi early concept art

Satmol musashi doodle by blinklight-d4x35ak
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