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This is an article about Misteria the Wolf, a character created by Wolfia Tigernay on 09/22/2013.




Misteria looks like a regular Wolf from a distance, but up close you can pick out noticeable features: for instance, one of her eyes is royal blue while the other is blood red, and the red eye has two claw marks that reach from her eyelid to halfway down her white muzzle which is more hedgehog-like than that of of a wolves. The tip of her tail was burned off as a child, fighting with the Pyrokinesis being Sephi the Fox. Her long black hair is laced with sapphire shards and blue highlights that glow when she uses her electrokenesis. She is usually seen wearing her sapphire tiara and her royal blue dress that drapes down to her feet. When undercover, she wears her blue coat, long skirt and pale blue strapless top.


Misteria is a bit hard to get your head around, but some points are easy to understand. As a young child, the wolf was extremely curious and naughty, she loved messing up scientific records with her electrokenesis and exploring blocked of parts of the ark by climbing through thd air vents. At the age of 12, Misteria was forced to act much older, with the deaths of her mother and father. She became cold and distant from her brother, Jacob, and friends Pablo the rabbit and Abraham Tower. She had anger issues so she would snap at any point and was quite a menace to society, causing the destruction of an entire city singlehandedly.


Misteria lost her parents, Alana the Hedgehog and Altha the Wolf, and she evacuated the Ark with Jacob, Pablo and Abraham. They hiding a forest for several months until G.U.N found them. After the fight against the military, Misteria realised they didn't attack Pablo and Abraham, only herself and her older brother. She felt betrayed and crushed, but then Pablo did a roundhouse kick to her face, causing her to fall off the cliff. She was then rescued by a purple haired human called Daisy-May.

The next 5 years were the happiest of Misteria's slaughter filled life. Daisy-May became one of her best friends and they lived in the forest, a place where the wolf could finally be a child. But, at the age of 17, Daisy's house was invaded by G.U.N for looking after Misteria. Daisy was killed and Misteria was kidnapped and transported to Station Square where she went on a rampage and destroyed half the city. She was going to advance onto the other half of the city whencshe made eye contact with Byron, and his memories flowed into her mind, making her change course and head for Prison Island where she was never seen from again...


Misteria's main ability is shown to be electrokenesis, and she is shown to not use it for good half of the time. Her second most used power is flying with hand crafted boots that transform for all terrains. She is quite recless with her powers, no more so than her illusions and seeing past events. Her past events power is just like Narezco's future seeing. 

Theme songs

  • Eternity by Robbie Williams (sung in Byron's point of view)
  • Dreams of an absolution remix (Narezco's point of view)
  • Firework by Katy Perry
  • What are you waiting for? By Gwen Stefani
  • Skyfall by Adele


  • "Weakness is power, power is weakness. That is all I can tell you at this point in time," -Misteria mentioning how to kill Narezco
  • "If you dance in the fire, it will not burn you,"
  • "Just because I'm not seen by the public doesn't mean that I'm dead, "
  • I don't understand. The people of this world don't work together like I origionally thought. Is everything I know about the species a... Lie?"
  • I... I just want them to feel the pain I feel. They took Daisy-May from me. I thought I was ready to except the huans for who they are, but maybe not..."
  • "Like I said, I'm the true ultimate lifeform!" After getting a 'S' rank on a level.
  • "I bet even Shadow can't this high of a rank!" After getting an 'A' rank on a level.
  • "It's not my best, but I'll take it as a win," After getting a 'B' rank on a level.
  • "Maybe iI'm just having an off day..." After getting a 'C' rank on a level.
  • "Ranks... they tick me off..." After getting a 'D' rank on a level.
  • "I see you don't waste time, but neither do I!" After being picked as the playable character.
  • "My power of electrokinesis won't fail me now!" When starting a race.
  • "...And you had the nerve to mock my speed!" After winning a race.


  • Misteria could be considered to be half hedgehog as her mother was a hedgehog and Misteria's muzzle is like a hedgehog's.
  • Alana considers Misteria to be a name fusion of Misteria's grandmother name, Maisy, and a mythical god call Queria, an electrical bird.
  • Misteria might suffer from Bipolar Disorder like her sister as she can lose it at random points
  • Misteria seems to know more than she wants to and is constantly talking in riddles to let out her knowledge.
  • She is known to never forget anything and knows stuff from before she was born in great detail.
  • She also has constant night terrors of her mother's planet being destroyed


  • Anya Tiger-Lily
    File:Anya frowning.png

    Anya Tiger-Lily, Misteria's best friend and sister-in-law

  • Byron Tiger-Lily
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Sally Acorn
  • Espio the Chameleon
  • E123 OMEGA
  • Willamina Samurai the Rabbit
  • Bunnie Rabbot
  • Sian the Mouse/bat hybrid
  • Daisy-May (dead)
  • Pablo Samurai the Rabbit (dead)
  • Amy Rose


  • Narezco the Hedgehog
  • Black Doom
  • Stevie the Wolf
  • Demonti the Wolf
  • Eric the Echidna
  • Mars the Wolf
  • G.U.N
  • Sephi the Fox (rival)
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