Mist the morph is a shapeshifting menace created by Mammoth Mogul. He Has a "brother" Called Fog, Who Also has Mist's powers.


Mist looks like your average mobian exept He has no spikes or ears or even pupils for that matter, but simply has white, glowing, blank eyes. His mouth also seems to be the only area of his body that appears to be solid As the rest of his body appears to be made up of a grey mist, as his mouth is simply a grey version of a mobian mouth. He also has no nose or ears.

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 08.24.27

A bad picture of Mist


Despite his general implore for domination, he has a very determined personality, and gets very frustrated if he fails, so if sonic defeats him once, he [mist] will repeatedly try to get sonic until he succeeds in doing so. He also is not very loyal although wil obey his master's every command.


He was created by Mammoth Mogul in 3111 And has since been used many times to ambush mogul's enemies. His first use was to stop beamly [est. sonic heroes 2 ] From reaching the chaos emeralds. He succeeded but was then defeated by Team sonic. Other encounters with him have included the time at the death egg. After he failed there, He was grounded by mogul and was not seen until 3 games later.


Mist's only known powers are invisibilty and shapeshifting, the main of which is shapeshifting.


His invisibilty and shapeshifting give him excellent skill as a spy.

Relationships with others

Mammoth Mogul- mist does not entirely get along with his master but will gladly obey him as if it weren't for Mogul Mist would not exist.

Fog- Fog is basically mists brother, And they look similiar exept fog is black. Mist gets along well with fog as they are kind of brothers.


Mist does not have a weakness but he will obtain the weakness of anybody he turns into.

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