Misha has short brown fur and brown hair which is also short. She has a permanent scowl plastered on her face. Her eyes are dark green. She wears a short light blue dress that is cut on the lower sides to reveal black leggings. She wears white thigh high boots and has white armor covering her chest and shoulders. She also has white gloves that reach up to her upper arms.


Misha is a serious and cold person, constantly keeping her distance from others. However, this is simply a facade. She has a softer side, but she only shows it to the orphans that she has in her care back at her home. She is quite confident in her abilities, often showing off in front of others. Misha hates working with others and thinks of them as nothing but dragging her down. She is only willing to work with her dragon Deetvar, who is one of thew few she trusts. She is also slightly money obsessed and keeps most of the money she earns to herself, and hates sharing with others unless she deems it as necessary. Misha is quick to withdraw herself from activities she thinks of as unimportant, and she hates wasting her time.


Skills and Abilities

Misha is exceptionally good at handling swords and lances. She prefers swords over lances, but she is willing to use both. She doesn't have any skills specific to herself other than that. Misha does have a high move speed and is good at taking care of dragons as well. She also claims to be able to "speak" to dragons and command them with her mind.


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