Miryam is a being occasionally mentioned by Mobian demons on the rare occasion they are captured. Evidence collated by United Federation researchers points towards Miryam being a form of "Demon Order nursemaid", assisting to raise youths that lack a cadre or are destined for roles away from the warfront.


Biographical Information
  • Mary Coralis - believed Mobian identity
Romantic InterestsUncertain, but due to being a sexually mature demon, may have mothered many children with other Demons and Mobians over the years
Physical Description
SpeciesDemon (Only reported form is a female bear)
  • Fur: Gray, with tanned skin
  • Eyes: Charcoal
  • Coral pink zip-up jacket
  • Blue pants
  • White shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Omnikinesis
  • Chaos Mastery
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Possession & partial shapeshifting
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

The collated profile for Miryam presents a rather intimidating figure for researchers and anti-demon combatants, since she appears to be the kind of figure that even the Dark Council would pay attention to. Most of the demons describe Miryam as being a rather massive gray-furred bear with eyes the color of charcoal and arms close to three times the size of the average Mobian fox's.


Less intimidating is the attire that many have suggested Miryam wears. This consists of modern styles of clothing, but the attire most commonly reported by the captured demons is a coral pink zip-up jacket, blue pants resembling jeans, and white trainers.



As a Mobianoid demon, it is highly likely that Miryam has all the expected physiological powers expected of a pureblooded demon; with physical attributes comparable to if not on par with Shadow the Hedgehog. Her observed strength is indeed highly impressive; with it likely that her speed and reflexes also match up. Similarly, she is expected to be an omnikinetic, though no captive demon has ever spoken of her elemental prowess. Indeed, she appears to lack a presence in combat, as many have described Miryam as simply being a nursemaid and caretaker for young demons who are regarded as "orphaned" or lacking a cadre of siblings. Some have also stated that she is a wet nurse and caretaker for demons slated for the roles many derogatorily refer to as the "home making" type - the breeders, traders and other non-military monsters.


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