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Miru Spade
Fur/Hair: Pearly silver-white

Eyes: Orange (left), Green (right)

Skin/muzzle: White
Dark indigo long sleeved shirt

Dark indigo skirt

Very dark purple-gray vest with neck

Multiple gold earrings

Dark fuschia tie, armband, and fingerless gloves

Dark fuschia and black leg band ribbon piece

fishnet stockings

Heels, or boots.
Minerva (Mother)
Ace (pink hedgehog friend, fellow worker at casino, often in Bunny waitress attire) Ring (young blue raccoon girl)

Miru Spade is a black jack dealer who works at the Station Square Casino. She is young, almost too young for the job according to the rules but she has proven to be quite competant for the job.

A card user in fights who relies on luck based abilities and small stat boost. She's perfectly capable to defend for herself or others she really cares about too.


A nineteen year old hedgehog girl, Miru graduated the school and got everything she needed to begin her career at the age of ten. But did not begin to work until the age of twelve.

Born and raised in Neon City, at the age of ten she moved to Station Square and now lives nearby the Casino in an apartment. Single and a big flirt, Miru has been in multiple relationships but none of them have worked out. She has gained a small reputation from this, but she isn't a slut despite...

Miru's birthday is April 10th, and she is on the Neutral Side between Hero/Good and Dark/Evil.


  • Like most hedgehogs, Miru can spindash and curl up into a ball if she would have to
  • Tarot card user


  • Flaming Tarots: Her cards float around a target, circling it and eventually engulfing it in flames
  • Deal: Throws cards at a very fast speed, imitating a ninja throwing shurikens
  • Chance: An attack she never uses on herself due to how risky it is. It can either raise stats or lower them.


As she deals with gambling and the like, Miru loves to make bets for just about everything. Almost as much as she loves rings/money.

She also is often practicing her skills with the cards and she loves to play the Casino's games herself. She will also show little children card tricks, sorta like a magician would.


  • As people tend to question just how sane she is, for some reason... Miru basically throws a fit if she is accused of being insane or if someone questions it in general.
  • Rings/Money, she loves it as much as Rouge loves her gems/jewels. However she is not greedy with them.
  • Easily distracted by shiny things.
  • Due to being such a flirt, she can be somewhat lazy knowing that she could just have someone else do whatever it is she has to do, or get what she wants.


  • Ace: A pink hedgehog often clad in the sexy bunny suit during work. She's generally nice but easy to anger and shy with new people.
  • Ring: A young blue racoon child she met after an accident. She is normally seen with Ring and Ace outside of work. Due to Ring's young age of eight she can't really do anything in the Casino.
  • Minerva: Miru's mother, who has not seen her daughter for sometime since she left. Due to this, Miru usually writes her a letter one every other week. But Miru plans to visit her soon.


Pay up

Pay up~!

Miru is a playful girl who loves to play with or tease people. She's obsessed with betting and winning money/rings and while she is generally a good girl, she has gotten in quite some predictaments/trouble a few times..

Smart and crafty, Miru claims this is part of her career, otherwise she'd suck at her job. Miru also has a habit of feigning innocence in order to trick others into playing her games. During games themself however, she usually tauns or ticks off the person she's playing with in order to throw them off their game.

Miru also openly flirts with both genders. But claims its for her job also, in order to get ppeople of both genders to play her games.

She knows what she wants and how to get it and can seem greedy, but she really isn't. For some reason, many people question her sanity and she actually was tested during her black jack dealing liscense and the results said she was slightly insane. Miru claims she isn't though and its just her eyes people look at when stating this. So they must think she looks insane...

Miru has a small habit of switching sides with people she does not consider her friends.


  • shiny things like jewelry or coins
  • rings/money
  • Poker
  • winning
  • Making males cry
  • Favorite foods: Waffles, fancy dinners, soda, wine, alcohol, fruit


  • Losing
  • Drunk people
  • Idiots who whine
  • losing money
  • Work in general
  • Hated foods: vegetables, chips and other fatty snacks, milk based objects




Miru is known for her silvery complexion. Her skin is white, only her muzzle and inside of her ears. Her fur is silver colored itself. She has two colored eyes, the right being green and the left being Orange. As seen by her eyelashes, she wears eyeliner. She has bangs and side quills similiar to Amy's, but her bangs are messy in style. Her head/hair quills are shaped similiar to Sonic's almost. But more down slanted.

Miru wears a modified Casino workers outfit. Consiting of a dark off purple Long sleeved shirt with a dark off blue vest over it, a berry colored tie and armbands and fingerless gloves. On her skirt are small graphics of rings. On her right leg is a garder that is berry and black in color. She also wears fishnet pantyhose and dark purple colored heels or boots. Also in her right ear is a hoop earring and a clip onto the ear piece.


  • "If your stupid enough to fall for that, you deserved to lose."
  • "Want to test your luck~?"
  • "Think you can handle it?"
  • "I do NOT have problems!"
  • "You bite big time."
  • "If its for my money, does it matter how I get it~?"


Miru had discovered her talent for tarot when she was little, around the age of eight when she found a small jewe on top of a set of odd cards. It was then Miru had been trying poker and what not. At the age of ten she had passed all the exams she had been given and because of this she was allowed to work at the Casino.



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