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Miranda the human

Miranda the Data realmer.jpg

Biographical Information
Age 18
Relatives the Data Realmers
Alias Data Zoanthrope
Romantic Interests none yet
Physical Description
Species human Zoanthrope
Gender Female
Description Created by Setko to fight Nijus but she escaped and never finished the tests but unlike Nijus her body dosent decay
Attire the picture up above is what she wears normaly
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Data Realmers
Weaponry Light Sabre and Zoanthrope claws
Abilities Zoanthrope Transformation
Super Forms unkown
Other Information
American V.A. none
Japanese V.A. none
Theme Song(s) none yet
Appearances none yet
Original Creator EAJ


She is a normal data realmer based upon a newer addition to my enemies collection (Setko guys gotta remember he does that) And i may not have created her but she is still unkown to us all. She has been reported to have excellent rivalry in hand-to-hand combat and a desire to burn a lot of things. Why? i dont know ask her!


Burning things with fire magic

Hand-to-hand combat abilities

lightsabre excellence

Unlimited expandibility for she is a test subject given Darkness's Adaptation cells

Claws from her being a Zoanthrope


loves to make new friends and can be a royal pain to enemies because she will cause many disturbances

Can be very friendly to anybody but her resolve and intentions are evil.


This is her look and she's just showing off her sword (lightsaber) she is a Zoanthrope just like Nijugs because she was also given her cells to test out a subjects stability but she escaped and never went back to the labs.

Miranda the Data realmer.jpg

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