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Miranda "Soles" Tyon

Biographical Information



Voltio Tyonbrother)

Amagumo Tyon(brother)


Miranda Tia Tyon( Real name)

Topaz Amarillo(Alias)

Romantic InterestsN/A(yet)
Physical Description
  • yellow fur
  • light green pupils with black irises
  • black shirt
  • red sweat pants
  • leather gloves
  • gray sneakers
Political Alignment and Abilities

Obsidian( Hekili) Darkstar Wolf

WeaponryUses two small daggers her brothers made for her, with their powers. A cloud dagger and a lightning bolt dagger. 
  • Enhanced physical abilities
  • Hypnotic singing
  • Possible hydrokinesis
Super Forms

Dark Topaz

Aqua Topaz

Other Information
American V.A.N/A
Japanese V.A.N/A
Theme Song(s)
Appearancesnone so far
Original CreatorSonsofchaos


Physical appearance


Topaz wears a baggy black shirt, red pants, and fingerless leather gloves to avoid people, particularly perverts or flirts from spotting her feminine figure.


Topaz is as stubborn as her older brother, Ebony. She often refuses to do something she doesn't like, even if she is asked by her own family. However she is friendly once you get to know her and she warms up to you. She also prefers not to use her siren powers as she believes it is unfair if a man in a relationship tries to drop everything for her.



Miranda Tia Tyon or mostly known as Topaz amarillo, was born two years after Ebony was sent to the Chaos dimension, being raised by her father due to her mother leaving to keep an eye on her eldest child.


Topaz is currently trying to learn what powers she actually has. All she knows is that she has siren-like abilities, possibly inherited from her mother as well. She also seems to be able to control water as well.


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She is vulnerable to cold temperatures.

Under construction


Dark: This isn't so much as a dark form as it is a corrupted version of her. This form, like any other dark transformation is triggered when someone or something close to her is injured or when she loses her temper. In this form she turns into murky black water, and is capable of using her siren powers to force anyone to obey her.

Aqua topaz: This form is unlocked when she uses the blue stone. She turns completely aqua blue and appears to be made of water. This appears to be the only super state she has so far, with the exception of her dark form.

other forms are currently being decided for her


Trident necklace: It is unknown where this comes from originally. All that is known is that it was given to Topaz's mother and was given to Topaz. She never takes it off, it also seems to go well with the thunder and cloud medals her brothers have. It seems to give her latent abilities.

Cloud and Bolt: Her twin daggers that her brothers made for her. They allow her to use certain powers that her brothers lent to the daggers, such as rainclouds, and electrified water spouts


Ebony "Voltio" Zachary wolf: She often gets into arguments with her brother. If they do something the other doesn't like, than they will start arguing, often leading to Amagumo having to pull them apart with another person's help. Other than that though they get along very well and are often seen hanging out with each other. He also doesn't fall for her siren powers due to him having some resistace. It is unknown how he has this resistance, although it would seem that their mother knows how.

Ivory" Amagumo" Derek wolf: She and Ivory get along great, however she has to keep her siren powers hidden because the last time she used them, he had to be put in a cage to keep him away from her, at least until Ebony, who has resistance to her siren powers, smacked him on the head.

Floodon: She gets along with him. She does feel however that he knows where the trident necklace really came from. He also tries to help her with unlocking her powers, although he is convinced she is hydrokinetic.

Burnstro: She feels that he should lighten up, even though it is pretty useless considering rage is his base emotion.


Judging from her fascination with water and her turning into it when she transforms, as well as her ability to manipulate it may implicate that Topaz is a hydrokinetic, despite there not being any water users in her family blood-line. Though this is not yet accurate.

Her aqua form bears a remarkable resemblance to Voltio's electro-static form and Amagumo's nimbus form.

Her name goes along with the rest of her family, except for her father(they all have names regarding materials in nature, Ebony, Ivory, Opal, and Topaz.)

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