Mira the Cat is a 18-year-old female cat that lives on Old North Mountain in Chaos City. She is in love with Micheal the Shark. Her best friends are Ranai the Kangaroo Rat and Sharna the Hedgehog. She has no powers and is just an ordinary Mobian who loves shopping, talking, hanging with friends, listening to music, and rollerskating.




  • Kiana the Cat(sister)
  • Marri the Cat(Sister)
  • Jake the Cat(Brother)
  • Mezzi the Cat(Mom)
  • James the Cat(Dad)


Mira is smart, patient, and a little day-dreamy. She loves her family very much, and visits them every Sunday. She loves her home on Old North Mountain and swears she'll never leave. She hates the sound of Fire trucks, the ice cream truck, and Julie's voice. She'll never back down from a fight.


  • Cats
  • books
  • Old North Mountain
  • Glass objects
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Her family
  • Her friends
  • Micheal


  • Julie
  • Amber
  • Jacob
  • Lesley
  • Popular people
  • Alcohol
  • Dogs
  • Crying


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