Mint the Hedgehog is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog Series.


Mint the Hedgehog has purple eyes, and minty green fur, hence the name “Mint,” and blue shoes.

When his character concept was first being done in 1995, he was given Classic Sonic’s Design, but with minty blue fur, and dark blue shoes. His first game appearance was in Sonic the Hedgehog: Dire Situations, in a cutscene where the Silver Ruby was stolen. He was slightly altered in his own game on the SEGA 32X, Mint the Hedgehog 1. He wouldn’t appear again until Sonic the Hedgehog 5: A Journey Through Worlds, with his modern look. In Mint Adventure 1, his shoes are given a more real life design, but not too over the top.


Mint has anger problems, causing him to have outbursts at negative moments in his life. This is emphasized in Mint the Hedgehog 1, with an entire separate set of sprites in the opening cutscene to express his anger of the Silver Ruby being taken. Since then, he has worked on his anger and can keep cool pretty often. He is seen as intimidating when first meeting him, but can actually serve as a really good and reliable friend, as Mint likes to be silly a lot. Mint also fails to think of the simplest things at times, but can have major intelligence other times.

Powers and Abilities

Mint the Hedgehog, despite not in his first entries, is immune to Water. He doesn’t need bubble shields or air bubbles, but cannot stand ice cold water. He is still slow In water, however. He can run faster than Sonic and can even time travel at his own will, though he rarely does so. He has poor vision, though not blind, but has excellent hearing skills. He can even fuse, though he has only done this one time.


Using the Power Diamonds, Mint can transform into Super Mint, a form of him where water cannot slow his speed, and he is invincible to nearly everything. Combining the Power Diamonds and Chaos Emeralds can allow Mint to turn into Hyper Mint, where even his silhouettes can attack enemies. He can break walls that usually need to be spindashed into.


Dr. Eggman

After Eggman stole the Silver Ruby, Mint considered Eggman an enemy and wanted to see him gone like everyone else on Mobius. In Mint Adventure, Eggman befriended Mint, thinking they’d join forces, but Mint used his stay on the Death Egg to plan Eggman’s doom.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Mint considered Sonic a good friend after he helped get the Silver Ruby back. After Eggman stole it again, Sonic and Tails tracked down the Deagh Egg offering Mint help. They teamed up to stop Dark Mint and Eggman in Sonic 5. In Mint Adventure, Dark Mint used his hypnosis to force Sonic to kill Mint, but he escaped, and Sonic helped Mint after the trance was broken.

Miles “Tails” Prower

Mint and Tails haven’t talked much, but he did rebuild Mecha Mint to help Mint get the Silver Ruby back. Tails was tricked by Dark Mint to kill Mint, but he also fails, and helps Mint defeat Dark Mint after the trance is broken.

Amy Rose

Amy is a good friend of Mint’s. After Eggman kidnapped Sonic and stole the Silver Ruby, they ran into each other, agreeing to team up and fight Robotnik. The friendship is sealed after they find Sonic trapped at Azure Lake Zone, about to be electrocuted. She agreed to keep helping Mint instead of staying with Sonic, but she fails to leave Sky Sanctuary, but watches Mint be transported back to Suibom.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is a rival to Mint, though they have never clashed directly, except for a meetup at Azure Lake with Amy to rescue Sonic the Hedgehog.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles and Mint haven’t interacted directly, but appears to be a friendly relationship, helping Mint out of Hidden Palace in a race to stop Eggman, as well as retrieving the Master Emerald.

Dire the Werewolf

Dire was a best friend to Mint ever since he was a baby hedgehog, and he was shaken by Dire’s death. He showed great surprise when Dire returned and joined forces with him and Dusk, but was Very sad when conflict forced him to fight Dire.

Dusk the Echidna

Dusk is one of Mint’s best friends. After Robotnik planned to set the entirety of Mint Island on fire, she gathered the Power Diamonds to transform and stop the Doctor. She was hypnotized by Dark Mint in Sonic 5, and in Mint Adventure, harassed by Dark Mint, forcing her to think Mint was betraying her. After discovering that wasn’t true, she joined forces with Mint the rest of the way again.

Red the Fox

Red is a close friend of Mint’s, and at one point, Mint had a romantic interest in the fox, but she rejected him, but they remained close. She was hypnotized by Dark Mint in Sonic 5, and she joined forces with him in Mint Adventure.

Dark Mint

An evil counterpart of Mint, Dark Mint is one of Mint’s biggest enemies. Dark Mint has done nothing but try to paint Mint in the worst light possible.


Mint was born upon a hedgehog clan that protected the Dark Ruby. One day, Titan the Armadillo invaded the island, and a battle ensued. Titan was defeated, but every hedgehog there was defeated except for Mint, who was a baby and still alive. Dire found out about the youngling, and, knowing about the duties of hedgehogs like him, taught him about the Dark Ruby, and how he’d have to guard it. From this day forth, Mint and Dire were inseparable. He grew up with the Dark Ruby and Dire. After being moved to Mobius by Dr. Cinos, a battle happened to stop the evil scientist. Mint shoved Dire away from a one hit kill that knocked Mint out in the process. He was unconscious until the battle ended, and he found Dire laying down, dead. He buried his buddy, devastated about what happened.

Game Appearances

Cancelled Appearances

  • Sonic 3D Blast
  • Sonic the Fighters
  • Sonic Heroes (Dusk and Red were going to join him)
  • Sonic Advance 1
  • Sonic 4: Episode III
  • Team Sonic Racing (Dusk and Red were going to join him)


Tee Lopes - Africa 16-bit (Genesis Reimagination)

Tee Lopes - Africa 16-bit (Genesis Reimagination)

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