Mint Adventure is a Adventure-Styled 3D game developed and published by SEGA. It was released on 21 December 2020.


Chapter 1

Mint the Hedgehog is resting on Mint Island, and all is well until Dr. Ivo Robotnik sends an army of Badniks against him. The entirety of Mint Island is Robotisized, forcing Mint to stop Robotnik. Mint makes his way to the Death Egg to stop Dr. Robotnik, where a Sonic 3-styled Death Egg Robot awaits. Mint defeats the robot and the Death Egg crashes back down to Angel Island.

Chapter 2

Mint realizes that Robotnik might try to endanger the island or the Master Emerald, so, instead of fixing his own island, he goes to Angel Island Zone to reach the Death Egg, ready for launch. Robotnik uses his Big Arm to try and crush Mint, but is easily punked by Mint. Metal Sonic hands the Phantom Ruby to Robotnik, who uses it to transform Big Arm into a even more powerful weapon. Mint discovers that the blue missiles harm it, so he deflects them and destroys Big Arm mk.II, and the Death Egg crashes again.

Chapter 3

Robotnik notices that Little Planet has come down again, so he traps it and encases it again. Robotnik recruits Dark Mint to manipulate Mint’s friends to go against him. Dark Mint searches for Dusk the Echidna, who was helping Mint in his missions, and begins harassing her. He taints her vision to make it appear as if he was Mint. He dejected her and treated her horribly, and she shared what was happening to Sonic and Tails. They decide to seek out Mint and save Little Planet at the same time. Red the Fox continues to cheer on Mint despite everybody abandoning him. Sonic discovers Mint and Dark Mint at Stardust Speedway, but is put under a trance before he can ask questions. Mint outruns Sonic, who is knocked unconscious from the boss fight. Mint makes way to Metallic Madness, where Tails is piloting the Final Boss from Sonic CD. Tails is defeated, and Little Planet is freed, but Mint makes way to the Death Egg. Dark Mint, using the power of the Phantom Ruby, built a giant Death Egg Robot, impossible to destroy. Sonic woke up out of his trance and immediately told Tails, Dusk, and others what happened. Tails rebuilt Mecha Mint, who was destroyed in Sonic the Hedgehog 5: Journey Through Worlds. The four of them went to the Death Egg to help Mint. They formed a Quintuple Boost to break into the Robot. From there, they destroyed the core and escaped. The Robot exploded, surprisingly not destroying the Phantom Ruby. It is possible Dark Mint died in the aftermath.

Chapter 4

Team Mint devises a plot to trick Robotnik. Dire returns around this time as well. Their plan is to trick Robotnik into thinking Mint was going to side with him. he's convinced, and let’s Mint onto the Death Egg. Dusk had given him a device that would give him contact access to them and Mobius. Robotnik begins having him deployed out to duties on Mobius, which requires Mint to take the device with him so Robotnik doesn’t look through it. One day, however, Robotnik finds out about what Mint was doing and gets really angry. Mint alerts the others about what happened, and Dire is extremely angry about the whole situation. Him and Dusk arrive at the Death Egg, as Robotnik is deployed somewhere. Dire transforms into Chaotic Dire, forcing Mint and Dusk to fight him. He leaves, claiming he’s going to join Dr. Robotnik.


The first pitches for Mint Adventure were thrown in early 2018, being the first time a revival of the Hedgehog would actually happen. Hajime Satomi gave the project the green light in the Summer of 2018, but one month later. SEGA realized the game would take several years to release, so they proposed a sequel to Mint the Hedgehog 1 as a placeholder, since it never got done in the 1990s. Additionally, Mint the Hedgehog 3 also got released as a placeholder. Actual development of Mint Adventure began on September 19, 2018.

On October 2, 2020, development was completed, and they entered the music and bug testing stage. This stage ceased on November 30, 2020, and ports to consoles commenced until December 14, when the game was 100% complete.

Playable Characters

Team Mint

Mint the Hedgehog

Mint serves as the main character in the story, meaning he has the most gameplay of everyone else. His levels are big and towering, which accounts for his speed and platforming.

Dusk the Echidna

Dusk’s story is much smaller, recycling some Sonic the Hedgehog 2 levels, while keeping in touch with Mint. Her final fight is against Chaotic Dire, since she is present there. Her level design consists of cliffs and long sections that require her to glide, as well as secret rooms or tunnels to advance.

Red the Fox

Red has an interesting campaign. She partakes in Sonic 1 SMS levels, usually with Death beds that require her to fly over.

Dire the Werewolf

Dire turns out to have been on Suibom the whole time. His campaign requires him to survive the Cave of Dire, before transporting to Mobius to get in touch with the team. His final fight requires him to kill(?) Mint and Dusk, giving him the smallest campaign of any Sonic game, with only 3 levels playable for him.

Mecha Mint

Mecha Mint has no campaign, but he can freely move around in a modern version of Metropolis Zone.


Mint Adventure is divided into 4 chapters (Mint only). Some characters have less levels to play than Mint.

  • Mint the Hedgehog: 22 Zones
  • Dusk the Echidna: 5 Zones
  • Dire the Werewolf: 3 Zones
  • Red the Fox: 6 Zones

Note: To unlock Dusk, Dire, and Red‘s campaign, you must beat Mint’s campaign, and to unlock Mecha Mint, you must beat all other campaigns.


Mint the Hedgehog

Chapter 1
  1. Mint Island
  2. Festival Night
  3. Prism Relic
  4. Sky Sanctuary
  5. Death Egg
Chapter 2
  1. Angel Island
  2. Hydro City
  3. Marble Garden
  4. Carnival Night
  5. Ice Cap
  6. Launch Base
Chapter 3
  1. Palmtree Panic
  2. Collision Chaos
  3. Tidal Tempest
  4. Quartz Quadrant
  5. Wacky Workbench
  6. Stardust Speedway
  7. Metallic Madness
  8. Death Egg
  9. Phantom Egg Robot
Chapter 4
  1. Duty Station
  2. Death Egg
  3. Null Space
  4. Death Egg (Dire Bossfight)

Dusk the Echidna

  1. Emerald Hills
  2. Chemical Factory
  3. Hill Top Road
  4. Oil Ocean
  5. Sky Chase
  6. Death Egg

Dire the Werewolf

  1. Cave of Dire
  2. Green Hill
  3. Death Egg (Team Mint Bossfight)

Red the Fox

  1. Green Hill
  2. Bridge Hills
  3. Jungle
  4. Lost Labyrinth
  5. Steel Cortex
  6. Sky High Fortress


Mint the Hedgehog

  1. Metal Sonic (Sky Sanctuary)
  2. Death Egg Robot (Death Egg, Chapter 1)
  3. Flame Craft (Angel Island)
  4. Drill Eggrobo (Marble Garden)
  5. Heavy Shinobi (Ice Cap)
  6. Big Arm (Launch Base)
  7. Phantom Arm (Launch Base)
  8. EGG-HVC-001 (Palmtree Panic)
  9. Bubble Eggrobo (Tidal Tempest)
  10. Sonic the Hedgehog (Stardust Speedway)
  11. Miles “Tails” Prower (Metallic Madness)
  12. Phantom Egg Robot (Death Egg, Chapter 3)
  13. Illusions (Null Space)
  14. Chaotic Dire (Death Egg)

Dusk the Echidna

  1. Chemical Mecha Sonic (Chemical Factory)
  2. Chaotic Dire (Death Egg)

Dire the Werewolf

  1. Megabot (Cave of Dire)
  2. Team Mint (Death Egg)

Red the Fox

  1. Silver Sonic (Sky High Fortress)


Notes: Some of These are rock songs, and some may or may not be related to Sonic Music. Credit goes to the original creators. I will be linking them due to the massive amounts of different track ideas.

Character Themes

Dark Mint:




Mecha Mint:





Boss Themes

Chapter 1 Boss:

Chapter 2 Boss:

Chapter 3 Boss:

Chapter 4 Boss:

Death Egg Robot:

Big Arm:

Phantom Arm:

Phantom Egg Robot (Boss):

Launch Base Boss 2:


Level Themes

Mint Island:

Festival Night:

Prism Relic:

Sky Sanctuary:

Death Egg 1:

Angel Island:

Hydro City:

Marble Garden:

Carnival Night:

Ice Cap:

Launch Base:

Palmtree Panic:

Collision Chaos:

Tidal Tempest:

Quartz Quadrant:

Wacky Workbench:

Stardust Speedway:

Metallic Madness:

Death Egg 2:

Duty Station:

Death Egg 3:

Null Space:

Death Egg 4:

Emerald Hills:

Chemical Factory:

Hill Top Road:

Oil Ocean:

Sky Chase:

Death Egg (Dusk):

Cave of Dire:

Green Hill (Dire):

Death Egg (Dire):

Green Hill (Red):


Jungle Valley:

Lost Labyrinth:

Steel Cortex:

Sky High Fortress:



Level Completed:

Boss Completed (S Rank):

Boss Completed (any other rank):

Final Boss Completed:

Title Screen:

Credits: (you’ll get why)

Intro Animated Cutscene:

Beta Elements


Mint the Hedgehog

Mint originally had a different spike pattern, an altered color pallet, and simplified shoe design, similar to Sonics shoes.

Dusk the Echidna

Dusk originally had wings and fangs. The extra accessories are mysterious, and can be accessed within the games files.

Dire the Werewolf

Dire’s eyes were normal, rather than glowing yellow. Dire originally had no gloves, and had werewolf claws.


Death Egg

The original Death Egg design consisted of elements from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, but for some reason the design was reverted to the standard Death Egg.

Mint Island

Mint Island used to have waterfalls and streams, but for whatever reason this was removed in the final.

Carnival Night

Carnival Night originally used a remix of the original Sonic 3 theme. Festival Night had no assigned theme.



The ballhog Badnik from Scrap Brain Zone was found within the games data. It is possible that they’d be on the Death Egg or Mint Island.


The valkyrie from Sky Chase Zone was also intended for Mint Adventure. It was possible it would appear in either Sky Sanctuary or Prism Relic.


The orbinaut from Labyrinth Zone was also found in the game data, only to go unused in the final game. It was likely to have been in Tidal Tempest or another water level.


The toximoister from Lava Reef Zone was intended to be in Mint Adventure as well, but it’s intended level is unknown.


Studiopolis Zone was an entirely scrapped level from Mint Adventure. No Sonic Mania stages would ever be remixed in the game. It wasn’t known if the inside was used, but the screenshots do show Act 1’s design being used. The boss, if there was going to be one, is unknown. Due to the level data not being in the files, it is assumed this stage was scrapped early on. The Badniks from Sonic Mania are seen in the screenshots, as well as the Motobug, which wasn’t present in Studiopolis Zone in Mania.


Tornado Spindash

Mint was going to be able to spin in a tornado-like motion, allowing him to destroy walls, rocks, spikes, and Badniks. This move was also going to be able to let him fly in a way. The idea for the move goes back to Sonic 3D Blast, when sonic goes into a whirl in Rusty Ruin Zone. The move was presumably implemented for Mint in Sonic Advance, before he was replaced by Amy Rose as a playable character. Unfortunately, the mechanic was difficult to implement into the game, and there were several bugs present with the move, so it was eventually scrapped from the game.

Quick Cling

Mint also had a lost ability where he could cling onto a steep slope for a split second, then jump and recling. There was less than 3 levels that were going to flex this feature out of 18 stages. SEGA discussed it and decided thar there wasn’t a use for the feature.

Wall Faze

Unused models of Dire covered in yellow were found, and SEGA explained that they had an ability for Dire where he could use rings to transform himself into a light-like matter and walk thru walls that can’t be broken or dodged. This mechanic, too, was difficult to work on, so it was untimely scrapped.


Mint was also going to have a stomp ability, which, unlike Sonic Forces, was completely useless (sometimes the Stomp was needed to advance thru the level in Forces) so it was removed.


Metal Sonic Kai

After the Big Arm was defeated, Eggman was going to toss the Phantom Ruby to Metal Sonic, who would transform into a powerful Metal Sonic Kai, but they felt use of this boss was repetitive (Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Mania) so they switched roles and expanded on the Big Arm.

Sonic 2 Death Egg Robot

Data for the Death Egg Robot from Sonic 2 was found in the game files, and was going to be a boss for Dire in Green Hill Zone, which would’ve given him a boss for each level. No character in the game has a boss in every level of their campaign, to stray away from repetition.

Flame Craft

It was also noted that on Angel Island, Robotnik was going to send 2 midboss Flame Craft robots, before using his own in last resort.

Fan Eggman

Hydo City formerly had the boss with the fan, but due to having trouble converting this boss to a 3D standpoint, they scrapped it.

Drill Eggman

The Marble Garden Boss was going to be Sonic’s version, but they changed it because they didn’t want to introduce Tails in only one level and no others.

Lack of Bosses

Metallic Madness

Sega didn't want to add a boss for this level, due to not knowing how to even convert it to 3D. Eventually, they made it the only 2.5D boss encounter in the entire game.

Ice Cap Zone

Sega did not know how to convert the Sonic 3 boss to 3D, and the idea to revive Heavy Shinobi had not come to mind yet.

Loading Screen

The loading screen originally had Mint tapping his foot, grumbling “Hurry up, damnit!”

Character Select

The Character Select originally had the characters rotating around with Genesis models, and you could rotate them around and select one. They removed it thinking it would be misleading.

Unused Item


Time Monitor

This likely would’ve frozen the timer, Badnik movement, or something else.

vs. Mint

There is an unused sprite text that reads “vs. Mint.” There is no boss fight against Mint (except for Chaotic Dire as Dire, but it reads Team Mint since it’s both Mint and Dusk), so it goes unused. The only characters that go against Mint are Eggman, Dark Mint, Sonic, and Tails, which brings to the conclusion that some of these characters were going to be playable at one point.

Health Gauges

Each enemy formerly had their own gauge color.

  • Eggman: Red
  • Dark Mint: Green
  • Metal Sonic: Yellow
  • Sonic: Blue
  • Tails: Orange
  • Final Bosses: Purple

In the final game, all gauges are red. In place of the removed feature, the enemy’s face also appears on the gauge.


Note: There is strong language following. Viewer discretion advised.

Character Dialogue Reason for Removal
Mint the Hedgehog “What the f**k is going on!? What is this!?”

Mint’s reaction to the Badnik invasion on

Mint Island.

Mint the Hedgehog “If you take the Silver Ruby, I will f**king end you!”

Mint to Eggman after the Badniks have swarmed the

island and he has arrived.


Death Threat

Extreme Hatred

Mint the Hedgehog “This place looks so holy!”

Mint upon beginning Prism Relic

Religious Undertones
Mint the Hedgehog “I hope I don’t fall off and die!”

Mint upon possibly entering Sky Sanctuary, Prism Relic, or

some other high up stage.


Possible Suicide Promotion

Mint the Hedgehog “I’m gonna kick your a**, Eggman!”

Mint to Eggman, likely in a boss fight against him.



Mint the Hedgehog “Come and fight me yourself, you red-eyed b***h!”

Mint to Dark Mint, possibly in Stardust Speedway

Mint the Hedgehog “I f**kin hate you, you fata**!”

Mint possibly to Eggman


Strong Insults

Dire the Werewolf “I‘ll tear you up into tiny little bits. Keep messing with me.”

Dire either to Megabot (his voice is different as Chaotic Dire)

Intense Violence
Dire the Werewolf “F**K!!!”

Dire in an angry fit, but still not Chaotic

Red the Fox “I may look weak and defenseless, but I’m one strong motherf**ker!”

Red to an enemy/rival, expressing her confidence

Mecha Mint “Locking onto Target.”

Mecha Mint prepared to attack the Phantom Egg Robot core.



  • This is the first game since Sonic: Dire Situations that Dire appears in, and establishes the magical powers of the Giant Rings.
  • The only brand new stages in Mint Adventure that were never in any other gam are Festival Night, Prism Relic, and Duty Station.
  • Mint Adventure sold over 12 million copies in 6 months.
  • Every Sonic CD level in Mint Adventure uses the US Soundtrack unaltered.
  • Mint Adventure is the first Sonic game to debut on the newest generation of gaming consoles.

Downloadable Content

City Escape: All playable characters in Mint Adventure can access the original City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2, complete with cutscenes and the G.U.N. truck! The boss is not available, however.

Eggrobo: This DLC replaces Dr. Eggman with Eggrobo!

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