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Glurnen Empire (4000 years ago)

Royal family

  • Sondau was the king of the Glurnen Empire. He and his wife had one daughter named Herbulus, who was capable of utilising magic. He opposed the Order of the Dark, but ultimately fell to the Curse of Darkness, as did his wife.
  • The queen was the wife of King Sondau. She fell to the Curse of Darkness.
  • Herbulus's uncle raised Herbulus after her parents were both stricken by the Curse. After realising that the Dark War was going badly for the Empire, he ordered the children of the city to the sanctuary in Aztec Jungle, Herbulus among them. He and his Chao were then captured and put under the Curse.
Given that he had the authority to send all the children of the city away to safety, it is likely that he was the brother of Sondau and, thus, may have become king following his affliction.
  • Herbulus's uncle's Chao was captured along with its owner and put under the Curse shortly after the evacuation of the city.

Kojon Kingdom

Royal family

  • Alcyon Kojo was a cat and the king of the Kojon Kingdom, which encompassed almost the whole of Mobius. He had five daughters who each possessed strange magical powers.
  • Nami Kojo was a blue-furred cat and the eldest of King Alcyon's children, making her a princess. She possessed power over water and usually wore black. She was a solitary and quiet character, not openly showing affection towards her family. One day, she suddenly found herself two hundred years in the past at Haven Gardens, where she met Butterfly Babineaux, who befriended her and decided to help her return to her time. They came across the Scepter of Darkness, releasing Mephiles the Dark, who took on Nami's physical appearance. Eventually, Nami and Butterfly defeated Mephiles and made a deal; if he was to return Nami to her time, they would return him to the Scepter rather than destroying him. He agreed, and Nami was returned to her time, where she found that Malefice was the one who had sent her and her sisters back in time in a bid to steal the throne. After a long conflict, Malefice was defeated and the other four Kojon sisters ruled the kingdom in peace.
  • Malefice Kojo was a black-furred cat and the second of King Alcyon's children. She possessed dark powers, and was capable of banishing others into the past. In a play for the throne, Malefice sent her sisters back in time, taking the throne in their absence. Upon their unexpected return, they waged a long conflict against her, and she was eventually defeated. She may have been killed.
If Malefice's powers were time travel, this raises the question of why she did not utilise it during her war against her sisters. Perhaps she used some outside resource.
  • Terra Kojo was a cat and the third daughter of King Alcyon. She possessed power over earth and nature. After being sent back in time by Malefice, she managed to return and helped defeat her sister. She then ruled the kingdom alongside her other sisters.
  • Sora Kojo was a cat and the fourth daughter of King Alcyon. She possessed power over the air and wind. After being sent back in time by Malefice, she managed to return and helped defeat her sister. She then ruled the kingdom alongside her other sisters.
  • Blaze Kojo was a cat and the youngest daughter of King Alcyon. She possessed power over fire. After being sent back in time by Malefice, she managed to return and helped defeat her sister. She then ruled the kingdom alongside her other sisters.
It is uncertain if this Blaze is the same as the canon character. Since the canon Blaze mentions always being alone because of her strange powers, it is unlikely that they are the same.

Royal Artificial Space Colony (200 years in the future)

Royal family

  • Crius was the king of Galacticia and a hedgehog. He had three children; Hyperion, Crush and Blush. Because of Hyperion's warlike nature and aggression, Crius decided to pass the crown onto Crush instead. During a ceremony, the Negarmada (led by Dr. Ivan Agen and Hyperion) attacked the RASC. Crius managed to get Crush and Blight to safety, and was killed by Hyperion.
  • Hyperion the Bedevilled was the eldest son of Crius and a hedgehog. However, he was denied the crown because of his aggressive personality. He discovered how light energy could be utilised to power robots, and passed this information on to Dr. Ivan Agen. The two formed an alliance, attacking the RASC during a royal ceremony. Hyperion killed his father after he helped Crush and Blight escape, and banished Dr. Agen down to the surface of Mobius in order to take the throne for himself. He also managed to destroy SOL, Agen's failsafe. As king of Galacticia, his next objective was to kill Crush and dominate Mobius, which was made difficult by the efforts of Crush, Blight, Silver and Blaze on one side, and Dr. Agen on another.
  • Crush was the second child of King Crius and a hedgehog. He was promised the crown after Hyperion was denied it. During a coming-of-age ceremony officially introducing Crush and Blush as prince and princess, the colony was attacked by Hyperion, Ivan Agen and the Negarmada. Crush and his friend, Blight, managed to escape using an escape capsule thanks to Crius, who was then killed by Hyperion. Crush and Blight landed at Ruin Retreat, where they met Trial and Marshall Prower, who told them that they were not the only people who had fallen from the sky. Crush and Blight proceeded to go in search of other Galacticians, meeting Silver and Blaze and coming into conflict with Hyperion and Dr. Agen.
  • Blush was the youngest of Crius's children, princess of Galacticia, and a hedgehog. It was during her and Crush's coming-of-age ceremony that Hyperion and Dr. Agen attacked with the Negarmada. She was presumed dead.

Ministry of Science and Experimentation

  • Dr. Alexander was a high-ranking member of the Ministry of Science and Experimentation, father of Blight, and a fox. He formed a rivalry with the head of the ministry, Dr. Ivan Agen, who was jealous of his skills and eager to prove himself his better. To this end, Dr. Agen created SOL, the Superior Organic Lifeform. Discovering this, Alexander alerted the authorities, and the Galactic Units of Defence arrived and arrested Agen.


  • The Glurnen Empire existed four thousand years prior to the present day, contemporary to the Knuckles Tribe and Nocturnus Clan. They had a royal family headed by a king, and existed near Megopolis City.


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