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Herbulus's family

  • King Sondau was the leader of the Glurnen Empire. He and his wife had one daughter named Herbulus, who was capable of utilising magic. He opposed the Order of the Dark, but ultimately fell to the Curse of Darkness, as did his wife.
  • The Queen was the wife of Sondau. She fell to the Curse of Darkness.
  • Herbulus's uncle raised Herbulus after her parents were both stricken by the Curse. After realising that the Dark War was going badly for the Empire, he ordered the children of the city to the sanctuary in Aztec Jungle, Herbulus among them. He and his Chao were then captured and put under the Curse.
Given that he had the authority to send all the children of the city away to safety, it is likely that he was the brother of Sondau and, thus, may have become king following his affliction.
  • Herbulus's uncle's Chao was captured along with its owner and put under the Curse shortly after the evacuation of the city.


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