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Cquote1.png I always get these terrible dreams and awful nightmares. It always involves me saying and doing terrible things to people..... it's so strange! People even come up to me and ask me why I'm being so mean during the night. But during the night I'm asleep! I have no idea what I do. I feel like someone poisoned or jinxed or hypnotized or cursed or casted a spell on me..... I don't know what to do.... Cquote2.png
Mindy talking to her therapist during the daytime
Cquote1.png UGH! Stop annoying me! I just want to be left alone. You keep on marching your butt in here and annoying the living daylights out of me. Can't you just leave me alone and..... I dunno, clean your vocal chords? I've had enough. The next time you step foot in my house, I am going to set a paralyzing device to make you motionless and end your life. Do I make myself clear? Cquote2.png
Mindy threatening to kill Alexis during the nighttime

Mindy the Cat is a fan character adopted by Darkest Shadow. She is a villain in the Mariala Anime, and the main enemy of Alexis Petals. She was also cursed with an opposite personality, which she fakes it by calling it severe bipolar, where during the day, she is very sweet and shy, while at night, she is boastful and cruel.

Her daytime self and nighttime self are both polar opposites, as the two do things very differently. Her curse is activated when her daytime self falls asleep. When she is in a deep sleep, her nighttime self wakes up and starts doing her evil deeds, and outstanding concerts.

General Information

Melinda Chanda Randelson is a twenty year old cat who lives in a house right next to the Lilamane River. She spends most of her day trying to puzzle the mystery of why so many people hate the innocent being that she is during the daytime. She is the only person who lives in her house. She is seen as rather lonely and pathetic. Poor Mindy is upset and confused why nobody wants to be her friend.

During the night, where Mindy's curse takes her over, she goes downstairs to her secret lab and works on her schemes to destroy Alexis Petals. She has all sorts of weapons and machinery, and a few dummies to practice her combat and hydrokinesis. Like her daytime self, she tries to figure out a way to free herself from the innocent being she is during the daytime.

Because of this, during the daytime, she repetitively goes to her personal therapist and describes her "nightmares". She tries to keep her "nightmare" from destroying her therapist. She sits in that room for up to 3 hours describing every detail of her dreadful nighttime self.

Both times, she schedules all of her concerts late at night so that she can belt her voice out like her fans like it. She is always busy writing songs about various emotional topics, depending on what time of day it is. She likes to record them when her curse takes her over so she can rest her voice when her daytime self is asleep.


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Mindy is sweet, innocent, and a kind hearted person to be around. She happens to love smelling the flowers, and being outside in the sun. She also likes to go to the swimming hole, and have fun in the water.

Mindy is also somewhat shy. She doesn't really talk that much, and when she does, she happens to be somewhat quiet. She would never do anything wrong. Her shyness makes her seem a little lonely, and she happens to not know the reason why some people are even scared of her sometimes.

Mindy can also keep high-calmness levels at all times. She doesn't really ever get upset unless it's for a good reason. This makes her a really good influence around others, and that she'll be a great friend to have around others.

Along with her shyness, Mindy is also sort of scared and nervous. Because of her curse, she constantly has "nightmares" about her doing awful things to people. She is scared when she sees someone injured thinking and blaming it on her, which makes her seem like everyone's personal scapegoat.


Mindy is very cruel and mean. Whenever she talks, some people who are innocent want to cry. She is extremely tough, and always gets into fights with people. She also taunts people and calls them chicken when they back down from a fight.

Mindy also happens to be extremely tough. Her persistence is high, and she almost never forfeits a battle. She is always confident in herself-- a little overconfident, as she boasts how powerful and strong she is, along with her "win record".

The cat is also pretty evil. When she wins battles against her rivals, she locks them in some sort of chamber, and holds them hostage. If she really hates them, she would probably put them over a fire, or toxic for them to die.

Physical Appearance

The cat currently stands at a very high height of 3 feet and 8 inches tall, and weighs about 85 lbs. Her fur coat is a light grey, and her skin is white, and has it on her arms and tummy. Her eyes are separate from each other, and she has blue pupils. Her hair black, with a major blue dye on the back, and it goes down below her waist. Her bangs are very wavy and cover up parts of her eyes. Her tail is also long, and has a white tip at the end.

Mindy currently wears a crop sleeveless top with blue lining on it, and a blue collar. Her tummy is also showing. She also wears a matching black frilly cute short skirt with a blue thick belt on top. For boots, she wears black high heel boots a blue horizontal strap in the middle with a buckle on it to tighten the shoe, blue shoe cuffs and black soles. She also wears black long fingerless gloves, with blue cuffs. She also ties her hair in a long ponytail with a black hair barrette.


Singing- Mindy is a great singer. Her vocal range is in the higher range as she is a Soprano, and can hit very high notes when she sings. She usually sings for her friends, or for talent shows, or even to open up football or baseball games. When people hear her voice, they seem to really enjoy it, and always listen along and follow her wherever she goes. During the day, her voice is somewhat soft and sweet that everyone likes. You can usually see her from miles away. However, during the night, her voice is extremely strong, and loud and makes crowds go wild.

Abilities and Powers

Water Manipulation/Hydrokinesis- Mindy's most recognizable ability is water manipulation. She has been a trained hydrokinetic for quite a long time and now is getting extremely good at it. Some of her water skills involve gliding/walking on water, making a watter gun shoot out of her hand, make simple bubbles appear, summon a giant wave, etc. etc. Usually she uses this for fun with her friends during the daytime. During night, she uses her hydrokinesis during battles. Her power is much stronger and causes more damage on opponents.



Alexis Petals- Alexis has very mixed feelings about the cat. Mindy likes to spend time with her during the daytime, but during the night, she hates her with a burning passion. Alexis tries to avoid her as much as possible. During the day, Mindy tries to talk and bond with her. During the night, Mindy tries to start a fight with her and cause drama.




"I'm trying my best, don't rush me..."

"I.... don't know?"_When people ask her why she is so cruel and mean over the night

"I have no idea what you mean..."_Same as above


"Go to hell."

"Get your raggedy butt outta here!"

"Touch me again and you won't have a hand to touch me with!"_Threatening Michelle

"Take a voice lesson."_Mocking Alexis

"I dare you to hit me with your best shot"_ Threatening her foes

"Gotta catch me, Awful Alexis"_Mocking Alexis