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Minerva "Mina" the Hedgehog (or Mina Girl) is the main female character of Danny Double X and his other game, she is Danny's best friend and later girlfriend.



Mina the Hedgehog

  • Danny Double X : 17-19
  • Future Timeline: 42-45
'Romatic Interest' Danny the Hedgehog (future boyfriend and husband)
  • Blossom the Hedgehog (mother)
  • Mino the Hedgehog (father)
  • Nina the Hedgehog (grandmother, decreased)
  • Min
  • Princess (by Danny)
  • Sweet Little Mina or Cuite Mina (by Heart)
  • Female
  • The Sugar Band (lead singer
  • Freedom Fighters

Mina was born under her grandmother's Cherry Blossom tree in a small town when her mother couldn't make it to the hopstial on time and gave birth to her on that spot, since then, Mina's grandmother told Mina that the tree is a special tree where you can make a wish or sing there. After she died, Mina usually goes to the tree which is her grandmother's grave and her secret place where she sings. Upon leaving home to go and sing, Mina meets her grandfather's favorite student, Danny the Hedgehog, and the two became best friends. Mina sang and Danny heard her very beautiful voice and played his guitar when Mina singing.

Years passed and Mina became a Freedom Fighter, a actress and a Pop star, singing to bring people hopes and dreams up, with her band being Danny, her cousin, Giant the Hedgegoose, one of her best friends, Heart Mongoose and Danny's buddy, Tyler the Porcupine, she went on a mission with her friends, "The 8 Freedoms", to stop Eggman and sometimes she ends being up kidnapped by Eggman, but Danny and Giant always saves her from him and helps her when she's about to get hur


Mina is a well-mannered and well-spoken girl and is known as being a lovable pop star in the world and is loved by everyone, she is kind-hearted, childish, friendly, polite, very cheerful girl, who is also very honest, very innocent, very sensitive, not to mention cuteand very athletic, who always faces her problems with a smile or by singing, she worries about her friends and helps them out when need it or not, Mina detests lying and hate it when peope lie to her but she has a forgiving heart.


Mina is a very light pink hedgehog with thin, thick light brown waist-length hair pink eyes, and one eye lash, she wears sailor fuku, but it is pink, and the same shoes (which are pink) and wears the same gloves but they're black along with her bow on her chest and her socks, she sometimes wears different outfits for her shows. her eyes are not closed to each other.


  • Danny the Hedgehog: Danny is her childhood best friend and later boyfriend, Mina is in love with him.
  • Giant the Hedgegoose: is Mina's cousin who is two years older and her bodygaurd, he worries about his cousin and tries to keep her safe.
  • Heart Mongoose: Is Mina best friend, Heart helps Mina with her love life with Danny, Heart loves to call Mina "Sweet Little Mina" or "Cutie Mina", which Mina dosen't like.
  • Alice the Dog: Is Mina's other best friend, she beats up Heart when she teases or "hugs" Mina.
  • Rock the Hedgefox: Mina sees him as a close friend, but is unware that he is in love with her.


Mina is known for her beautiful singing voiced, she also have powers to protect people by using her shield powers and healing powers, she also have Harmelo magic just like her mother and grandmother.


"I'm sure I'll do my best"

"Please, let us through." (trying to tell that person to move)

"Are you sure you want to fight?" (being challege by someone)

"Danny, I hope I make you proud of me" (praying for Danny)

"My name is Mina, it's nice to meet you" (when meeting someone new)

"I just love singing."

"I........I love him, I love him with all my heart and soul, I be willing to die for him, care for him and......and love him for rest of my life, I'll never give up on him because I believe in him and he believe in me"

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