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Mina Mongoose/

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Mina Mongoose (dubbed "Songoose" for her talents) is a teenage female Mongoose and the sixteen year old daughter of Isabella Mongoose and the late Arthur Mongoose. Mina is also a schoolgirl in love with Mobius' renowned hero and one of three girls (Sally and Amy) known to compete for Sonic's affections. She is a heroine in her own right.

In fact, she has enjoyed a successful singing career, which makes her one of Mobius' biggest celebrities.


Mina is a yellow mongoose with purple hair and green eyes. Originally, her attire consisted of a midriff-bearing black tank top, brown shorts, and green gloves and boots. Nowadays, her tank top became violet in the front with black straps, a matching skirt, and green and purple boots, almost a matching design.


Mina first appeared in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog issue 76 when Robotnik's forces captured her mother Isabella, only for Mina to be saved by Sonic the Hedgehog. Her mom was roboticized before she could be rescued, leaving Mina devastated. Sonic told her that his parents were roboticized as well, which seemed to calm her down as to realizing some had gone through the same things as she did. Not until did she walk into an intimate relationship between Sonic and his parents did she realize he was a hero with a soft side.

Later on, when Sonic went to restore his uncle's free will with the Sword of Acorns, Mina's depression over the loss of her family led to a desire to confront Robotnik herself. The two had different motives for arriving in Robotropolis, but after a brief argument,  the two dealt with an ambush, which resulted in the loss of the Sword of Acorns to Robotnik.

Afterward, Mina realized she was covering for Sonic's theft so she could finally respect Sonic as a hero. It wasn't long until the Kingdom's Secret Service began suspecting Sonic as the thief. She had confessed to the service about it since they told her they would avoid his persecution if the truth came out. At this point, she would also be a school girl and attend Bunnie and Sonic's class. She would be Sonic's close friend.

She had also become a skilled tactician with the "Sonic Angels" team, but also got a taste in being a team player. She even helped the Robians escape to Knothole, leading to many reunions, including that with her mom, Isabella. Likewise she had enjoyed a successful singing career and only wanted her fans to be happy, although her life was on the line. Despite this, she had Knuckles and the Chaotix be her bodyguards during her concerts.

She had played for Eggman's final defeat, but was interrupted by Monkey Khan.


Mina has demonstrated to be kind and loving, especially toward the blue blur. She had developed feelings for her band's manager, Ash, during the time of Sonic's launch into space and when she failed to see that Sonic was with Sally, it left her devastated. When Sonic returned, she then developed conflicting feelings for both of them, but loved Ash more in the end. She has also been known to be timid and shy, especially in her first appearance. This was shown during a near sold-out concert in New Mobotropolis. These songs warned the people of future events, leaving tensions between her and the Freedom Fighters worse than before.

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