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Mimmi (Mih-mee)
Fur: Pearly white with soft blue highlights on tips Eyes: Sky Blue
Dark blue sleeveless dress

Short purple-blue blouse-like piece with purple ribbons around the cuff A dark blue hair ribbon, and a red one purple-blue ruffled cuffs with red ribbons purple tail ribbon Purple shorts A single green polkadot sock

dark blue shoes

Mimmi (pronounced Mih-mee) is a cute little hedgehog girl who is often getting into trouble or tripping. She is very innocent and friendly, and just doesn't know better if she happens to do something wrong.

Mimmi is a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and suffers from a permanite short-time memory loss. She tends to forget things very easily and is very sensative regarding it and will burst into tears should someone mock or scold her for it.

She first met Sonic and Co one day in Station Square when she was about to be attacked. Sonic had saved her but days later after he had come across her, she simply did not remember him. Despite the fact they could tell she was a fan of them.

They did try to help to determine what was wrong with her but it was no use and now Mimmi simply wanders around trying to adapt to this issue.

Personal Information

  • Name: Mimmi
  • Species: Snow Hedgehog
  • Age: 7
  • Residence: No where really specific. Surprisingly she handles well for her age.
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Single, she is only a child...
  • Height, Weight: About the same as Cream.
  • Alignment: Hero

Weapons and items

  • Multiple Ribbons, including her "Healing Ribbons" which are normally worn in her hair, or on her wrist.
  • Lollipops
  • A small pack of crayons


  • Healing Ribbon Wrap: Her ribbons expend and cover the object she is trying to heal.


  • Again, she cant remember too much...
  • Mimmi is sensative
  • Loses things easily
  • She cannot tie things yet, so she often trips


Mimmi is a small snow hedgehog, meaning her skin/fur is a pale gray-white/pearl color with soft milky blue highlights on the tips of her quills and ears. Her muzzle, inside hair coloring, and arms and hands are pale tan in color and her eyes are sky blue. Mimmi's quills consist of two bangs and curled side quills that reach her chest, worn in messy pigtails at the bottom of her head with a dark blue ribbon on the left, and a loose red ribbon on the right. She also has a bit of hair at the bottom of her head, and a small squared cowlick.

Mimmi wears a dark midnight blue sleeveless dress over a purple-blue puff sleeved like top with small purple bands around the bottom, dark purple shorts, blue-purple frilled wrist pieces with loose red ribbons, a dark purple tail bow, and dark blue shoes with a single green with dark green spotted sock on her left foot.


A young girl who acts her age. She's sweet and kind, open and friendly, but super naive and inexperienced by many things. She really does not understand a lot of things and can come off airheaded some of the time. But its not as if she does these things on purpose to begin with...

For some unknown reason, Mimmi has memory issues and tends to be sensative about it. Easily bursting to tears if she tries remembering something and can't. She's easy to cheer up however.

Normally pretty calm, when Mimmi is upset she usually resorts to pouting or becoming grouchy. She comes off clumsy but also is known for being super cute. Which comes to her aid, although she does not seem to realize this...

Do to her memory issues and sensativity, Mimmi has resorted to barely speaking. So she can become disturbingly quiet.


  • ribbons/bows
  • cute buttons
  • rainbows
  • stories
  • polkadot patterns
  • Favorite Foods: Candy, Cupcakes, cranberry juice, simple things basically.


  • Mean people
  • Bullies
  • being scolded or yelled at
  • scraping her knee
  • Hate Foods: Spicy/sour things, vegetables




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