Cquote1 How do you think your leader is going to react when he finds out his special little son ran away, hm? Cquote2
Taunting Ash, Wandering Trouble

Mimic is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a mimic octopus, shapeshifter, and mercenary formerly of a team called the Diamond Cutters, who betrayed them to Eggman. He originally debuted in the Tangle and Whisper miniseries published by IDW Comics, and will make his Fox the Brave debut in Wandering Trouble.


Mimic retains his appearance in the Tangle and Whisper miniseries published by IDW Comics. Whenever he takes the shape of someone else, it is noted he has a darker coloring, eyes, and suction cubs visible on his hands and feet

While disguised as a wolf named Wally, he has the shape of a light brown wolf similar in color to Stripe, with amber eyes, and a red shirt and fingerless gloves similar to Muck's.


Mimic is shifty, underhanded, sinister, and violent in nature. He is also very manipulative, seeing as he tricked Ash into leaving his Pack and later separated the wolf from his friends to attack him. He is a person who enjoys and always sought out prestige and riches


Before the Series: During the Great Rebellion, when the Resistance was fighting Eggman, a team of mercenaries called the Diamond Cutters took the most dangerous missions. At an unknown point in time, he betrayed them to Eggman, leading to the deaths of three of his teammates(which would traumatize Whisper). At some point after the Battle for Storm Cloud City, Mimic disguised himself as a wolf named Wally and infiltrated the Wandering Wolf Pack. His motives for doing this are unknown. Taking advantage of Ash's restlessness, Mimic tricked the young white wolf into going out to "seek his own adventure", with his friends. Later on, he got the group of friends to split up, and attacked both Arrow and Ash, leaving them both badly hurt. When the group returned to the Pack, "Wally" had returned, and turned the Pack against Ash and his friends. Ash attempted to reveal the truth about Mimic, who didn't even attempt to deny it, letting Samson argue against his own son. Angry at this, Ash leaves his Pack with his friends and some others. Mimic doesn't appear again, but is briefly mentioned when Ash forms his own Pack


Mimic is able to change his shape at will, though with a few key differences regardless of what form he takes


Mimic is shown to use combat knives, though his proficiency with them is unknown


Whenever Mimic takes the appearance of someone else, there are a few notable differences that can be used to tell him apart

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