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Mimic is an extremely useful move that copies the last move seen in use.


Mimic allows the user to copy exactly the move they saw used by someone else the most recently. By doing this, they can then analyze and use the technique themselves, often teaching themselves the move in the process. On occasion, the move will mimic a technique that the user cannot typically use, although the mimic has to be physically able to use that kind of attack, for example, launch a kick in the example of Blaze Kick. Sometimes, the user's eyes glow upon the activation of the technique. The technique cannot mimic genetic abilities, however, due to that requiring a specific form of genetics. However, active techniques derived from a genetic ability can still be used, such as Amaterasu.


Pokemon Users

Very few Pokemon learn this attack naturally (as in by leveling up). The few wild Pokemon that can learn Mimic are;

  • Wild Jigglypuff
  • Wild Bonsly
  • Wild Sudowoodo
  • Wild Mime Jr.
  • Wild Mr. Mime
  • Wild Chatot


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Derived Techniques

Technique Rank

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