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Mimi to Christina before being thrown in the car.

Mimi the Cat is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She was the leader of Team Fashion as well as the arch enemy of Christina and her friends and the main villain of the Mariala Anime. She thinks that everyone is ugly but herself and maybe her friends.

After half a decade of torturing Christina and her friends and clever hidden false murders, Mimi was caught on camera killing four innocent people and a cop. The cop shot the video where the FBI was watching. Cops came and rushed her, throwing her in jail for life.She currently is locked away the Palma Women's Correction Facilty in a faraway island in the arctic.


Mimi's creation, along with the rest of the original Team Fashion, was loosely based off of a game in "Webkinz" called "Webkinz Supermodelz", this is where her physical appearance was based off of, such as the orange hair and the blue-green eyes. Originally, she was set to be just a minor threat and fashion rival to Christina.

However, as the years went on, Mimi heavily changed from a small rival fashion model to this evil chaotic villainous character she is today. She was typically planned to be one of those 'popular' dumb stereotypical characters who happened to be a evil-hearted maniac, but this idea was passed on to a different character.

General Info

Mimica Piper Peterson is a 23-year-old cat from Mariala City. She, along with her four friends, Jamie, Chloe and Krys were born and raised in a small town known as Kinzville, where they were seen as young fashion superstars. They then all moved away to Mariala City at a young age. When she was there, she and her friends always entered beauty pageants together, and formed a team known as Team Fashion. It was here where she met a much younger girl, Christina. She started to place higher in pageants and get huge recognition for her beauty. This angered Mimi, making her jealous of Christina to the point of wishing death upon her.

Mimi later transformed the objective of Team Fashion from winning pageants into ruining Christina's life. About a month later, Krys left the group after seeing Mimi's true intentions and crossed over to Christina's side, making her a superlative enemy. The three remaining members continued to traumatize Christina and her friends for years.

Years later, Mimi expanded her goal to instead of making Christina's life miserable to making diabolical machines, usually in the guise of beauty products. She was the mastermind behind all of this, and later started to gain an affinity for crime. She started robbing banks, burning buildings, and much more. This made her and her team wanted criminals worldwide.

Under all of this, Mimi developed severe cases of mental insanity, uncontrolled anger, bipolar depression and terrible mood swings. She then decided to go out on a solo mission to wrongfully murder four innocent people, injuring several others. However, this time, she didn't get away. She was locked up in prison.


The best way to describe Mimi is a bully. She always goes around calling everyone "Ugly" and other words like that. Most people who see her are easily frightened. The person she picks on the most is a girl named Snowflake , because she's so easy to get picked on.

Mimi also is very evil. Her arch nemisis is Christina, the girl who made her the way she is. Her biggest dream that she's been consistently trying to pull off is the kill Christina so she could once again become the most beautiful girl in Mariala City-not even. The WORLD! 

She is very, very, VERY dangerous to be around. Her fighting technique makes her almost impossible to defeat in battle. Whenever she's angry, everyone in Mariala City hides. That's when she plans her infamous steakouts. She might knock on your door and injure you badly.

Her evil plots are quite impressive. With the help of her team, she can do anything. She sometimes even kidnaps Krys to work her magic. She tricks her into doing it, or else she'll humiliate her. Her machines and prodcuts look really sweet, and she's extremely persuading.

As a little girl, she was one of the four fashion models in all of Kinzville. She was also very sweet, even at the age of nine. Then, everyone in Mariala City adored her and her friends. That's when she was so foolish enough to start boasting about it. That's how she became the most hated girl in Mariala City.



Jamie the Dog- Jamie and Mimi used to be the closest ot of all of her best friends. They do almost everything together and hang out a lot. They would do anything to stick up for each other. Jamie left her to rot in prison, as she had absolutely nothing to do with her crime.

Chloe the Cow- Chloe and Mimi also used to best friends. They interact a lot and spend time together shopping and looking on what store to steal clothes from next. After Chloe left her to rot in prison, she started to hate her.

Christina the HedgeCat- Mimi absolutely hates Christina. She hates her so much, she'd have a party on the day she dies. They were rivals ever since she came to Mariala City.

Alyssa the Dog- Mimi tricked Alyssa into become friends with her. But Alyssa turned it around and they became real friends. They don't interact a lot though.

Krys the Alicorn- Mimi and Krys used to be best friends until she started to feel bad for Christina. They used to interact a lot, now they can't stand each other.

Angelina the Porcupine- Mimi seems to feel bad for Angelina for "being ugly." Angelina really doesn't like Mimi all that much.

Marisa "Mary" the Hedgehog- Mimi loves to tease Mary. She finds her easy to get upset and her and her friends crack up when she has a fit.

Gabriella the Cat- Mimi and Gabriella have a mutual dislike for each other. They just look away whenever they see each other. They hardly ever interact.

Listed Relationships


Modeling and Designing Clothes

Mimi is very good at modeling for clothes. She looks ugly in anything that she wears but other people think that she looks really pretty. Along with her fashion modeling comes her designing. Unlike what most people think, Mimi's taste in fashion isn't all that bad. It's actually trending in some parts of the world. Lots of her ensemble names for lines have something to do with killing Christina such as the "Kill-stina" or the "Christ-In-Hell".


Mimi can also build things. She can't do this alone, but with the help of her team, her inventions and evil plots are a sucess. And of course, all of these inventions have to do something with killing Christina. The most famous one is "Team Fashion's Hairspray Suffocation Capsule", in which people trapped in there have only an hour of air left before they run out of oxygen.

Abilities and Powers

NOTE: This will be revamped soon...

Supernatural Abilities

Mimi has a very gifted, yet extremely annoying and evil talent of shapeshifting. She learned this from a video she watched not so long ago and now pranks her enemies from it. Nobody likes this ability.

Fighting Abilities

Because of her shapeshifting abilities, she could copy the fighting abilities of others. Her copying ability would make it a great advantage in fighting against somebody their own size and type.


  • Mimi's full name, Mimica, is based off of the word "Mimic" because of her shapeshifting abilities.
  • As seen in "Roleplay:The Prom Night" Mimi learned to shapeshift and copy another peson's form and voice.
  • Mimi is the only villain character created by Pianoteen.
  • Mimi is the only cat created by Pianoteen with a white muzzle and ears.
  • Also Mimi is the only character to not have fur on her body. Her body is just the same color as her muzzle and ears.
  • Due to her shapeshifting, she could be a speed, flight or power type. Without her shapeshifting, she is a power type.
  • Mimi is Christina's only rival to have hatred towards her.
  • As seen in the semi finals of the Fashion Festival, Krys pointed out that thedress she wore was stolen and not her idea. The dress originally was Dawn's Grand Festival Dress, but shurnken in size.
  • How Mimi learned shapeshifting is unknown. It was used first in The Prom Night and then used multiple times in the Mariala Anime.
  • Her role in The Prom Night was based off of "A Canterlot Wedding" from My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic Season 2. She traps Christina, steals Cole's boyfriend makes them older and goes into a false marrige just as how the same thing happened to Twilight Sparkle and Queen Chrysalis.
  • Mimi is the only character created by Pianoteen to wear the same outfit throughout the Mariala Anime. Everyone else either kept their outfit for a season or two if not changed it every season.
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