You don't scare me. I can look the Devil in the eye and not flinch. People say I'm literally the spawn of all evil. If Hell welcomes a man like me, then I go there proudly, knowing I have done right.
~ Milo before driving Creatura's ship directly into the Space Colony ARK

Milo Prower is the main protagonist ofSonic: Revolutions, a semi-franchise birthed from the Sonic: Revolutions TV series and then a video-game adaptation and some comic stories. This semi-franchise is set in the game series' future. He is the nephew of Miles Prower and the son of his mercenary brother Metallico Prower and Moira Prower, as well as an expert in archery and a smart, brilliant, stubborn teenager, aged at 16 when he met Sonic the Hedgehog and continued his crime-fighting and justice-bent villain killing-spree for another 3 years.

He was notable for being responsible for the deaths of many of his opponents, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, George Creatura, Rodrigo Marik and even his own father Metallico Prower.


Milo was born in 2024 in Station Square as the son of the mercenary Metallico Prower, brother of Tails, and Moira Prower. Like his uncle, he was born with the "twin-tail gene" that seems to run in the family. He was raised by Peter Halifax, his step-dad, but he didn't know this until he was 17.

Kidnapped uncle and meeting Sonic

At age 16, he is introduced by his uncle to Meteotech, the company set up by Dr. Eggman many years before. However, he was unaware that Tails was employed to Sonic to uncover evidence of illegal nuclear weapons assembly and expose it to the federal government. After leaving and heading to school and coming home, he discovered his uncle was kidnapped and so he finds Sonic's address; a creepy gothic mansion that he now lives in. He goes to Sonic and asks if he can help with tracking Tails, but he just takes medication and falls asleep. However, he leans on a loose wall, which moves aside and reveals a Batcave-esque hideout and base of operations, with various archery tools hanging around and a special green hooded vigilante outfit. Sonic then appears behind him and yells for him to get out.

Right then, robots from Meteotech led by Metal Sonic arrived, apparently here to kill Milo and Sonic for nosing around in private business. With ease, Milo fought them all off and then was knocked down by Metal. Then, Sonic approached and electrocutes Metal, then takes Milo to the house and offers him his full assistance.

2 days later, Sonic tells Milo of a discovery; Metal kidnapped Tails. He goes to a Meteotech facility and interrogates Metal, beating him and screaming at him to tell why Tails was kidnapped. Metal then says "Long Live Dr. Eggman!" and activates self-destruct, exploding and blasting Milo into a river. He then heads back home to tell Sonic that Eggman ordered it, but his mentor tells him to go back home. Instead, Milo invades Meteotech and fights Eggman, brutally attacked and beaten by the robotic business man. Sonic then comes to the rescue in a hovercar, so Milo leaps aboard and flees. Back home, Sonic lectures Milo about disobedience, and as it seemed he would get more furious, he would say " reminds me of myself when I was your age!" and then proclaims that he will help Milo, knowing what quitting has done to his city.


Within a week, Milo had met his first actual villain, Ear-Shatterer. He first met the robotic minion when he is caught robbing Teca Enterprises of sound-wave technology. Milo starts an investigation into Teca Enterprises, questioning CEO Niro Roberts about this. He said that a string of bad luck has struck his company for weeks, with Meteotech suspected of sabotage. Over time, Milo was able to discover that Ear-Shatterer was to destroy weapons-shipping operations for Teca Enterprises. Milo fights him on a building where his plan was happening (he had a rocket to level a Teca-owned ship) and offers him redemption. Instead, the robot leaps off the building into a smokestack and explodes.

Meeting Shadow

So...who exactly IS Shadow? If he can put me - ME - in a rib cage cast with one good blow, I'll have to know more about him.
~ Milo questioning Sonic about Shadow
Well, he is my friend of mine. Made from alien blood from a species that I helped him drive into extinction, Shadow the Hedgehog is way too dangerous to age or catch disease. He calls himself - and has proven himself to be indeed - the ultimate life-form. Whatever you do, don't say "Maria." I said it once and wound up in a coma for 4 months.
~ Sonic telling Milo about Shadow

A while later, Milo and Sonic catch wind of explosions and sabotage happening on property belonging to Teca Enterprises. Milo's investigation was called on without Sonic's approval and decides anyway to find out what this meant. While surveying the city on a satellite-provided map, a heat signature is located at Teca HQ. Heading there, Milo finds the building in flames and even more shocking, there was a black hedgehog sighted there, where he is seen with a torch and dramatically leaping off the top of the building and onto the street, walking away like a badass as the building burns behind him. Milo then pops up and fights the hedgehog, easily beaten. A day later, Milo is shown to have been put in a cast over his rib-cage from what happened. He tells Sonic that a black hedgehog set Teca HQ on fire and left. Right then, Sonic realized what Milo meant; his old friendly rival that he hadn't seen in years, Shadow the Hedgehog.

A week after that, Milo heads to the hideout and is told to keep resting. More rather, Milo tracks Shadow again, catching him burning down a Teca robot factory. There, Milo had to electrocute Shadow with a hovercar battery, bringing him back to the hideout. Sonic then proceeded to operate on him, finding a control chip inside his skull put there by Eggman. Milo then heard the story of Shadow not knowing what he was doing and that he thought he was burning Meteotech property.

First encounters with the Bounty Guild

Main Station Bridge incident

While Milo was on a field trip to the Main Station Bridge that links Station Square to the mainland, he sees men in black suits and hoods planting explosives there. Milo then told everyone what he saw and got everyone to the bus. Later on, Sonic is informed of what Milo saw, but didn't believe for this reason; the bridge isn't exploding...yet. Sonic then confirms Milo's description of the men as members of the Bounty Guild, ruthless mercenaries that Sonic apparently has a history with. Milo is told to get to the explosives and stop them. Back at the bridge, Milo sees that the bombs used had the Meteotech logo on them. He throws the bombs into the water and goes to Sonic. He says to question Eggman. By invading the company, Milo gets his answers from a scientist; the Bounty Guild was being paid to blow up the bridge to stop Teca Enterprises' shipments. Sonic brought Milo back home and told him that the Bounty Guild will be targeting them both now.

Encounter with Killian

Days later, Milo gets a lead on a Bounty Guild member; their leader Killian Fredson was planning to steal a nuclear bomb from a vault in the city sewers. Sonic asks how Milo learned this and he says he bugged a Bounty Guild trooper so they can hear everything that he says or hears. Sonic was convinced that Killian had to die, but Milo didn't really get his sudden blood lust. Anyways, Milo went to the sewers and had to warn the vault security, but they shot at him instead. Milo then found Killian and kills him so he can't find the vault. Back home, Milo says that Killian is dead, with Sonic saying that Killian ordered the murder of his mother when he was a kid. Milo understood his blood lust now.


Milo, bad things happened to my mother because she knew too much. Knowledge is a power, but also a burden. If I choose to withhold information, it is for your own protection. G.U.N. considered putting me in the most heavily-guarded prison on the planet because I knew and fully-understood the Wisps. But that story is for another day.
~ Sonic when Milo asks him what he knows about Metallico
Yes, yes, I've heard the saying "He who increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow." And yes, I HAVE seen enough crime shows to know where this is going. Trust me, I understand why you don't want to share your secrets. I've gotten used to some people hiding their pasts.
~ Milo's response

The bugged trooper had now given new info about the new leader of the Bounty Guild; a fox mercenary and expert in explosives, Metallico Prower. Sonic seemed to recognize the name, but Milo didn't. Soon after, Milo goes to City Hall and sees that Metallico (calling himself Boom-Boom) was planning to blow up City Hall. Heading down there, Milo faces Boom-Boom, asking what he was doing. He says that Eggman is paying him to blow up City Hall and frame Teca Enterprises for the crime. Milo then fires an arrow into his leg, disabled the bomb and unmasked the mercenary. A fox-man is hiding behind this mask, but didn't recognize him. Boom-Boom throws a smoke grenade and runs away, with Milo heading back home to talk to Sonic. He claims to know nothing about this. Milo then goes home, unaware of who he met that night.

Over the next month or so, Milo has been tracking Boom-Boom's whereabouts in the city, getting dead-end leads all around and fully aware that Sonic was hiding something about Boom-Boom from him. One night, he gets a solid lead on his whereabouts; a crackhouse in the downtown area. Heading there without Sonic's approval, he runs into Boom-Boom while invading the crackhouse and killing everyone there. He then fights Boom-Boom and tackles him off the building into the street, breaking Boom-Boom's neck and killing him. Back at Snic's house, he asks what else his mentor was hiding and he says that Boom-Boom murdered his mother and framed his father, but still hid something for Milo's safety.

Dr. Maniac

A serial killer has struck, but is unlike most; he kills people discussed at a therapist's office belonging to Dr. Frank Richards. Naturally, Milo decided to head there and find what he could dig up. Within 2 days, Milo had not found out anything of note. Sonic suggests talking about the killer (who the news refer to as "Dr. Maniac") and learns nothing. A day later, Sonic is targeted and assaulted by Dr. Maniac, who is revealed by Milo to be an employee (Johnny Richards) who thinks that killing the problems of patients would have him rewarded. Milo offers Johnny legal protection, but he refuses and kills himself.

Giving Eggman long-overdue justice

Rescuing Tails

A while after, the local news has been saying that Meteotech CEO Dr. Eggman has swindled hundreds out of their homes and life-saving for money. Milo of course does an investigation. Later on, Milo attacks some Meteotech agents who were evicting a poor family. They say where Tails has been locked up; in a bunker underneath Station Square. Sonic gets a lead on its location and Milo goes, invading the place and killing everyone there and freeing his uncle. Back at home, Tails is told by Sonic of what has happened in the past few months. Tails then leaves, buying a sniper rifle and taking position up on a building, hoping to kill Eggman from there. Milo stops him by finding the building and snatching the rifle. Tails goes back to Sonic's house, as does Milo.

Defeating Eggman

Now that Tails has been freed and Teca Enterprises still standing, Eggman was now hoping to find the vigilante who did this. So he kidnaps Sonic and places a control chip in his brain, giving him Metal Sonic's brain. Milo then rushes to stop this. To that end, he invades Meteotech HQ, killing everyone there and confronting Sonic there, electrocuting him with a tazer and destroying the chip. Milo then fought Eggman, easily beaten by the robotic pyschopath. Eggman then gives Sonic a laser gun and wants him to kill Milo with it. But ince Milo destroyed the chip, Sonic was now firing directly at Eggman's head, killing him and causing his body to fall into a smokestack. Milo seems to think that Eggman was dead, but Sonic thought otherwise.

Bringing Max to the cause

A year after the incident at Meteotech, Milo's brother Max Prower has started getting suspicious of the way that Milo has been acting. One day, Milo is sent to stop terrorists from destroying a rich guy's house and breaks his arm in the attempt. Max's suspicions are raised through the roof and follows Milo to Sonic's house, learning of the hideout AND that his brother is the vigilante. Sonic then gives Max a place amongst their ranks.

Boom-Boom resurfaced

One night, Milo gets word that Boom-Boom is back, with a robot neck and big plans for the city. He gets a lead that Boom-Boom is meeting a client in an old warehouse. In a shock, Milo sees that his own mother was meeting Boom-Boom and telling him to find and kill Niro Roberts, CEO of Teca Enterprises. With skill and luck, Boom-Boom was already outside of Teca Enterprises armed with a sniper rifle, standing on a neighboring building ready to put bullets through Niro's head. Milo arrives and stops this by attacking him and kicking him off the building. He survived, due to having landed in a mattress factory. Milo then decided to go back to his mother, questioning her about the assassination contract. She said that she was conspiring with Niro, but no details are revealed. That night, he decided to don the archer costume and arrives at the warehouse he was in before and catches Moira and Metallico talking about the failed contract. He shows himself, firing arrow after arrow after arrow at Metallico and was shot by Moira and had to flee.

Max manages to find Milo and bring him to Sonic's hideout and gets him to do some surgery to get the bullet out. During this time, Max had questioned Moira and learned of the truth about Milo's father and when Milo recovered, Max told him everything. Here, it was shown how Milo didn't think Sonic trusted him.


When news of a serial killer much like Milo hits town and murders people that Milo had saved from Meteotech, he of course has to investigate. When the Copycat takes hostages, Milo has to rescue them. He winds up defeated by the Copycat, but at least the hostages got away. Later on, Milo had to rescue some more hostages. However there was a problem; a party was going on at home and Milo couldn't miss it. Max goes in his place and gets Milo to go for the hostages. In one of the buildings that was destroyed by Shadow the Hedgehog a year before, Milo confronts the Copycat and they fight. Unbeknowest to either of them, Sonic had arrived and freed the hostages. Milo beats the Copycat, but before he could be unmasked, he throws a smoke bomb and gets away.

Eggman yet again

Dr. Eggman was supposed dead after the events at Meteotech's "final night", but more rather he had come back to life, this time by putting his mind into Metal Sonic's body. While Milo was off at school, Sonic was attacked. However, Milo had bad grades due to his constant breaks to go superheroing and was delayed by a speech from the principal. Max arrives and convinces the principal to let Milo go and back at the hideout, they see Sonic attacked by Eggman. He then leaps at Milo, trying to strangle him to death, but was electrocuted by a cut wire that Milo grabbed in his minute of need.

Helen Mant

With hopes of recruiting the daughter of a mobster, named Helen Mant, Sonic knew right away not to trust her. But Milo felt he needed her to get at organized crime in the city, so he learns that she's recently been released from prison and has her rescued from muggers. Then, he brings her to the hideout and offers her help. She accepts, wanting revenge on her father for leaving her in prison to rot. For the first few nights, she was a help, defeating many people that Milo couldn't defeat alone. However, he learns from Sonic that she plotted to kill her father Robert Mant. He rushes to stop her, heading to a nightclub where the two were. However, Milo had arrived too late, as Helen had already injured Roberts and fled. From Robert's last words "the device...can't stop...the device" reveals that he supported (and supposedly funded) the Teca Conspiracy, with Niro at the top. With a haste in his step, he rushes to a lab in the city owned by Teca Enterprises. Everyone was dead and the computers were fried. Helen was there, intent on destroying chances of Teca Enterprises going through with their Teca Conspiracy. Sonic sends the police to the lab and they arrested Helen while Milo got away.

Hunted by Lance

An arrest warrant put out on the "final night" of Meteotech has begun to be taken seriously. Now, every cop in the city wanted the hooded vigilante dead or alive for the $50,000 reward. For that money, Milo joked that he would tempted to turn himself in, but on e night, he was attacked by Boom-Boom. He explains that his new employer was seeking to kill Milo as part of a contract set up by Detective Lance, a rogue cop who hired the Bounty Guild. Milo fights him and defeats him, then flees. While searching through camera footage, Milo comes across a file that displays the meeting where Boom-Boom and Lance had met for the contract. Of course, he shows this to some police officers the next night and they arrest Lance, with Boom-Boom never receiving his payment.

Teca Conspiracy's final curtain call

Copycat resurfaced

After 3 whole months on no sighting of the villainous Copycat, he has resurfaced, now intending to murder the Hood and ignite the conspiracy, bringing it to fruition. He catches Milo while he was patrolling the city and discovers that his foe is just a teenager. With some clever timing, he gets out of the warehouse he was trapped in and goes to Moira in his vigilante costume. With that, he reveals to his mother that he is the vigilante and demands what the Teca Conspiracy thrives on. She was unable to answer, shocked that her own son was a murderer. Milo then says "Like father, like son" and decides to flee, with Moira deciding to reveal to the public news that Niro Roberts was planning to destroy Station Square using an explosive device hidden in the old city subway. However, the Copycat was there, firing an arrow at Milo and trapping in the warehouse yet again. He tries to convince Moira to not confees, but she refuses, shooting the Copycat and running away.

Saving Station Square

While Milo was locked inside the warehouse again, he knew that no matter what his mother said to the city, the SSPD wouldn't be able to stop Niro. He gets out and preps up at Sonic's hideout, heading to Teca Enterprises HQ while Sonic and Max go into the abandoned subway and find the bomb. Milo fought through all of Teca Enterprises' guards, aided by the SSPD SWAT team, and confronts Niro, seeing him get dressed up as the Copycat. This reveals to everyone that Niro was the Copycat. He chases Niro up the building while he triggers several bombs throughout the building and forces it to completely catch fire. Milo chases after Niro, traversing the burning obstacles like a badass and then reaches the top of the building. Right then, Sonic gets on the earbud Milo has and says that the bomb is disarmed. Milo then offers Niro a chance to make up for this, offering him some new money and a trip to another country to start a new life (Sonic would have to pay for it). Instead, Niro decides that his defeat was not going unpunished. He then leaps off the building and right into some burning boxes, where he dies and his body burns.


Months later, Milo gets word that Metallico has arrived to destroy Main Station Bridge. He heads on over and arrives too late, as the bridge is destroyed and the SSPD thinks he did it. The next night, he finds Metallico in the city and leaps down on him. He says that this was the first step at revenge against Milo. He then ties up his father and gets him to confess right in front of the SSPD main station HQ, allowing him to be arrested.

Wrestling Commission

Milo and Max decide to go see a movie on the weekend. At the theater, Milo winds up getting annoyed by a big, tough guy. He was kicking his seat, throwing popcorn and yelling in Milo's ear, driving him over the edge. Milo then winds up fighting him while everyone else fled for their lives. He beats the brute, which brings in a representative from the Wrestling Commission. He gives Milo an opportunity to fight for him, get paid greatly and rise in popularity. For a week, Milo was fighting in the ring, taking down everyone who got in his way and slowly becoming a state champion. A while after, Milo is brought before the representative, who tells him that he has to lose his next match so that he can bet and win. Milo refuses, deciding to allow the man to lose a lot of money. The next day, Milo gets Sonic to investigate the Wrestling Commission while he fights his big, tough opponent. Milo beats his foe, leading to the Commission going bankrupt later.

Illegal Robots

Later on, Milo investigates a lead in the black-market; illegal robots with human consciousness that were illegalized when they were deemed too dangerous. Arriving there, he starts a riot at the hideout of the black-market storage and breaks in, destroying every robot there.

Metallico's plan

Loss of a mother

Moira Prower has now been kidnapped from prison. Milo then goes to the prison and is kidnapped by Metallico, who brings him to the warehouse. Moira was tied to a chair while Metallico wakes Milo and tells him a new employer (note that Metallico was lying about an employer and simply sought genocide personally) has requested he destroy Station Square. And since Milo can stop him, he decided to make him suffer heavily. He watches his crazy father murder Moira with a machete. Right as he was about to stab his son too, Max leaps down and attacks the madman, then frees Milo and they get away. Following this, Milo tells Peter that Moira died in a car accident, unwilling to tell him the truth.

Serum Heist

Milo is later seen attacking a Bounty Guild agent, who tells him that Metallico seeks a super-steroid chemical serum made from the blood of the Black Arms, the aliens from Shadow the Hedgehog. Milo then finds out where to go to get it; a lab that was once owned by Teca Enterprises. Milo then decides to get Max and Sonic help in stealing all of it. Sonic drives a van up to the lab's parking lot and prepares to get the serums out. when it was all done and everything, Milo finds Metal Sonic sitting in the truck, with all the serums inside. He drives off in the stolen truck and gets it to Metallico.

Mechanical Situations

A series of armored truck heists filled with military-grade weapons has led Milo to believe that Metal Sonic was doing it. He shows up to save one in the night, but Metal was already there with some of his men. It turns out that this is not Metal, but more rather Dr. Eggman, having cheated Statn yet again by putting his brain in Metal's body. He gets away while Milo fights his men and defeats them.

Later, Max goes to some more black-market robots storage and starts a riot, allowing Milo to slip in and sabotage them. They were the Bounty Guild's chief funding source, which meant stopping them from being sold had crippled Metallico's plot. Sonic then calls Milo and Max and tells them to meet his contact in the military: Commander Alan Mak. Milo is informed that Alan's supply trucks are being stolen by a Bounty Guild member. He goes to a camp in the woods (which was especially horrible because Christmas has passed and there was lots of snow everywhere, taking on wolves and finding Metallico at the camp, with no-one else in sight.


Metallico tells Milo that Eggman had betrayed him and stole Alan's supplies for personal gain, a crime punishable by death among his creed. Milo decides to help his mad father find Eggman, as they both had to. A day later, Milo goes back to Station Square and meets with Metallico outside an abandoned brewery, where other Bounty Guild traitors guarded. Milo comes up with a plan of getting in. They get in, but Eggman was already Rocky Island, the original homebase of the Bounty Guild, now abandoned. They blow up the brewery and head to the city harbor. Sonic and Max were there, ready to use the new yacht Sonic had bought with the leftover money he had from Meteotech. The four (along with 8 of Metallico's soldiers) head to Rocky Island, only to find that Eggman had restored fortress status. They devise a plan to get in, but it was jeopardized when Metallico went straight for Eggman, wanting the traitor's head for what he did. They wind up getting caught in the process, locked in the fort's basement. Sonic gets out, but leaves the others behind to get at Eggman. Metallico is freed by Milo and they stop Sonic by tackling him into the yacht as they all get away. Eggman prepares to bring the supplies back to station square, prompting the others to get on the boat Eggman was using and fighting on its decks. In the fight, Eggman dies, ripped to pieces by Sonic, giving the villain some long-overdue justice. Milo had the supplies sent back to Alan. Metallico reveals his plan: create a super-soldier army and cause son much destruction in Station Square that the government would have to nuke the city. He throws a smoke-bomb and disappears.

A city in chaos

1 week later, the army is released. They are dropped from trucks, helicopters and tanks as they rampage and only do one thing: destroy. Milo goes to find Metallico in the madness while Max would stop Alan from allowing a drone-strike to be possible. Sonic creates an antidote that can spread throughout the city and either kill or depower the soldiers affected by the drug. The problem? Metallico is guarding the device that can activate the antidote. Milo takes it and heads on over to the device, where he fights Metallico and slips the antidote into the gas emitter. Sonic's predictions were correct: all the men who weren't destroyed by the antidote (now officially a poison) were weakened to the bone. Metallico's effects were way worse: since he was injected with the earliest version of the super-steroids, he now appeared to be decaying, in a way like Blackout in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Milo finds a pipe-bomb and sticks it into his foe's melting body and kicks it off the building, where it explodes and finally finishes Metallico Prower for good.

Halloween Caper

Weeks passed before Milo would get back in the superhero game. In that time, he had apparently dropped out of school on his father's suggestion, since his grades were bad and his attendance rate was worse. With Halloween a week away, Milo was called by Sonic to investigate a series of gruesome murders, murders that look like wild animal attacks. Milo goes to see one and is so disgusted and scared that he throws up on the spot (to keep the show appropriate, the bodies are never shown on-screen). He goes to a toy factory called Entertainment Manufacturers and sees what appears to be a werewolf murdering a worker and stealing some Halloween masks and getting away. Sonic seemed pretty confident that it was an old Meteotech experiment that got loose, but Milo thinks otherwise. Why would a science experiment gone-wrong steal Halloween masks? One night, Milo goes to the next murder, a cop in an alley. Milo sees a true werewolf in what appears to be ripped-up tuxedo clothing who murders the cop and runs away when the rest of the SSPD arrives.

Later that same night, Milo goes back to Sonic and is told to check for a strange energy inside Entertainment Manufacturers. He sees that the energy was emitting from the masks, but there was no real source for the energy to actually get on the masks and send the signal. He goes up to the head of the company George Creatura and asks what's going on. He claims to know nothing of it, but does say that on Halloween night, a special TV event will air and kids will wear the energy-peppered masks to view it. Right as Milo turns his back, George turns into a werewolf and claims he knows too much. He attacks Milo and flees. Milo then takes another look at the masks and finds Meteotech technology that was referred to as "trans-dimensional devices". What does this mean?

Is this plan really so original? It sounds like something you just stole from a horror movie.
~ Milo upon learning Creatura's evil plan. He makes a clear reference to the movie Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Halloween night was finally here and Milo has to confront the werewolf himself, on a building in the middle of the city. He says that he comes from a werewolf reality and was warped to Earth by a dimensional displacement at Meteotech HQ. Throughout all of time, everyone's statements that werewolves were real were never taken seriously, but the creatures were all from Creatura's dimension. He sought to broadcast the Marathon and sell the masks to warp the people watching the event and wearing the masks to send everyone doing this into the werewolf dimension and allow this life-force to bring the other werewolves to Earth and destroy things. They fight and Milo beats him. The satellite that was supposed to broadcast the TV event was sabotaged, broken. Creatura had a back-up plan: activate the dimensional devices manually from a broadcast tower outside the city. He leaves, Sonic had already taken care of it by sending Max to sabotage the tower and kill Creatura, which he does by shooting him in the face with a crossbow. However, there were already a handful of werewolves in Station Square.


The first of Milo's targets is a werewolf "witch-doctor" named Brutalizer, a werewolf with magic powers. To start, Milo goes to the broadcast tower from before, only to find that Creatura's body was gone and the arrow bolt was lying on the floor. There was similar energy to the masks found here. A day later, he sees that Brutalizer has hacked a bunch of giant television screens in the city and demands that the Hood face him or he'll blow up a hospital. He goes to the hospital to meet Brutalizer and fights him, while he reveals that Creatura is alive, his body recovered and his head given surgery. An SSPD SWAT officer shows up on a neighboring building and shoots Brutalizer in the spine, killing him. Milo leaves and realizes that with Creatura alive, the world isn't safe.


Governor Ronald Peralta goes to Station Square, unaware that Creatura's agent Mantid was planning to kill him. Milo knew and tries to track him. He is carrying out a counterfeiting plot and was attacked by Milo, with both being placed in prison. He wakes up in prison, noticing that mantid was there too. With Mantid jailed, then Peralta would be safe. Creatura comes around in human form and bails Mantid out, but it wouldn't take effect until tomorrow. Milo decides to do something about this. He goes to his cell in the night and finds Mantid and Creatura standing there with guns. The body of the prison warden was there too. Creatura reveals that he plans to have Milo executed in a public trial on the charges of killing the warden and plotting to kill the Governor. The next morning, Milo is brought before a rioting crowd while he was walking to a hanging post. Creatura was about to kill him when Max fires at the rope from the rooftop with a crossbow, saving Milo. Sonic appears and gives Milo a tomahawk, then he runs to Mantid as he about the murder the Governor (he had attended personally) and buries the tomahawk into Mantid's shoulder, killing him. Milo is put on trial, where it was revealed by Sonic that Mantid plotted to kill the Governor and Milo was framed for that, counterfeiting and killing a prison warden. The jury gives him his freedom, letting him go, all without anyone discovering that Milo is the hooded vigilante.

Werewolf Submarine

Sonic and Milo are later seen bribing a criminal, who tells them that Creatura operates in a stolen war-submarine. The next day, they devise a means of getting in: Sonic and Max would dress up as guards when the submarine docks at the harbor and take Milo as their prisoner. Once inside, they would spring their trap and destroy the submarine. The plan goes off easily, but then Creatura easily realizes this is a trap. The three fight, Milo throwing Creatura's bodyguard Fortis into the vessel's furnace, burning him to death off-screen. Creatura smashes the vessel into an underwater canyon wall, forcing everyone who survived to escape on escape-submarine.

Hostage Crisis

Creatura has recently been put in prison by the SSPD, leading Milo to come on over to his cell and interrogate him. He asks Creatura about a series of kidnappings that has occurred since the crash of the submarine. Max calls Milo and says that Sonic and Tails have been kidnapped. Creatura then says that they are in separate buildings that will be blown up by bombs, which leaves Milo only enough time to save one of them. He goes to where Creatura said Sonic was, but finds Tails there instead. When the bombs go off, Sonic is presumed dead. The next day, Milo learns that Sonic is recovering in a hospital, with a serious sign of being a burn-victim. He had half of his face burned off and was emotionally-scarred too by the fact that Milo didn't save him. Tails offers to take Sonic's place and Milo accepts.

Chaos Emeralds

Sonic's Hunt

Now, Milo was aware that Sonic was serving Creatura, having been lied to about the kidnappings. At one point, Sonic is reported to have stolen a space ship that can take people to the Space Colony ARK. Milo had no idea what he wanted with the ARK, apparently knowing nothing about it. Tails knew everything there was to know about it, but refused to tell, only saying that the 7 Chaos Emeralds can activate whatever is inside. In the Mystic Ruins, at Tails' former workshop-turned-fast food restaurant, Milo finds a Chaos Emerald, hidden underneath a floorboard. Sonic was already there, so Milo had to hit him in the face with the Emerald, knocking him out. He leaves, not aware that the ARK holds that which could obliterate the planet...

Later, Milo goes back to Rocky Island, now housing a werewolf search-party led by Sonic, to find 2 Chaos Emeralds. He winds up being taken prisoner by Sonic, but gets out anyways. He snatches the Emeralds right as they were leaving and goes back home, stealing their boat.

That made 3 Chaos Emeralds, but Creatura already had the other four. He catches Sonic on a space ship headed for the ARK and eavesdrops on Sonic and Creatura. They discuss the Eclipse Cannon, with Milo discovering that it can destroy the world and kill everyone on it at full power. He also hears that Sonic was serving Creatura because of a twisted lie about his abduction. Milo is caught, imprisoned, tortured, but his spirit wouldn't break. Still, he got out and headed back to Station Square before anyone even noticed.

Saving Earth

Sonic's defeat
I can't understand you. You betrayed me. Stole my life. And for what?
To save the world. As you once did.
~ Milo telling Sonic his motives (DVD version)

While Milo was exploring Station Square, Sonic goes to the hideout and steals the Emeralds from them, having left Tails heavily-bloodied, but alive. Just then, a bunch of TV screens around the world revealed that he was willing to give up on his evil scheme, but only if Milo turns himself in at a fort in the desert (supposedly Dusty Desert) owned by werewolves. Milo decides to do something else; he contacts Alan Mak and gets him to bring battleships to the fort so as to kill Creatura and save the world. The bombardment is triggered and Milo slips in, but is injured by a shelling. He limps his way into the top of the main tower, expecting to find Creatura there, but instead finds Sonic there, who gives him a serious beating. He says that Creatura is on his way to the ARK and his plan will go through. He strangles Milo, screaming in his face about betrayal, but Milo stabs Sonic through the heart with an arrow. His last words showed how he was somewhat proud of Milo for he has become (on the DVD version, he was demanding Milo to kill him and end his suffering, which he does by throwing him out of the tower and was impaled by a tree).

Final Battle

Milo goes back to Alan's camp and told Tails and Max that Sonic is dead and Creatura is on his way to the ARK. Alan then tells Milo that the ship is about to take off inside Eggman's former pyramid lair (from Sonic Adventure 2). Milo is given transport there on Alan's hovercar and sneaks in, getting on the ship and taking out everyone onboard, while the ship takes off. At the bridge, Milo runs into Creatura, who is now about to avenge Sonic and destroy the world. They fight each other, damaging some equipment and eventually brutally stabbing Milo with his werewolf claws. He then grabs the steering-wheel and drives the ship to crash into the Eclipse Cannon. He fires and arrow into Creatura's leg, crippling him. The turn of the ship swings Milo into an escape pod, getting away with the Emeralds while he goes back to Station Square and the ARK explodes behind him.

Piracy Chronicles

2 years following his victory over Creatura, Milo had apparently quit his work as a vigilante, unable to deal with the guilt of killing Sonic and so many other criminals before. He was being haunted by ghosts of Sonic. He then gets a phone call from Tails, who claims the Chaos Emeralds are acting really weird. He goes to the hideout for the first time in 2 years and sees Max and Tails discussing the Emerald's negative reaction to electricity. Right then, as Milo enters, the Emeralds spawn a time-vortex. Milo and Max are sucked in, as is Tails.

Warped to the Valley

He wakes up lying on a beach, noticing many unfamiliar surroundings, such as pirate ships. He sees an escaped slave running from a slave catcher and comes to the rescue by killing the catcher. The slave says that he is stuck in the River Valley, a river network with various islands and inland bases owned by privateers. Max suggests buying something, so Milo takes the catcher's money and heads to a general store, buying a sword and dagger (paired together) and a flintlock pistol. Milo then goes to a bar to learn about where to find a good ship, but winds up getting insulted by a pirate. He then gets in a bar fight with lots of the people there, defeating them all. He leaves and finds that Tails was warped there as well, albeit having been taken hostage by pirates. He fights them off on their ship and rescues his dear uncle from decapitation. He confirms that the Chaos Emeralds were warped across the River Valley as well and they must find them to go back home.


Milo then decides to steal the pirate ship, naming it the Bullfinch and learning how to get into naval combat and battle. He then finds a pirate fort inside a cove, hoping to capture it. He goes around the back of the island and sneaks through the temple ruins there and kills the head pirate at the cove. The Bullfinch then came to the cove and the crew (a band of mercenaries) raided the place. Milo then decides to keep it as a home and pays some guys to build a manor and some cannon fortress walls.

Beginning of a new pirate

One night, Milo is having a strange dream (which is a playable level) where he is chasing Sonic through the temple ruins on the other side of the island. He winds up fighting a bunch of Sonic clones and is brutally impaled by a spear held by one of them. As this is just a dream, Milo is woken up right as the spear enters him. In the morning, he captures a nearby privateer fort and a gang HQ. But then, a pirate named Rodrigo Marik comes by on a ship and battles Milo on the seas, then boards the Bullfinch and Milo beats him, but he gets away on a rowboat. Milo then takes the enemy ship apart and uses it to upgrade his own ship. He then heads to the pirate town Tariktown, where Rodrigo lives.

TBC!!! (To Be Contiuned)


Main personality

Milo Prower was quite a troublemaker. He didn't do well in school and had to drop out at age 17 to avoid worsening life. He seems pretty nice on the outside, always calm and troublesome. However if he is left with tragedy, he will head-first rush into trouble and displays incredible rage on a level rivaling Shadow's. At this point, all he needs is a name "and my rage and fists will do the rest". He can be very serious in this fashion.

Throughout the course of the show, he has had to kill many of his foes, even telling his half-brother Max that he was shocked of what he was becoming. He seems to believe in Sonic's words "Only kill as a last resort". However, it didn't seem that he liked this and didn't seem to believe that the words applied to what he does. He often keeps focus on his career above all else and it nearly cost him his life on countless occasions.

He coined the term "true tragedy comes from betrayal", which applies to when Sonic turned evil in Season 4. When this happened, he would leap into action and do tasks that he could always leave someone else to finish.

He doesn't seem to believe that anyone had to be sentenced to death and several times, he offered redemption to his foes, but none took the chance, either killing themselves, arrested or killed by Milo.


"I am an expert archer and am skilled in the business of death. I don't take pleasure in my power; simply, I am good at it."

Milo claimed to be (and was indeed) a master archer and stealth-parkour artist, capable of making near-impossible arrow shots from long distance and was well-known for this power. He also showed skill in fighting with arrows, using them in his hands and could easily dispatch attackers depending how good they were. Another iconic weapon of his are the "Hidden Crossbows", mini-crossbow weapons mounted on the wrist capable of shooting small arrow shots that would always find their mark.

He seemed to be able to survive things that others would find fatal; he was able to survive getting shot three times and went into a mini-coma for a week. As shown in "Alas, poor foe", he could survive a shelling and even when mortally wounded and not in any condition to fight and often-fatal blood-loss, he was able to kill Sonic by reaching for an arrow and stabbing him with it. He could still walk when shrapnel went through him and even went toe-to-toe with massive wrestlers and got into a hospital with a body-cast and regenerated in 6 weeks, and with his injuries, it would be impossible to heal 100% within that time. He could also fight Shadow the Hedgehog and was given a cast over his rib-cage area and was still able to fight him days later as if he wasn't hurt at all.

He also possessed the twin-tail mutation abnormality that his uncle Tails has, suggesting that he can fly, but it isn't shown if he can.

Aside from these abilities, he is a smart mastermind, capable of coming up with military strategy with ease. To prove this, he got Commander Alan Mak to send five warships into the harbor of a heavily-guarded fort owned by George Creatura and slipped in with ease while the ships bombarded the fort while fleeing the harbor. He also displays his tactical mind to the extent that in the video-game, he came up with a plot to escape Tariktown through a suicide ship and sabotaging Commodore Rogers' blockade and did so without a single backfire.

Notable Kills

Have you ever actually killed your foes? As Sonic puts it, you have brought your foes to hell because they wanted you to.
~ Alan Mak upon meeting Milo
Well, I am pretty good. And yes, I have killed a few...HIGH-RISK TARGETS!!! They were...bad people...who were trying to murder NICE people. And I never felt good afterwards.
~ Milo's response to Alan's remark

Throughout the majority of the semi-franchise, Milo Prower has been responsible for (or was involved in) the deaths of many villains he has encountered, yet he never felt good about it afterwards. The following list shows the people that have fallen before him. The villains in the show that have committed suicide also count.

Season 1

  • Metal Sonic (interrogates him about his kidnapped uncle's whereabouts, but Metal kills himself to prevent discovery)
  • Ear-Shatterer (unable to stop him from falling into a smokestack to his death
  • Killian Fredson (stabs him with arrows while he was searching for a nuke in the sewers)
  • Metallico Prower (tackles him off a building and breaks his neck, but gets a mechanical neck and is alive in later episodes)
  • Dr. Maniac (offers him legal protection for the people he killed, but he kills himself instead)
  • Metal Sonic's brain (placed in a chip in Sonic's mind, but Milo electrocuted Sonic and destroys the chip, Metal Sonic with it)
  • Dr. Eggman (after destroying the "Metal chip", Milo convinces Sonic to kill Eggman by blowing up his head with a laser)

Season 2

  • Dr. Eggman in Metal Sonic's body (electrocutes him and supposedly destroys the chip)
  • Robert Mant (fails to stop his daughter Helen Mant from killing him)
  • Niro Roberts (suicide after Sonic and Max disarmed Niro's bomb, Niro leaps off a building to his death)

Season 3

  • Moira Prower (Metallico stabs her with a machete as revenge against Milo)
  • Dr. Eggman in Metal Sonic's body (Milo tries to stop Sonic from killing Eggman but fails, he is ripped apart and destroyed and the body was just a hollow metal shell)
  • Metallico Prower (infected by gas that kills Black Arm super-soldiers, then Milo sticks a pipe-bomb into Metallico's chest and kicks him off a building and explodes)

Season 4

  • George Creatura (sends Max to stop him from bringing his werewolf army to Earth, Max kills Creatura by shooting him in the face with a crossbow, but he lives)
  • Brutalizer (while fighting Milo, he is shot in the back by an SSPD sniper agent)
  • Mantid (when Milo was meant to be executed, he is freed and buries a hatchet into his shoulder right when he was about to kill the Governor)
  • Fortis (throws him into the submarine's furnace engine, burning him to death off-screen)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (while searching a fortress for Creatura, he comes across Sonic instead and despite being heavily injured and smashed across the the control tower's equipment, he still kills Sonic by impaling him through the heart with an arrow)
  • George Creatura (while fighting him on a ship headed for the Space Colony ARK, Milo steers the ship into the ARK, destroying both the ship and station and killing Creatura)

Sonic: Revolutions (video game)

  • Charles Wayne (fights him on the deck of his ship and stabs him with his sword)
  • Commodore Rogers (stops him from destroying the ships docked in Tariktown's harbor by shooting him and destroying his ship)
  • Malik Mantid (kills him thinking he was killing his master, but it was Mantid in disguise)
  • Governor Lakeman (sticks a sword through a door and throws Lakeman into that door)
  • Rodrigo Marik (tackles him off the Devil's Portal's masts into the ship's treasure room where Rodrigo was impaled by a piece of wood)


  • Milo is apparently capable of using Chaos Emeralds to heal wounds within minutes, but it isn't known if he has a Super Form.
  • He is somewhat like Ratonhnhaké:ton, protagonist of the Ubisoft 2012 game Assassin's Creed III set in the American Revolution.
    • Both are skilled archers.
    • Both have constantly disobeyed their respective mentors for a noble plan.
    • Both of them have villain fathers who are well-known (Metallico Prower and Haytham Kenway, respectively).
    • Both have not really liked killing so much.
    • Both have had very similar infamous quotes.
  • During the duration of the video-game, he makes claims about how he dislikes murdering and he quit hero work because he had been forced to kill Sonic and blow up the ARK. However, he doesn't seem to hold back when fighting and killing the game's antagonists, likely because his reasons for killing were justified.
  • He is shown in the video-game to have black hair. However, in the show, he was much more like a teenage version of Tails, not having any hair on his head and much more like Tails in that fashion. This could be a production oversight.
  • When it was revealed that Milo Prower was making his debut as Tails' nephew, fans knew immediately that Metallico Prower was his father.
  • He seems to be more the military-strategist type of hero.
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