Millicent Smith is Chlois's cousin from her mother's side of her family. She bonds with her maternal grandmother June, has a very strained mother-daughter relationship with her mother Dahlia, and currently lives with her father, Robert, her stepmother, Stacey Whittle and her half-siblings.

She's also a Freedom Fighter on her cousin's team and enjoys playing the piano, singing to jazz music and hanging out with her friends.

Little does she know is that her rival, Skipper the Hedgehog...has a crush on her. She found out but didn't get the chance to tell about it because he kept ignoring her for his pals so she kept her feelings bottled up while she fantasized about him. Just once, due to having a fever, she got the courage to confess her feelings to him and he accepted, leading to them having a secret relationship. It was wonderful until their relationship was exposed by his friends and his ex-girlfriend, much to their shock. Eventually, he couldn't continue with the relationship and yelled at Millicent, to the point of hitting and abusing her while yelling "Enemies can't be lovers, they just can't be together!". It was all too much for poor Millicent, because she loved him but she wondered if he was better off without him.

The next morning,Skipper came to Milly's home after high school to find what appeared to be a suicide note written by Milly, saying that "She's just doing him a favor". Oh no! She couldn't! Yes she could! Skipper ran to the Never Lake to see Millicent walking into the lake trying to drown herself, but Skipper dove in to save her, despite the fact that neither one of them could swim! After the attempted suicide failed and a near-death experience between them, they both realized that they needed each other more than anything in the world. So to start a life together, they decided to stop being enemies and start being friends...well, more than friends. Heck, he even abandon his friends,(I don't know the name of their teams but i'll think of one.) and so did she so they will be together, though they didn't abandon everybody. Rumor has it, they moved away to a foreign land where they got married and lived a happy life and that she's pregnant with their first child.


Dark-purple/lavender fur with a Silver-White hair, a White lightning-bolt mark near her left eye, Green eyes, Peach ears/eyelids/torso/muzzle.

Attire consites of royal dark-blue shirt, Black bow in hairdo(sometimes on torso), Dark grey shorts stopping above the knees, Black sneaker-like boots with purple lightning bolt on them, White finger-less gloves with dark linings.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

Big the Cat

Jet the Hawk

Wave the Swallow

Storm the Albatross

Chlois the hedgehog (Best friend and cousin)

The SuroTropolis Team

Leslie the Hedgehog

Tara the Hedgehog

Jake the hedgehog

Venus the Echidna

Sandra and Kate the Hedgehogs

Melissa the Monkey

Blake the Dog

Emma the Cat

Pinky Tessurero the Rabbit

Cerulean "Leah" the Blue Bunny

Beckham the Bat

Lenny the Hedgehog

Charisma the Hedgehog

Skipper the Hedgehog (Rival and secret love-interest, later friend and boyfriend)


Robert "Bobby" Smith & Dahlia Smith (Nee~Van Pelt) (Her divorced parents)

Stacey "Stace" Whittle the Echidna (Step-mother)

Cassandra Smith (Eldest sister)

Desiree Smith (Middle sister)

Esther Smith (sister)

Candace Smith (long-lost sister)

Andie Smith (long-lost sister)

Maya Smith (long-lost sister)

Ricci Smith (long-lost sister)

Paulie Smith (long-lost sister)

It's hinted by her father that she might have more sisters somewhere around the world.

Ian Smith (Eldest brother)

Joel Smith (Middle brother)

Toby Van Pelt (Maternal Half-brother)

Saru Van Pelt (Maternal Half-sister)

Phoenix Whittle (Paternal Half-sister)

Diesel Whittle (Paternal Half-brother)

Tricia Whittle (Paternal half-sister)

India Whittle (Paternal half-sister)

Skipper the Hedgehog (husband)

Unnamed/unborn child


"I'll let you know one thing, buddy. When I'll find my siblings, I won't be alone!"
—When talking to her bud ,Skipper the Hedgehog and wondering alone.
"I'm sorry, Mom. I was just trying to help"
—When she was a pre-teen and her mom blames her for ALL her troubles, that happened when Dahlia had custody of her.
"Don't worry guys! I'll save you!"
—When Millicent's saving Toby & Saru from drowning in the Ozark River
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