"Ever since I met Sonic, I had learnt a lot from him since I began travelling with him. I believe I can do it myself!"
—Tails' viewpoints on his travels with Sonic.

Miles "Tails" Prower is one of the main characters in Sonic the Hedgehog: Speed Chronicles and the different reality sequel Sonic the Hedgehog: Speed Chronicles X. He is a two tailed fox who is the best friend of Sonic and a genius mechanic. Along with Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy, he is a member of the rebel organization Sonic Saviors, serving as the organization's mechanic and inventor.


Speed Chronicles

Tails was an orphan raised in an elementary school by the principal after his parents were killed by the dictator Eggman for trying to protest against his rules and regulations of Sonic's world. While growing up there, he has met Sonic, who instantly become best friends with him, and would later join the secret rebel group the Sonic Saviors, which goal is to thwart the ambitions of the Eggman Empire and liberate the world. He would also serve as the mechanic as the group, inventing new items to stop the Eggman Empire.

Speed Chronicles X

Tails was born into a family of inventors, being the youngest of three brothers. His parents, who were legendary inventors honoredd by the president of Sonic's world, taught their three sons Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in hopes of having them to continue their generation of engineering and inventing. After his parents died in a test plane crash while he was still only two years old, he and his older brothers were sent to live with their kindly aunt, while Tails was too young to remember his parents' death. While his brothers started college of engineering at a very early age because of their high intelligence, Tails was considered too young and often stayed with his aunt instead. Tails would often come up with new ideas in inventing new things and modifying his brothers' inventions, much to the anger of his brothers, who are completely unimpressed with Tails' ideas and would often destroy any of their inventions that were modified by youngest brother and his inventions, not to mention that Tails' older brothers also hold a deep grudge against their youngest brother since they believe that his efforts and modifications would only ruin their inventions. Tails also suffers hatred from his brothers by getting kicked out of their lab, and being blamed for their mediocre grades in college. The constant abuse from his brothers led Tails into running away from his aunt's house to find a better person in his life. While there, he met Sonic and his mentor, and instantly become best friends with Sonic and joins the training with his mentor. In which they would later become members of the Speedster Corps.


Tails' design in the show is mostly similar to Sonic Boom, with brown goggles, a work belt and miner gloves. His shoes have also been changed, with red sneakers with white shoes laces and orange soles. Additions of his appearance include some metal plates on his red and white sneakers and gloves. He also occasionally wears a bright blue baseball cap on his head, with his goggles placed on top of it.


Tails is a sweet and smart young fox. He often serves as Sonic's best friend and most trusted sidekick, and always listen to what Sonic tells him to do. He is also a peacekeeper, as he always tries to break up fights, especially when Sonic and Knuckles started fighting.

Tails' most dominant trait is his fear of being bullied. When he was only around six, he was a frequent target of bullying due to his two tails. However, ever since he began travelling with Sonic, Tails has became very confident and independent.

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