Miles "Tails" Prower is Sonic's right hand man and a hero with an IQ of 300. Tails is his common nickname, and he
Human Tails
is a great mechanic with the ability to fly. In Sonic's Reality Check, however, Tails is sent alongside Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, and Amy to the real world, and now he must help his pals find a way back home.

It is assumed Tails got to the real world due to Chaos Control, although this is unconfirmed. Tails also shows a great deal of worry to return home, most likely due to Cosmo's seed being unattended for.


Tails's personality is generally the same, but he is a bit more obsessive over Cosmo than normal. This is shown when he constantly dances with a cardboard cutout of Cosmo (shown in Chapter 11).


Tails had this appearance from Chapter One to Chapter Twenty-Four's early scenes.

  • Tails's height is "significantly taller."
  • Tails's trademark twin tails are missing due to his transformation into a human, along with his fur, gloves, and pointed fox ears.
  • Tails has a yellow t-shirt.
  • Tails is wearing faded grey shorts.
  • Tails's shoes are still there.
  • Tails's hair is blond. He also has his signature three spikes of golden hair sticking out from the top of his head.

As of the end of Chapter Twenty-Four onward, this is Tails's newest look.

  • Tails's hair and shoes are the same.
  • Tails now wears a white t-shirt with green on the ends of the short sleeves and the bottom of the shirt.
  • Tails now has black shorts with a dual white stripe on both sides.
  • Tails wears a pair of orange-tinted sunglasses on his head.

Relations With Other Characters





  • Tails is the only Sonic cast character to stay home from high school due to his age, although he has made some appearances in the high school.
  • Tails has currently two chapters devoted to the entirety of his character.
  • Tails was the first hero to obtain a Chaos Emerald, although he wasn't the first to find it.
  • Tails cannot fly in Nick's world, but he retains his powerful knowledge.
  • Tails had 240 Rings before Nick stole them in Chapter 10.
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