Miles "Tails" Prower (Emerald Hill)
CEO of the Prower Broadcasting Corporation
Took office December 1, 2009
Predecessor None
Successor Incumbent
Co-Owner of Prower-Hedgehog Inc.
Took office February 10, 2009
General Manager of Carlford and Turntable Television
Took office April 3, 2010
Predecessor None
Successor None (office abolished on May 22, 2010)
Biographical Information
Age 9.5
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Fox
Residence Wolfington Area, Prower Manor
School Emerald Vista Middle School
Abilities ALL Game Abilities

Miles "Tails" Prower is a fox on the planet Mobius in the Emerald Hill universe.

Fanfic/Roleplay Appearances


Tails has all of his game abilities. He is also known for his economic power. He is not strong physically, but he is intelligent and knows how to operate a large corporation.

Economic Ability

In the past 3.5 years, Tails has become a major economic power around the world. He started by creating the Tails & Things Corporation, or TTCorp., in mid-2005. He then established ventures and divisions in retail, business, media and recreation. Eventually, his media business would become the largest part of his company. Sonic bought a stake of the company and renamed it Prower-Hedgehog Incorporated.

Tails owns...

  • The X-Tornado
  • Prower-Hedgehog Incorporated (50%)
  • TTKids (A kids retail store)
  • The Prower Broadcasting Corporation (PBC)
    • Carlford Television (70%)
    • Turntable Television (70%)
  • ...and his Workshop.

At PBC, Tails is all-powerful. He is the CEO of the Prower Broadcasting Corporation, so he has almost unlimited power within the company.

Other Information

  • Tails hates hard candy, but likes mint candy.
  • Although Tails is somewhat wealthy, he does NOT attend Wolfington Middle School.
  • He has lived in Parkview all of his least until 2010, when he moved to the east, so he resides in the Wolfington area.
  • He currently lives in a large manor he calls Prower Manor.
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