"I'll do my best."
—when selected
"I hope you've made your preparations."
—beginning a normal match
"Allow me to test myself against you, old friend. (...)"
—beginning a match against Sonic
"You're with Genesis... Tell me what you know! (...)"
—beginning a match against Streak
"Seems my gadgets are in working order."
—winning a normal match
"Sorry about that, Sonic. Guess I got a few bugs to work out."
—winning a match against Sonic
"My apologies, but you forced my hand."
—winning a match against Streak
"Back to the... drawing board."
—losing a normal match
"Hehe, still got a ways to go."
—losing a match against Sonic
"No... not here."
—losing a match against Streak


"Alright! I did it!"
—earning an S-Rank
"An admirable performance."
—earning an A-Rank
"Hm. Not too shabby."
—earning a B-Rank
"That's that, I guess."
—earning a C-Rank
"That was pretty troublesome."
—earning a D-Rank
"I gotta do a lot better next time."
—earning an E-Rank

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