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Miles "Tails" Prower is the sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog, the love interest of Cosmo, and the former apprentice of Dr. Robotnik. Compare to his game counterpart, or even his New Hero counterpart, Tails in Blue Blur is quite different: instead of being raised by Sonic, he was raised by Robotnik himself. The reason, according to Mac the Writer, is because he wanted to give an interesting explanation to where Tails got his I.Q. of 300 and his ability to build machines and ride aircraft.


When Tails was the Second-in-Command for the Robotnik Empire, he wore similar clothing to his adoptive father. He had a red jacket with 4 gold buttons, a pair of goggles, a well-worn jeans, and a pair of brown metal boots. But after Tails betrayed Robotnik in order to save Cosmo, he took off his red hacket, pair of boots and gloves, and the pair of goggles. He has a slightly different design from his game counterpart, mainly with his eyes and the clothing he wears, but that's about it. He has a different pair of gloves, alongside different pairs of shoes and gloves, he wears a belt with the engineering tools he needs,and he has a faint shade of red on his blue pupils, considering of his allegiance to the Roboticist cult, but it's slowly going purely blue.


Despite working with Robotnik, he still had his soft personality from his game counterpart. While, at the time, proud of working with Robotnik, there are times when he hesitates because of the fear of Robotnik's presence. He knew that if he screws up once, his head would most likely be gone from his shoulders. Despite his fear towards Robotnik, he respects his adoptive father and wants to succeed on killing Sonic and becoming the next leader of the Robotnik Empire. However, when he talked with Cosmo in her jail cell, he started to slightly lose his trust on Robotnik, and when he saved Cosmo from being roboticized, that's when he lost his trust on Robotnik, knowing that he became an enemy of the Robotnik Empire. After joining Sonic's side, he became more confident of himself, but he still suffered from his painful past as his fear of Robotnik grew bigger and bigger.


When he was 8 years old and Robotnik was conquering Mobius, his parents got killed by Robotnik and his mechs during the Mobius Invasion. However, Robotnik spared his life because he saw potential in him thanks to his two tails. Though it did started rough at first, Tails eventually became loyal to his new father. Robotnik taught him everything that he need to know: building robots and machines, flying aircrafts, making complex calculations... he became as smart, if not smarter, than Robotnik. Every time Sonic breaks into Robotropolis, Tails wants nothing more than to prove himself worthy to Robotnik by attacking on the blue hedgehog. But one day, after he kidnapped Cosmo in order to force Sonic into Robotropolis, he was assigned by Robotnik to guard Cosmo from escaping her cell. However Cosmo pleaded Tails to free him, and after having a severe flashback of his early family, he did so. In fact, because of Cosmo, Tails was starting to lose his loyalty to Robotnik, but not instantly. At the point when Cosmo was about to be roboticized, Tails saved her by destroying the robot that was pushing her to the Roboticizer. After running away from Robotnikland, Tails befriended Sonic, despite hating him at first, and their bond became stronger as time goes.


Thanks to his two tails, he has the ability to fly. With that ability he considered a gift, he can fly almost as fast as half of Sonic's maximum running speed. And when he joined Sonic, he learned how to preform the Spin Dash from Sonic.


Thanks to Dr. Robotnik's education, Tails has an I.Q. of 300, allowing him to build robots and machines, fly aircrafts and planes, and even make complex calculations.


He's very afraid of lightning. One sound of thunder, and he cowers like a scared kitten. He also has the problem of constant blabbing, which, for one thing, can get annoying for both Sonic and Robotnik, and he can accidentally reveal his plans to his enemies.

Theme Song

Believe In Myself (Transmutator Remix)

Believe In Myself (Transmutator Remix). 1 (Sonic Classics)


  • "I... I'm sorry."
  • "Hey, Blue Butt! Careful with my tools. You don't want to break any of them, otherwise we're screwed."
  • "Go! Get out of here, before my father tracks you down and roboticizes you!"
  • "...Well, shit. You think you screwed up bad?"
  • "Alright. Leave it to me."
  • "Useless... Useless..."
  • "Wait, you have a plane, Sonic?...Mind if I examine it, just for the hell of it?"
  • "It's hard to explain, Sonic, but there's something about Cosmo that... softens me."
  • "Woah, damn. My head's spinning."
  • "You know, Sonic, I'm sure, in your head, you see so many good benefits about your plan. But, for the likes of me, I don't see them."
  • "Me too, Vangelis. Me too."
  • "Can someone get that walking knucklehead out of our trails?!"


  • As stated, Tails in the Blue Blur saga is very different from other continuities. While every different continuities of Sonic the Hedgehog has Tails originated as a lost child before he became Sonic's sidekick, he is portrayed in Blue Blur as first becoming Robotnik's apprentice before becoming the sidekick of Sonic. According to Mac, this was done to not only give Tails a more interesting background, but also to properly justify his extreme intelligence and his rivalry with Robotnik.
  • The quote he mutters when he was almost killed by Robotnik came from the last words of murderer John Wilkes Booth. Booth became infamous for murdering American President Abraham Lincoln. When he was shot by one of the soldiers and dragged out of his hiding place, his words before his last ones were: "Tell my mother I died for my country." This could be referred when Tails betrayed the Robotnik Empire to bring back democracy to Mobius. Seeing how he was almost killed by Robotnik before Sonic saved his life, he could possibly believe that he almost died for what Sonic believed in: freedom, equality and justice.
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