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In this "Sonic Says", Tails gets a brand-new set of power tools for Christmas, which he really likes.
In this "Sonic Says", Tails gets a brand-new set of power tools for Christmas, which he really likes.
===='''[[Sonic Hypothesis]]'''====
Tails goes to Daniel Griffith High School in this story. The reason he goes to high school rather than elementary school is because of the Columbian government's Golden Start Program: Children with unusually high intelligence can pick an alternative education option if they want. Thus, Tails chose to skip a few grades so he could be with [[Sonic the Hedgehog (BearfootTruck's Universe)|Sonic]]. His first class of the day is Science, and he's concerned because the teacher is late. As it turns out, the students have a new teacher: Mr. Tobor. Tails dislikes him because of his lack of scientific knowledge and questions his methods.
Later in the story, Tails gets excited when he finds out that Sonic met Douglas Carson of the Carson Institute. He also has some knowledge of the Quantum Transcalculator XP-6400. Initially, he is tasked with transporting the supercomputer, but when Sonic gets detention, the Two-Tailed Wonder becomes part of a plan to cause a fake fire at the school. So, with [[Vector the Crocodile|Vector]]'s assistance, Tails & [[Knuckles the Echidna (BearfootTruck's Universe)|Knuckles]] acquire an old fire engine & some turnout gear. Tails gets the pumper ready in a day, perhaps with some assistance from the [[Chaotix]]. Team Sonic also plants some fog generators in their lockers.
After the fire alarm goes off, Tails shows up with the old rig and uses his X-ray scanner to search for a secret passage. Once Team Sonic finds one, he accompanies Sonic & Knuckles into the underground tunnel complex and into Dr. Robotnik's secret lab. While Sonic is fighting Robotnik, Tails & Knuckles protect the Quantum Transcalculator XP-6400 from damage and disconnect it for transport. Tails is only too happy to finally meet Carson in person. At the end of the story, he chases after Knuckles when the latter goes after [[Rouge the Bat (BearfootTruck's Universe)|Rouge]].
===='''[[A Blue Light For the Dark]]'''====
===='''[[A Blue Light For the Dark]]'''====

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Cquote1 Sonic's awesome! He always gets back! Cquote2
Miles "Tails" Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower is the loyal sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog. Like The Man himself, Tails isn't too far removed from his canon counterpart. However, there are some differences. Or, if you want to compare him with other individuals going by the same name, go here.


Born to unknown parents, Tails had nothing better to do than to run around Mobius, unaware that a mad scientist had taken over. One day, he saw Sonic the Hedgehog running around and decided to follow him around because he thought the Blue Blur was so cool. At first, Sonic got annoyed and wanted Tails to stop following him. However, when Tails started crying, Ol' Blue relented and let him tag along. It turned out to be a wise decision, too: Ever since then, they've become one of the most dynamic duos in video game history, not to mention two of the best Freedom Fighters in the Kingdom of Mobius.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Certain readers may recall that Tails was treated like a kid in SatAM, unlike his appearance in the games. Well, here's an explanation: When Sonic & Tails first met up with Sally & the others, Sally thought Tails was too young to be going off on adventures and had him placed on probation. Naturally, Sonic disagreed, but after a huge argument, he relented. After a year, however, Sally took Tails off of probation.


Tails' personality is unchanged, for the most part. However, he's not really that shy except maybe around strangers. Tails will rarely get angry, unless someone tries to hurt Sonic.


Like Sonic, Tails has the exact same appearance as his game counterpart. That means that he's colored orange, not brown like in AoSth or SatAM. Also like Sonic, Tails could either be in his classic or modern form; it's up to the reader how they imagine him.


Once again, Tails can fly using his two tails, and he can do all those other wondrous things that he could do in the games. He's also skilled using certain melee weapons.

Items & weapons

Unlike the games, Tails will sometimes carry a weapon around with him: A claw hammer. However, he doesn't use firearms except for mounted weapons. Tails is also very skilled with vehicles and owns a Tornado biplane.



Two Kinds of Heroes

Tails follows Sonic to Eggopolis on a mission to destroy one of Dr. Robotnik's mech factories. However, he – along with Sonic, Knuckles and the rest of the gang – get teleported to Stalag 13 during a freak electromagnetic storm. Unlike Sonic, Tails is eager to stay and help out Hogan with his mission, which is to blow up a factory that's going to produce the new E-75 heavy tank. First, he flies over to the factory and takes some pictures. Then, he starts building a teleporter device to get the Freedom Fighters back home, with Rotor & Kinchloe helping. Tails is also very eager to try out LeBeau's cooking and is impressed when Carter gives him some mint candies.

That night, Tails accompanies Sonic, Hogan, Bunnie, Newkirk & Carter to the tank factory. When the attack commences, Tails flies around and helps Sonic to draw the guards' fire. He witnesses Sonic get shot, but Sonic merely caught a bullet in his teeth, so he survives. Once the attack on the factory is complete, Tails and the rest of the Freedom Fighters go back home and destroy Robotnik's mech factory.

Tails also shows up in the "Sonic Says" segment, where Scratch & Grounder try to show him an unexploded hand grenade.

The Fakest Things Alive

At the start of the story, Tails is checking out a 1978 Yamaha YZ400 that Sonic brought to Knothole. Upon Sonic's request, he agrees to modify the bike, so Sonic goes to a junkyard to get some parts & scrap metal for him. However, Tails gets worried when Sonic doesn't return, and Silver's sudden appearance in Knothole confirms this. When Silver takes Tails & co. to the future, they learn that most of the world (save Eggopolis) has fallen into ruin without Sonic, so when they get back home, they have to find Sonic. To this end, Tails stays behind and guards Knothole while the others search for the Blue Blur. Eventually, they find him (actually, they found an impostor hedgehog), so the search is called off.

The next day, Tails finds out that Sonic (the impostor, actually) has left again). Furthermore, somebody's completely disassembled Sonic’s YZ400 and a laser cannon that Rotor was working on, so he has to hurry up and put the bike back together. By the time Tails is almost finished, Sally sends him out to find Sonic again. He finds what he thinks is Sonic (actually another impostor), but he gets tired and loses him, so he just goes back to assist Rotor with the laser cannon. Near the end of the story, Tails is helping Rotor shoot down stealthbots with the laser cannon when the real Sonic arrives and finishes off the rest of the stealthbots. Afterwards, Tails shows Sonic his newly-modified YZ400, which is faster, lighter, more efficient and better handling. It even gets a new paintjob & a name: The Whirlwind (not to be confused with the MTP-01 Whirlwind).

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

In the beginning, Sally asks Tails if he’s seen Sonic, but he hasn't. Later on, however, Tails ends up rescuing Sonic when his foot is injured. He appears in a few of Sonic's nightmares, too. When Sonic doesn't wake up, he gets a little worried, but doesn’t suspect anything until Sally tells him that Sonic's been poisoned. With Sonic's life in danger, Tails uses the Tornado 2 to fly to Azure Lake Zone and obtain the antidote. He's temporarily delayed by Amy & attacked by stealthbots, but he makes it back with the antidote. Once Sonic wakes up, Tails & the others give Sonic a group hug and travel with him to Eggopolis, where Dr. Robotnik has a new doomsday weapon built and ready to fire. After helping to destroy the weapon, Tails gets a bowl of mint candies from Sonic as a reward and returns the gesture with a hug.

Mighty Sonic

Tails helps to kick off the plot when he tells Sonic about a new show: Super Changin' Muscle Rangers (a thinly-veiled parody of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers). Sonic hates the show, so he ends up struggling with Tails over the remote, which gets broken. As a result, Tails ends up watching the show by himself. Later on, he assists Sonic & the others in the rescue of the Muscle Rangers actors, piloting a Pterodactyl Vord. As a reward for rescuing them, he & Sonic get to guest star in an episode of Super Changin' Muscle Rangers, and he settles his differences with Sonic.

In the "Sonic Says" segment, Tails has been assigned to work with Shadow in science class, but he doesn't want to work with him because he thinks Shadow looks scary. However, Sonic assures him that looks aren't everything.

Other stories

Sonic Hotcakes

Having overheard Sonic's plan, Tails decides to bring Dr. Robotnik some hotcakes. He thanks Robotnik for helping him meet Sonic, but Robotnik gets angry when Tails gives him the hotcakes. Luckily, Tails flies away and meets up with Sonic outside of Eggopolis.

In this "Sonic Says", Tails gets a brand-new set of power tools for Christmas, which he really likes.

A Blue Light For the Dark

When Sonic returns home, Tails notices something wrong with him. However, the Blue Blur is oddly reticent in regards to this matter. Still, he thanks Tails for being there for him. At one point, Sonic accidentally yells at the Two-Tailed Wonder. Fortunately, he apologizes and avoids an argument. Because of this, Tails figures that if Sonic's not willing to talk with him, then he should go confront the source of his problems directly. Unfortunately, this also proves ineffective. In fact, it's only after Tails listens in on a conversation between Sonic & Rouge that he learns about what’s really eating his best friend. As per Rouge's suggestion, the two of them take a nostalgia trip around the world, finishing at Star Light Zone. Refreshed, Sonic goes out on his own, while Tails does maintenance on the Tornado.

Later in the story, Tails is shocked when Mephiles comes to Knothole with Sonic at his side. The two assure the little orange fox that the Dark One is good now. At first, Tails is unsure of whether to believe this, but after giving it some thought, he forgives Mephiles. At bedtime, Tails sees Mephiles in Sonic's bed, which leads him to believe that Sonic replaced him as a best friend. However, Ol' Blue assures Tails that he'll always be his best friend. To this end, Sonic & Tails move Tails' bed over next to Sonic's. Then, the three of them go to sleep, with Tails & Mephiles cuddling Sonic.

Sonic's Weird Birthday

Tails is happy to see Sonic return to Knothole. Then, his attention is grabbed by the 1970 Camaro that Sonic drove into Knothole, until Sally tells everybody to get the cake ready. When it's time to give the Blue Blur his gifts, Tails gives him a big case full of Super Putty adhesive, claiming to remember a time when Sonic asked for something like this. Even though Tails misremembered, he’s just glad that Sonic accepts the gift anyways. He's also happy to get a hug from his friend. After Ol' Blue sees the statue of him & Tails and asks if anyone will ever see it, the Two-Tailed Wonder assures him that people will see it someday. Near the end, when Sonic is in a trance, Tails holds up three fingers and asks his friend how many he’s holding up. However, he has to pull them away when Sonic mistakes them for fish.

In the "Sonic Says" segment for this episode, Tails flies Knuckles back to Angel Island in the Tornado when the latter is unable to take himself home.

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