Miles "Tails" Prower is a ten-year-old fox cub and the sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Tails is a burnt orange fox with a spherical body, black eyes, and thin legs. One of his most notable features are his twin tails. He wears black straps on the cuffs of his white gloves. Tails also wears white and red shoes. Tails bears a great resemblance to his father; apart from fur color, eye color, and lacking his father's freckles and bushy eyebrows, the two are virtually identical. Tails inherited his mother's fur and eye color.


Being rather young, Tails is very innocent and child-like. He sees all the other Freedom Fighters as his family, and he looks up to Sonic in every way. Even though he is often being told that he is too young to go on missions, Tails has a deep desire to get involved in the fight against Dr. Robotnik.

Despite his age, Tails has a very intelligent mind, such as when Dr. Robotnik made a robotic copy of Sally and he immediately recognized it as a fake and his biggest contribution to the Freedom Fighters was when he helped them find a large source of energy known as the "Deep Power Stones" and devised a plan of tricking Robotnik with a fake stone. Because of his eagerness to participate in missions, Tails can sometimes jump into situations too fast. However, he is very perceptive and has a huge heart for everyone he meets.


Almost nothing is known about Tails' early life. What is known is that Tails was born with the genetic abnormality which gave him two tails, from which he earned his nickname, but also made him the target of much bullying. Also, because of his unusually high IQ, Tails became a master engineer.


Tails has picked up numerous skills in addition to his own inherent abilities:

  • Using his two tails as a propeller, Tails is able to achieve flight. Using this skill allows him to keep up with Sonic, although Sonic could easily outrun him if he desired to. He can also use his propeller skills to keep up with Sonic on the ground, and can almost reach the speed of sound.
  • Tails is an extremely skilled mechanic, a skill Sonic discovered after Tails fixed his plane, the original Tornado.
  • Tails has an IQ of 300, the exact same as Dr. Robotnik. This allows him to formulate strategies, come up with new inventions and hack into computers.
  • Tails is an expert pilot, allowing him to take control of any vehicle, though he has a preference for his own Tornado series of planes.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is Tails' best friend.




Dr. Robotnik



  • Tails was an orphan due to his parents being roboticized. However, he was "adopted" by Sonic, though they see each other as brothers.


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